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An Angel Born to Heal

Spring Healing AngelEvery now and then, we encounter spiritual energies – whether ‘home or away’ – that intrigue us. We want to know more and we want to soak up every ounce of their knowledge, their experiences and their energy. Hours can pass, yet they feel like fleeting moments, as we become immersed in their insightful words – which allow a small glimpse into their world, their personality and the people they choose to share their life with.

However, I had a (small) advantage on this particular meeting of minds. I had already delved into the world of this well-connected being; I had already been drawn into their early existence, in their earth-bound form. Nevertheless, it did not make a jot of difference, kind of like watching a movie and then reading the book; the images are there, yet the book fills in the gaps, the misinterpretations, the misrepresentations and a whole host of unanswered questions. And boy, did I have questions, far more than a normal interview would warrant. Although, I did became aware, very quickly, that the rulebook needed to be thrown out of the window. This was going to be a fly by the seat of my pants, totally ad-hoc, ad-lib situation.

You see, Helen Parry Jones is a natural medium; it is why she has been brought into this lifetime. She can hear, feel and see the spirit beings that help her to heal others on a mental, emotional and physical level. Her link with her Guardian Guide, Sam, is phenomenal and quite possibly the envy of many Spiritualists around the world. Moreover, just to make things a little more controversial, she holds the same opinion of many, including myself, that the Spiritualist Churches have an outdated hierarchy and passing on messages from the spirit world is not the be all and end all – the healing aspect is far more important.

It is only fair to say that many people – outside Ireland and Wales – would not have heard of Helen Parry Jones until the fruition of her book, Hands of an Angel. A book that her non-believing taxi driver (who borrowed said autobiography from his wife) described as uplifting; stating “he felt much better” after reading it. Incidentally, the Random House published ‘Hands of an Angel’ is currently enjoying a five out of five-star rating on Amazon, is tipped to hit the best-seller list AND is being sold by Tesco! An impressive feat for a spiritual book!

I ponder on the words of Helen and her taxi driver and wonder if my sensitive side is far too sensitive. As I read her true-life story, I feel a heartbreaking sadness and raw emotion. I absorb her every word as she describes how her teachers, friends and family shunned her ability to talk to spirit, labelling her talent to converse with the unseen energies as sheer folly and childish imagination.

Right up until her late twenties Helen hit a proverbial brick wall, when talking to about her direct link with the spirit world – who had furnished her with in-depth tutoring and information for many years. Her mother, who perceived Helen as fanciful with a vast imagination, took her to be psychologically assessed by the family doctor, in a bid to stop Helen talking about the plethora of spirits visiting her on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is apparent, through talking to Helen and reading her book, that she has no cross to bear or deep-seated animosity that could have been attributed to her past. In fact, I feel that her early battles with the outside, human world, have only added to her positive strength and character.

Talking of character, on “meeting” her Guardian Guide early in the book I instantly envisage a soul, not unlike Djimon Honsou. This particular actor starred in two poignant films, Blood Diamond and Amistad, and once you read ‘Hands of an Angel’, you will understand my reasoning – and my surprise!

Having connected with my energy, through the telephone, Helen could see my own journey, going forward. She said that I would…

Well, given that my pen has just run out I take it as a sign that I should save her prediction for a later date. But I could not help asking her if Sam would step forward, to provide a message for the reader, and he agreed! He said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Adding, “Embracing changes and embracing the possibilities…(and)… opening up to change and positivity will lead you to the next level.” In a nutshell, he was presenting the philosophy that we need to be more open to the world – both seen and unseen – around us and take on board that anything is possible.

Sam’s teachings run throughout the book, ‘Hands of an Angel’, and he even contributed to two of the chapters. And, I have to say, it is one of the most enlightening stories to grace my bookshelf. The book will make you smile from the heart, it will make you cry with joy and pain and it will have you question all that you know to be true about the spirit world. The information imparted by the spirit helpers that Helen met during her early years, is wholly shared in ‘Hands of an Angel’. The honest unedited words, Helen and her spiritual teachers provide, present an invaluable insight into our entire spiritual universe. The book tangibly describes the different roles of angels, the darker underworlds and the process of death – plus a surprise revelation relating to guardian guides.

All in all, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is a must read. The spiritually aware will relate and connect to the story in a way that will touch their hearts, the ‘on the fence’ reader will crave for more and the sceptic will of course remain steadfast. Yet, as Helen Parry Jones says, “We are now peeping through the curtains and those curtains are getting wider and wider.”

Given her ever-growing, worldwide following, Helen has packed the stage with an attentive audience, all waiting hear more from the ‘Hands of an Angel’ writer and her spirit helpers.

All that’s left to say is that her story really is just beginning…

Helen Parry Jones

About Helen Parry Jones

Helen has been a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer for the past thirty years. Thousands of people from princesses to plumbers have come to her for advice and guidance.

She has filled theatres and auditoriums and appeared on radio and TV. Her first book, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is available now, via Tesco Direct and Amazon – to name but a few.

Helen Parry Jones:

Original article, written by Andrea Elliott of Holistic Words, posted in Silent Voices :


You’ll Catch Me on a Sunbeam….

You’ll catch me on a sunbeam, as the light begins to fade.

Riding on a star stream, of every prayer I’ve ever prayed.

You’ll find me in me in eternity, for we’re all already there.

Spread out across the galaxy, with no crosses left to bear.

I’ll see you in a super nova, as your energy expands.

To catch a spirit falling over, landing in your healing hands.

We’ll see them in the Universe, every dream we’ve ever dreamt.

Every wish a wish so glorious, we know this life’s been heaven-sent.

So today’s the day for gratitude, for hope to fill your soul.

Embrace this sacred attitude, and let your sunlight make you make whole……

Guest poem by Dominic Ruffy

Dominic is a Light-worker, working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other Rehab groups, assisting addicts and recovering addicts.

The Synchronicity of Evolution

Synchronicity is a funny thing. To coin a phrase from a friend, it is the universe getting the message across.

Anyway, this week my husband and I took the (45mins each way) walk into town. On the way back we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a coffee, to prepare ourselves for the hike up the hill.

If you are anything like me you will find it easier to think whilst walking. It’s kind of weird what pops into your head, when taking a stroll, and on this particular day the word evolution made a salubrious appearance. I agree, that’s not exactly exciting, life changing or amazing but within a nano second a black Mercedes van, emblazoned with the company name “Evolution” in shiny silver graphics, drove passed.

Was it paranormal synchronicity, parallel insight or just plain old coincidence at work? And why doesn’t Google Chrome recognise the word synchronicity?

I wish to apologies in advance for any whiplash caused, in the reading of this post, but going back to the word “evolution”, how did my thinking evolve (groan) and expand from this one single, solitary word?

Well, I was pondering how many intuitives, psychics and clairvoyant mediums are now channelling from sources, other than loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. It is amazing how so many have embraced a new way of thinking and the emphasis on proving the existence of the afterlife and the continuous existence of the human soul is no longer the be all and end all.

I cannot give a definitive, specific description on what the channelled source looks like or comes from as it comes in many guises. For example some intuitives believe they are channelling Angels, others say it is infinite intelligence. I have also heard of spiritual entities from other stars, planets, universes and galaxies. But I feel it does not matter what label we apply or how they appear or where they come from as it is all coming from the same infinite intelligence, one single knowledgeable source and it chooses to “appear” in a form comfortable with the person it is communicating with.

I believe the time of “ME” is upon us and people are getting out of their comfort zones and looking for more fulfilling, challenging lives. Yet, it is hard, after so many years of conditioning from family, friends, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, government officials…….the list is endless. So perhaps this communicative spiritual advancement is happening now for that reason?

People need something more, something helpful, something that will allow them to move on and realise their full potential – and from first hand experience (and not to be disrespectful in any way) – I don’t believe my Dad, Grandfathers, Grandmothers provide that extra, higher level of help, so why would family members or friends who have passed help anyone else?

I do believe there will always be the traditional, evidential medium-ship, as those who do not currently believe in spirit or have not been introduced to the new spirit channelling will always require this style of communication. Nevertheless, the awareness is growing and more people are choosing the alternative options that are coming to the fore.

Evolution is coined as the “survival of the fittest”. However, if you take the principles of natural selection and apply it to the spirit arena, this gradual introduction of a new spiritual awareness is escalating and will, perhaps, become the norm in the years to come.

One thing I am absolutely sure about is that we are not the dominant intelligence in this universe – just ask my cats!

The Faerie Tree

Guest Artwork by Helen Stanger

Catch a glimpse of little sprites,

Who dance and play and sing.

The guardians of this magic land,

The natures lore they bring.

These secret spirits only show their world

 To those with heart and soul.

So pay attention and beware,

Approach feather footed and with care.

Be patient and allow faerie time,

Before you dare to cross their line,

As faeries wrath is fraught with might,

For hearts tainted with a pinch of spite,

Against the natural world the faerie love,

And unconditionally serve for those above.

But when faerie welcomes you prepare

For enchantment and emotion.

To learn their charge, to protect our world,

With utmost courage and devotion.

The Faerie Tree, written by Andrea Elliott

To accompany Artwork created by 1st year College Student, Helen Stanger

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Helen Stanger

Thank you

A Return to Innocence

Guest Poem & Artwork


Genevieve Mc Gee

Return to Innocence

A Return to Innocence

She stands so small, so trusting, so loving, her heart wide open to the world around her

She gazes and looks upon her world enjoying the magic as it unfolds, excited by the blessing this life brings

This magic is in the blossom as it opens

Its colour beautifies the world in a way she adores

She desires to be this beauty to the world some day

She takes a hand she trusts, unaware of what will become of this connection.

She looks in love at this person and smiles.

Soon the trust and the smile fade.

Her world of magic torn apart.

Her trusting gaze becomes one of suspicion.

Her open heart becomes closed in pain.

Her life spirals into a current of uncertainty.

She no longer knows who she is or what her purpose is.

The beauty of the world seems tainted

The joy of the seasons evade her

The love connection between herself and another poisons her further

She doesn’t understand

Confusion envelopes

She in a cloud of darkness as she desperately searches for this feeling of love and magic, in a world that seems so alien yet has become so normal

A rocky path she continues to follow long after that first cut into her heart

She allows many wounds and cuts to enter her

She feels powerless in world dominated by a mind that knows only fear

She spirals to a point of no return and suddenly her search changes

She begins to take a stand

The universe brings her a gift

This gift is the hope that changes her world forever

She begins to slowly return and strength she did not know surfaces within her

It propels her to look at herself in a new way

This new-found sight births a new wave of power

She is a warrior of light

She has a desire to shine bright

To heal herself one wound at a time

She finds solace within the eyes of her children

Her soul begins to awaken once more

She uses them as a force behind her to change her world to become more for them

This leads to many wonderful experiences

She begins to feel and trust in love again

She allows her self to begin to love oneself a little more each day

Her beauty in the world begins to show

Her laughter Strength and Joy begins to become part of her daily world

Her soul is ready for a true love connection

A soul love a bringing together of two halves

Her family is now complete

Her dreams are beginning to come true

The magic of her world is beginning to feel alive again

She hears the world whispering there is more

You reap what you sow my child

Life is a journey

Where do you wish to go? What do wish to sow?

Her soul’s whispers become louder

As she moves through the chapters in her life her heart becomes stronger

Her desire to change her inner and outer world takes hold

Each new day births new moments to treasure

Yet she is still half asleep her connection is not fully ignited

Suddenly the fire of her soul awakens her with a bolt

She sees and hears and experiences the love of all that is

The connection undeniable and changes her in a way so profound

She has felt it the presence of Creation

She knows it’s real

She hears the Angels sing

The Angels speak with love to her

Guiding her forward

They tell her she has work to do

She has a life to live

She has much to give

She is indeed a beauty in the world

She is inspired

The magic begins to unfold again

The flowers look more radiant than ever

The skies are blue; the bird’s song carries her through her days

This soul connection is her truth

The sun shines in the rain

She dances within excited by what the world will bring her way

She begins the journey back to herself

She paints love back into her life

Bringing all soul parts that left in the darkness and fear

As she returns to innocence

Innocence so pure

Written By Genevieve McGee

To accompany the Artwork entitled “A Return to Innocence”

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Genevieve McGee Artworks

Thank you

This One’s For You

This is for someone special, that I lost today.

It would not be her cup of tea, but I love the chorus and the reference to going home.

“Tonight, we are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.

Carry me home tonight, just carry me home tonight………..

The moon is on my side, I have no reason to run. So will someone come and carry me home tonight?

The angels never arrived, But I can hear the choir.

So will someone come and carry me home?”

Scratch That Itch


We needed to scratch an itch, well it had been a while. Not really sure why we stopped it just happened naturally; like bread going stale or no longer listening to a favourite tune, that had been played to death.

But then we had both decided not to continue down that path. We were no longer learning anything different and, it is fair to say, we do not fair well in the same old routine.

Nevertheless, we still set off to a new place. We had never been there before, so it was inevitable that we got a bit lost (actually, we drove passed it twice), then we had trouble gaining access through the security doors.

Was this an omen?

Well, we made it in the end. Entering the room, we sat in a row that did not shout “eager” with a blatant sign reading “Pick me!” and settled in. Observing and watching the people around us it did seem friendly, warm, buzzy and organised. Then a lady, who we had met a few years ago, took to the stage. She introduced herself, welcomed everyone and announced the evenings proceedings.

First up was a young teenager who began to read a poem she had written especially for the evening, then one of the guests were invited to give an address, a thought for the week. And it was time. The main reason why people had congregated.

The two guests, a husband and wife team stood up and demonstrated their skill.

I knew way before the gentleman stood up, that he would come straight to us. And he did. He began to reel off descriptions, names, events, memories and months of significance. Unfortunately, probably through no fault of his own, we could not place the names or descriptions. But some of the points he picked up did relate to our lives. The couple then took it in turns, linking with the Spirit World and relaying the information to the chosen few in the room.

The final notice was read and the service was over. Like most Spiritualist Churches you can stay afterwards, have a coffee and chat with the staff. So I went and grabbed two coffees and my husband and I sat down and kind of mused. We were puzzled. We still did not understand why, after well over a year, we had revisited a Spiritualist Church in the first place. Were we supposed to hear something? Were we supposed to meet someone? Were we supposed to feel something?

Anyway, we finished our coffee and made for the door, thanking the staff and the mediums en route, still feeling a little off keel. On the drive home we both agreed, again, that the Spiritualist Church was not for us. But I think we needed that confirmation, to be able to put it to bed once and for all.

It is not that I do not agree with the Spiritualist Churches or the Mediums that serve, what makes me uncomfortable is the whole “church” feel. You see I’m not too good at taking orders, listening to authority (my old boss could vouch for me on that point!) and anything that has even the slightest microscopic whiff of dogma and I run a mile. OK, I get they are trying to become a recognised faith, both nationally and internationally, so I really should cut them some slack. The staff members do not get paid and the serving Clairvoyant Mediums work darn hard, only receive basic travel expenses and may even be treated to a sandwich or two before they go.

So I think the reason my husband and I went to the service was to reaffirm and understand our own beliefs.

You see, we were both trained as mediums, through the Spiritualist Church format of teaching. My husband still uses his Mediumship and has a strong connection with those in Spirit. In addition, I respect each and every Medium across the globe. But I know that it is not for me, I just don’t have that overwhelming, burning desire to practice Mediumship and I know that it is not my life purpose.

But I feel disappointed that our visit to the Spiritualist Church did not offer some kind of solace. I’m not even sure what I mean by that statement. Perhaps I was looking for something that was never there in the first place.

Just to clarify, I am talking specifically about the Spiritualist Church philosophy, of proving the existence of the Spirit World/life after death. So the point I am trying to make is; most people who go to the Spiritualist Church are veterans, old hats, that have been going, and listening to the same old thing, for years – even decades.

Actually, it has just dawned on me, I have answered my own question.

I believe there is a veritable Smörgåsbord (don’t you just LOVE that word?). An infinite assortment of ways to enrich our lives, other than being told you have an issue with a fence or you’re eating too little and that your “other half” can eat for Britain. Don’t they realise that the person in front of them already knows that? Yes, hearing from Dad, Nan, Granddad etc. is comforting and nice to know they are around, and there does need to be a section of clarification, but is it not time the Spiritualist National Union thought outside the box?

Why don’t they teach Spiritualist Mediums how to really work their Spirit Guides? Give the people a real, tangible, holistic insight into life, what it is all about, what really lies beyond, what they can do with their lives and inspire and drive home the purpose of being here?

I just don’t know. (throwing hands in air)

What do you think?

The Joyful Journey

Acorns to Oaks

Bittersweet is my journey

The energy flows within so deep

I feel the warmth I once knew, renewed

As I journey to the place I belong

The veil no longer concealed

I see like a child once more

My fear has been lifted, removed

As I journey to the place I belong

No resistance shall I award

Love fills my heart with gentle force

My weightless spirit lifted, restored

As I journey to the place I belong

The universe again wondrous

I understand with all my body and soul

Great eternal wisdom, revealed

As I journey to the place I belong

I now remain in this beautiful realm

For family and friends to draw near

I greet as they ascend, return

As we journey to the place we belong


The Joyful Journey, written by Andrea Elliott, was inspired by the above artwork,

created by Spiritual Artist, Jarrod Mason


If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and Jarrod Mason 

Thank you

A Spiritually Personal Compromise

Would you call yourself a spiritual person? Do you love everyone and everything above and on this planet? Is your life perfect in every single way imaginable? 

Yes to the first, no to the second and third?

The traits of being human are what make us special. It shapes us, moulds us and gives us our own unique personalities, foibles, quirkiness (a word that is accepted in MS Word but not in Word press), which beautifully brings me on  to my rationale. 

Individual, spiritual, inquisitive, uncertain, candour, integrity. There are so many words to describe our personalities, but there is no “one shoe fits all” and I feel that is how it should be. 

Personality AirbrushingTotal perfection is an extremely difficult quality to achieve.

No one on this planet is completely flawless; although, by air-brushing ones real character you can certainly disguise a multitude of sins, from our fellow souls. All the while, our true self is dying to be a little mischievous or someone, somewhere finds us objectionable, even if we are the nicest sweetest thing imaginable. 

For me, being spiritual is less about religion, your belief in the spirit world or spiritual theory, it is more about knowing who you are. It’s about accepting and knowing your self and about managing and accepting your expectations of, and respect for, others. 

So who am I?

Well I hope I am just little old me. 

I believe in the paranormal, I believe in communication with people who have passed on, I believe we all have a specific purpose, I believe in the law of attraction.


I like punk rock (my ringtone is The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring). Some people possess an irritating gene, which I respond with similar irksomeness – some might call “small person syndrome”. I like the sun but the combination of wind and rain is aggravating. I love to shop but feel an air of disappointment when my bank balance is at the wrong end of the happy scale. I am both inwardly and outwardly noisy, so you could say both my brain and voice box are on continuous chatter mode. I am consistently right – which means I am accurately delusional. I rarely drink, as I am horizontal for two days afterwards, but I do smoke. Yes, I know already!

My husband likes 80’s music, our youngest likes anything catchy, our middle earth child like R&B and (ahem) ‘RAP and our eldest favours my kind of tunes. The immortal words of Madness……..“there’s always something happening and it’s usually quite loud”…….sums up our incessant music channel hopping household. My husband is also very much into meditation, believes wholeheartedly in universal law, and is a very good Clairvoyant Medium. But get him behind the wheel and he becomes angst personified! 

But it’s OK, we are who we are. 

We all think differently, we all like different things, people, experiences etc. But there is a connection between us. You have visited my blog because you have either been here before, you are curious, like-minded, or my post tags are completely irrelevant and totally off the mark! But then again you have read nearly the entire post haven’t you…………..…….?

Anyway that’s a tiny snippet of me*, outside of my “typical” spiritual reflections. 

But that’s it, that’s the thing. You don’t have to compromise or change (not unless you really want to) your brilliant, diverse personality to retain your spirituality. 

You are the wonderful and uniquely spirited you.

*Airbrush not included

Psychic Jeff

Psychic Jeff

My name is Jeff and I am a Clairvoyant Medium.

My first experience of Spirit was when I was 3 years old, when I used to see a lady in my bedroom combing her hair. It used to frighten me so much! My Mum thought I was completely mad and took me to see a psychiatrist………….

To read more click on the following link Welcome to Psychic Jeff.

via Welcome to Psychic Jeff.


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