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Happy Days

It’s the end of the month, which means only one thing.

It’s bill paying day!

So why not pay the bills and spend the rest of the month happy and relaxed.

If you don’t quite have enough, ask for help so you can pay what you have now.

Don’t forget.

The more you worry about money, the more stress you will feel.

The more you worry about money, the less you will receive.

The more you worry about money, the less you will feel good about life.

Free yourself from the worry of money.

Smile, be happy and take action today.

Love the money you have and love the feeling you get when you spend your money – no matter what you spend it on.

This shows you appreciate money, and you are grateful for the goods and services you pay for.

Don’t forget.

The more appreciation and gratitude you feel, the more you will receive!

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

Holistic Words

Release Your Control and Control Your Life

We are all human, all trying to get on in life and all trying to make the best of our time here. But our emotions and actions certainly create a lot of fun and games. Jealousy, ganging up, he said she said, taking sides……..there are soo many mind games us humans play, on others and ourselves, and is highly apparent in team sports across the world, especially football (soccer). So, on that note, I am going to look at one football player, who is currently being battered from all sides, and try to figure out why he is creating a world of hell around him.

It is a little out of my normal genre, but the psychology really does relate to our own lives………………..

BalotelliAfter watching the highlights of Arsenal v Manchester City it is clear that Mario Balotelli, a striker for Manchester City, is proving to be a manager’s nightmare. The player was yet again sent off for some seriously dirty match play. The manager, Roberto Manchini, had that defeated “Oh for crying out loud, not again!” look on his face, as the player descended back into the dressing room for another early bath. His behaviour off the pitch seems to be just as bad as on the pitch, with a plethora of tabloid stories, comparable to a rock star lifestyle. So, is this 21-year-old Italian footballer really an arrogant, controversial, uncontrollable young man or is he living in a world too fast and furious, for him to cope with in this early stage of his adult life? He seems to be soo desperate to win that it is having a detrimental effect on his performance and behaviour. He probably feels he is losing everything he has worked for, so it is easy to understand why he is losing his self-control. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be part of that team anymore? But his aggressive actions are making him an outcast and jeopardising his chance of a transfer. This talented sportsman appears to have gone into total self destructed mode in the last few months, potentially ending his career for good.

We might not all be highly paid, fast car driving football stars but this scenario also happens in our own lives. And as the saying goes “It’s not the problem that’s the problem, it’s the attitude to the problem that’s the problem”.

Free-yourselfBy taking a step back and looking at our actions we can deal with them now, before things escalate out of control.

The five simple points below offer you some quick tips on how you can make small changes that can positively impact your life.

Although it is not a definitive guide, it may help you to address a particular area in your life that you can change.


Stress plays a major role and can sabotage our right to a happy life. If you have problems then it is better to face them. If it relates to a person, calmly talking about your issues releases any pent-up angst. If it relates to a situation you do not feel you can get out of, quantify the issue by writing down what you can do about it. It can help you to make decisions, put your mind at rest and change the situation for the better.


The releasing of control can also reduce stress. I am not talking about the simple day-to-day stuff you need to do, I am talking about the things you really cannot control: The postman will always deliver a bill, the car will always need servicing, bulbs will always stop working, it will rain when you don’t want it to and the internet will play up just as you are trying to retrieve an important message. So it is much easier to let go and just accept these things.

Reboot Your System

We all need to check in with our feelings every once in a while, to take stock and understand our negative thought processes. By rebooting your positive system every so often you can change the way you react, to potentially stressful situations. It will not only de-stress your world it will also give you a happier, more positive outlook on life. Writing down how you are feeling is the best way to understand and change your perception.

Plan Your Future

Planning not only gives you goals to work towards, it also gives you something to look forward. Want to learn something new? Plan it now! Look at what you would like to do, where you can do it and how you can do it.  Want to get fit? Write a fitness plan, buy that fitness magazine, book that induction down the gym. What to advance your career? Think about where you are now, what you have achieved so far and how you can get from A-B to get that dream job.

Better Your Life Now!

There are so many ways to better your life, better your prospects and better your outlook. The key is to make positive steps right now. You can make small changes to your way of thinking, your thought processes and your self belief and you really can create the life you want right now! Visualise the life you want and believe it - because believing you can do it is seeing you can do it.

Balotelli is on his way out of the Premier, but you are in a different League.

So go for it!

What have you got to lose?

Holistic Words

Drop the Oars and Go with the Flow

Drop the oars and go with the flow rowing boatDo you feel worried or stressed?

Do you feel as if you are losing your grip?

Do you feel everything is out of your control?

Do you feel as if you are getting nowhere?

If the answer is yes to “all of the above” then it is time to drop the oars and go with the flow.

Agreed, it is not so cut and dry. We all experience stress and worry, but when a stressful situation lands at our feet it is the way we react that becomes the all important factor.

When things get tough it can become all-encompassing, difficult to comprehend both what is happening, and more perplexing, why it is happening. We have all said “Why Me!” right?

You cannot control the bills or the postman delivering said bills, you cannot control your partner, family members or their actions, you cannot control the weather – even if you do look fab in your party gear, it may rain all the same. Because you feel as if things are out of your control you are in danger of going into panic mode. By letting go of control and worry you can begin to release stress, see things more clearly and perhaps begin to think “outside the box”.

May be it is time to take stock you, to push all that aside and ask yourself this: “What do I want? What do I REALLY want?”

It is important to focus your attentions on what you WANT rather than what you NEED, psychologically releasing the life you are living now, the desperate need to pay the bills, the stress of going to work – doing a job you would rather not, and the general worry of everyday life. If you want a new job, a new car, a new house, live in a new town you need to be specific. It is no good saying “I want a new job” as you may be redeployed somewhere else within your same old company Be specific, state your wants clearly and be sure in your own mind that it really is what you want.

There are people who know exactly what they want - and get it - by using the Law of Attraction. This is how I describe the Law of Attraction:

“The Law of Attraction is a powerful affirmation technique, channelling your thoughts and feelings, in a positive way, to induce positive outcomes. In other words; positive vibes, thoughts and feelings attract more positive vibes, thoughts and feelings.”

So what is a good way to attract a positive life, de-stress and cut out the worry?……………..well, you could start by building your own personal want list. Create a visual picture in your mind, and transfer everything you have visualised onto large sheet of paper or board Put it in a prominent place in your home, so you can look at it and focus on it daily.

Example: Lets say, you long to be by the sea, find the best picture of your favourite seaside spot and stick it to the paper. You want to move home? Get all the pictures of your ideal setting, area, home, job etc. You want more hobbies and interests? Pick pictures that portray all the things you want to do in your spare time. Do you want a career you enjoy? Do you want an autonomous role or be your own boss? Do you want to work fewer hours but still be able to buy the things you want? Do you want to travel?  Is your ideal situation and location where you are now or do I want to be somewhere else? Where do you REALLY feel at home? Is it exactly what you want? Have you added things you need or the things you want?

By questioning yourself, your ideals, your utopia, you can build your own personal wish list, to include all your hopes and dreams in picture and key word format. Reminiscing during this process is all very nice but this is not really what this is about. If you loved a family holiday to Disneyland, when you were a child, it is no good imagining the thoughts and feelings you had back when you were 8 years old.  This is because you are trying to bring the past into the future, by going back to a happy time and place. You must visualise the future being in the present.

The sweetest little quote, uttered by “Master Oogway” in Kung Fu Panda, feels very fitting at this point:

“Yesterday is History. 

Tomorrow is a Mystery. 

But today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present”

Law of Attraction

Yesterday I decided to write a book. I asked my wonderful readers for help, in deciding which way to go. Within hours they gave me some truly priceless ideas and the platforms I could use. Now that is definitely one present I will not be asking for the return receipt!

Once you have created your wish list or decided to change or do something, it must feel right, it must give you the feeling that it is absolutely THE right thing to do. You will want it now, more ideas pop in, you will want to make a start right away and more opportunities will arise.

By feeling it, living it and believing it right now you really can create anything – that is the law behind the Law of Attraction.


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