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Are you sensitive?…..

……..If so you may have always seen this as a negative aspect to your personality. But when you learn to harness this gift, and use it for the good of yourself and others, it really is a truly wonderful trait to have.

If the world had more sensitive’s or empaths’ (a term I prefer to use) I believe it would be a more harmonious and peaceful place. However, as the duality of the world we live in always means their being a polar opposite, we must learn to honour those who seem harder, or un-sensitive. When one can acknowledge and flow with both sides, inner peace can be found. However, it is often the less sensitive people who teach us empaths how to strengthen, use and embrace our gift.


Being an Empath

Just to clarify Empathy, as defined by the English Dictionary, is ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’. You may hear several terms used synonymously to describe this including; sensitive, empath, clairsentience and a more recent term clair-knowing. For the sake of this article I will use the term Empath. I must however, make it clear that this is not the same as being sympathetic, which means feeling for a person but you do not necessarily understand the way they feel.

Being an empath literally means being aware of and sensing your surroundings – whether positive or negative. They can literally pick up the feelings and emotions of others, something they fail to understand especially in their younger years. I can remember a pivotal moment in my life when I just ‘got it’ and may I add, that this moment was only three years ago at the ripe old age of 31. In that very moment, I suddenly could differentiate the feelings of another against my own. It was such a subtle difference that my logical, conscious mind questioned it, but my instinct and intuition just knew. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling and I remember thinking to myself; now I know what that feels like I can be aware of it happening again. Once you become aware, you can begin to protect yourself from absorbing the feelings and emotions (which I will term energy) of others.

Not everyone can automatically, willingly or unwillingly, tune-in to empathise or sense the feeling of another. Empaths do not have the ability to just switch it off, to just stop being empathetic. It’s in their nature, part of their make-up and who they are fundamentally. Therefore, it is not what they have learnt or a behaviour they have adopted.

Energy is Everything

The world is an ocean of frantic energy, a collection of human emotions and thoughts, electromagnetic vibrations from TV, phones, wi-fi to name but a few. These energies are all around us, and just like radio waves, we may not see them but know they are there. Empaths feel and tune-in to these energies on an unconscious level, which is why simple tasks can become draining on the empaths personal energy resources.

If we look at the human being and their five basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are all designed to pick up subtle frequencies of energy which are interpreted by the brain. For the empath, one, a few or all of these senses are heightened, they are more sensitive – which means they can easily tap into their intuition (I like to call this our 6th sense).

Because energy is everything and everywhere, even having a conversation with another can cause inner conflict for an empath because they really feel the words spoken. They pick up on body language and all the subtle non-direct behaviours and cues that emanate from another. So often people have hidden agendas, have emotional blockages, fears and insecurities that they mask with words, they may not even be aware of this themselves, but an empath can discern the truth; the true energy of another.

Remember 80% of the messages we send and receive are non-verbal and 55% of the messages received and processed by the brain are based on body language. Therefore, empaths can be overwhelmed with the amount of information and energy flowing towards them, that they have to process. Empaths can commonly be seen as over emotional, weak, fragile, fussy or even sometimes as emotionally detached and ‘in their own world’. This is often a coping mechanism they have adopted to withstand living in such a frantic world of chaotic energy.

Practices to Manage and Strengthen your Gift

For me I have unknowingly adopted several practices over the years, which have helped me to establish balance and stability. I find quiet times invaluable, with limited electrical equipment in my home, being in Mother Nature and connecting with her, to help ground my energy. The purchase of several, although not expensive, crystals to help protect, cleanse and strengthen my energy field. Regular exercise also helps to release any build-up of unwanted tension and energy. However the most profound has been regularly meditation and I believe this is the most powerful way to stay true to yourself.

Emotional Detachment and Dissociation

The hardest lesson for me, which I am still trying to master, is practising emotional detachment. In psychology there are two meanings to this, firstly the ‘inability to connect’ with others emotionally and secondly (the one which empaths must practice) is ‘dissociation’; the decision to avoid engaging in emotional connections. At first I thought this would be an impossible task and that by doing this I would lose my compassionate and understanding qualities, but in fact it meant that I could be of more service to others. By creating more definite energetic boundaries, I could allow others to feel their emotion without taking them on as my own. By remaining impartial I could allow for a stronger space for others to release in order for me to engage for much longer periods.

I still sometimes find the media and news overwhelming (so I chose not to watch it) and I still cry easily over a sad film, because this is who I am, but I am now able to do what I believe I came here to do. Help and heal others, especially on an emotionally level. I am now a Reiki Master, Metatronia Therapist and Exercise Specialist and I know my own trials, tribulations and experience have been invaluable lessons, which without I would not have been able to take the path that I have.

This is only my view-point, my experience, and you will have your own, possible very different views and experiences too. However, I do hope that for those empaths who read this, it gives them hope, encouragement and the knowing that you are not alone and for everyone else, I hope it has given you at least some insight as to the more sensitive nature of some souls.

Guest article by Emma Bradshaw of Healing 2 Health January 2013


Sneaky Intuition

IntutionIt has been a while since I have connected with my intuitive side. It has been something that I consciously shut down, hitting the standby button, for an indefinite period. It all came to a grinding halt, when I decided to stop attending a weekly medium-ship development circle.

You see, I have a problem with authority. I hate (strong word, but true) being told what to do and being fed information. I found the lack of control over what I was being relayed was just so tiring, exhausting and personally, soul-destroying. As an “old school” development circle, with strict guidelines and “rules”, I was being boxed in by the instructional medium, who was telling me what I could and could not ask or say.

Just to explain, old school spiritualism is about finding out who is coming though, how they died, a smattering of descriptive information, who they want to talk to and what their message is. There is no room for diversion or actual, tangible spiritual insight. It is a kind of get in, get out conveyor belted process, which had no place in my life.

So, up until very recently, I had parked development. I had no desire to revisit development, well certainly not back into medium-ship development anyway. But my mindset has altered somewhat. I now see the value of developing psychic, intuitive skills and being open to knowing, sensing and feeling what is going on outside the “normal” physical world.

You know that grating feeling in your gut when you just know something is not right or you have an idea, it’s a good idea, yet like day old milk, it’s just on the turn? Well that is your psychic self, giving you the heads up, the skinny and the deliciously enticing teaser, telling you to back down for a while and quit pouring energy into something, that is veering you off the beaten track.

It is funny how things happen (which are totally off the map, in terms of explainable, expected psychic occurrences) to reignite interests. For example, I was invited down to Glastonbury for a “girl’s road trip with a purpose”. We dropped our bags off, at our nightly place of residence, which, incidentally, was labelled a retreat. However, it was far from the Zen inspired place of peace and tranquillity that the name suggested. It was tired and in need of a complete overhaul. Nonetheless, it was relatively clean and the decking, which overlooked undeveloped fallow land, had a clear, uninterrupted view of the Tor.

Anyway, we made our way into town for a spot of lunch. Having placed our order we discussed our brief wander around the town and the coming workshop, that my fellow travellers would be holding the following day. Service at our chosen eatery was a touch on the slow side and my cappuccino had long been demolished when a chap and his wife? Partner? Friend? came into the café.

I looked across to his table and my eyes weirdly widened. I looked at my friend who too had a look of horror on her face. I grabbed my nicotine supply and exclaimed I had to leave immediately, out the back door, and regain my composure. With that, I turned, nearly fell out of the door and made a beeline to the back of the patio seating area.

I giggled, I had no idea why I giggled but I giggled, hoping that the other diners were paying no attention to my utter madness. So, my nicotine intake complete and my composure at a relatively happy equilibrium, I made my way back to our table. I could not explain why the chap unknowingly orchestrated my bolt for the door. My friend, who I would say is much more in touch with her senses, explained that his energy was coming towards me, and far too close for comfort.

So, did this exaggerated “twilight zone” scenario happen to give me a direct, to the point, no holds barred jolt to my system? And why am I killing it with the plethora of clichéd phrases?

OK, so I get it. I made the realisation over the last few months that it is really about living moment to moment and tapping into those momentary feelings, by listening to them and acting on them.

I know, I know, it’s not so cut and dried. How can you live moment to moment when you have a direct debit coming out and pay-day is 3 days shy of the money grabbing programme, imminently dipping in to your bank account and auto raising a big fat ugly charge on your account to boot? Incidents like this place our thoughts and feelings way out into the future and further away from the present. But instead of worrying about it would it not be better to take control of the now? Picking up the phone and telling bully boy bank manager to hold off and put a temporary stay of execution, will make you feel a whole lot better than the insistent churning in your stomach.

And you see, that’s the point. Your intuitive, or gut feeling, is telling you to do something about a situation, to face it and to confront it. Once you have done so, then you can move on, you can relax and just let go of all that tenseness.

Be assertive with your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right then take action to change it, if something has been playing on your mind explore your feelings more in-depth, if someone is annoying you then let them know (nine times out of ten they won’t even know it’s annoying!). When you have faced something, you have previously brushed aside or put off, you will feel so much more at ease.

I do believe that, although not a beautiful, spiritually life changing occurrence in the Glastonbury café, I was supposed to reconnect with my intuitive self, not as a tool to predict the future, but to re-affirm that I should be listening to what my body/mind (and soul) is telling me and to stop pigeon-holing intuition, with my experience of old school medium-ship  As they say, “The problem is not the problem; the attitude to the problem is the problem”. Or in my case, the attitude to intuition was the problem!

In a nutshell, your intuition is there to guide you, not to deceive you or lead you down some dark and dismal path. So just go with it!

Channelled Message

This beautiful timeless channelled message – sent to me by a good friend – will resonate for many years to come. I feel it holds a valuable key to unlocking our true, higher self.


Make inner peace with yourself; do not allow the resonance of others around you to control the state of your own beautiful vibration. No other on this planet has been guided to be in your shoes, see through your eyes, or feel with your heart. Greater alignment is being asked by all to see that the more you become your own vibration, your own creation of spirit on this planet, then the higher your understanding of your being here at this time will unfold.

All that you seek from the outside world for conformation is but an illusion of what you think you should be.  The truth, the greater being for your existence is that your own gateway to your souls light is through your own heart, not through others around you, but your own. You are not here to please others, but by awakening your own heart, your own light, that others shall want to follow you to a greater existence on this planet as a unity of pure balance, harmony and light. No anger, no fears, no need to take, to steal, but to live as one, knowing that your vibration that you were placed her to be, is of love and that cord, that note of energy is a wave that can break all barriers above all else.

Greed serves no man, for any greater good. There is no need to be greater than any other on the planet, to prove to another that you are better, to stand on top on another person to be able to reach higher, to take from another for your own gain from fear of not being able to reach the top. The man who serves from his heart, guided by his own inner connection to the universe and his desire to be the best from within, is the person who shall gain the abundance and light on their path.

Want for nothing, there is nothing that you need to be able to make you a better person, only an open heart, a gift of love and happiness to spread to others at this time. Reach out your hand to others around you who need a helping hand, do not fear that they shall hold you back, as it is only the shadows in your mind that create this energy of loss, of failure, or not being able to move for the restraints of those around you.

With an open heart and a truly connected cord to light, you will see that the illusions of grandeur, of having to keep up with those around you, of having to evolve at a rate that you feel is expected of you at this time shall slip away into the waters of the ocean of love within your heart.

You are no less of a person for stepping away, for speaking up and saying ‘no more’.  I shall not walk this path of need, greed and fear as my path is one of love, of light and a desire to serve for the highest good, to be the best at who I am, and by being a leader in this society that dictates that above all else, to be the best you must forego the good of all others, and use their energy to gain your own power.

We are all souls of the stars, energy of the universe; we each hold a spark from the collective creator of this infinite space that we call our home. Tread carefully with respect and love for all that is around you, above you, below you and above all else within you, as you are the creator, the manifest of the energy and light.

Channelled message by Chiara Irvine

The Synchronicity of Evolution

Synchronicity is a funny thing. To coin a phrase from a friend, it is the universe getting the message across.

Anyway, this week my husband and I took the (45mins each way) walk into town. On the way back we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a coffee, to prepare ourselves for the hike up the hill.

If you are anything like me you will find it easier to think whilst walking. It’s kind of weird what pops into your head, when taking a stroll, and on this particular day the word evolution made a salubrious appearance. I agree, that’s not exactly exciting, life changing or amazing but within a nano second a black Mercedes van, emblazoned with the company name “Evolution” in shiny silver graphics, drove passed.

Was it paranormal synchronicity, parallel insight or just plain old coincidence at work? And why doesn’t Google Chrome recognise the word synchronicity?

I wish to apologies in advance for any whiplash caused, in the reading of this post, but going back to the word “evolution”, how did my thinking evolve (groan) and expand from this one single, solitary word?

Well, I was pondering how many intuitives, psychics and clairvoyant mediums are now channelling from sources, other than loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. It is amazing how so many have embraced a new way of thinking and the emphasis on proving the existence of the afterlife and the continuous existence of the human soul is no longer the be all and end all.

I cannot give a definitive, specific description on what the channelled source looks like or comes from as it comes in many guises. For example some intuitives believe they are channelling Angels, others say it is infinite intelligence. I have also heard of spiritual entities from other stars, planets, universes and galaxies. But I feel it does not matter what label we apply or how they appear or where they come from as it is all coming from the same infinite intelligence, one single knowledgeable source and it chooses to “appear” in a form comfortable with the person it is communicating with.

I believe the time of “ME” is upon us and people are getting out of their comfort zones and looking for more fulfilling, challenging lives. Yet, it is hard, after so many years of conditioning from family, friends, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, government officials…….the list is endless. So perhaps this communicative spiritual advancement is happening now for that reason?

People need something more, something helpful, something that will allow them to move on and realise their full potential – and from first hand experience (and not to be disrespectful in any way) – I don’t believe my Dad, Grandfathers, Grandmothers provide that extra, higher level of help, so why would family members or friends who have passed help anyone else?

I do believe there will always be the traditional, evidential medium-ship, as those who do not currently believe in spirit or have not been introduced to the new spirit channelling will always require this style of communication. Nevertheless, the awareness is growing and more people are choosing the alternative options that are coming to the fore.

Evolution is coined as the “survival of the fittest”. However, if you take the principles of natural selection and apply it to the spirit arena, this gradual introduction of a new spiritual awareness is escalating and will, perhaps, become the norm in the years to come.

One thing I am absolutely sure about is that we are not the dominant intelligence in this universe – just ask my cats!

New Article on Silent Voices

Silent Voices MagazineThe new free edition of Silent Voices is now available online.

There are many great articles on the paranormal, self-help, the angels, spiritual advice, psychic readings, poetry and much more, from many well known light workers.

If you would like to read my article, please click on the following link: So Where Do We Go From Here?

The article relates to what is happening to many of us at this time, how we should focus on living in the moment and making the most out of the now.

For the Silent Voices home page, which lists all the new articles, horoscopes and tarotscopes for this month please click here.


Disembodied Voice

Andrea Elliott:

You just have to read this by Janet from Thoughts to Mull.


Originally posted on thoughtstomull:

This is one of those real but surreal tales, one of those that make people with children shiver.   Beyond that initial chill, the unexplained effects in this story make people tinkle with nervous laughter,  because, as everyone knows, these things happen only in fairy tales or in Stephen King novels.  But, deep down inside, we all know that these things really happen.  Something has happened in everyone’s life that cannot be explained.  We’ve all been there, at one time or another — or we know someone who has.   But people learn, early on, not to talk about those things, lest they be thought of as “gone round the bend”, or worse yet, “the old woman that lives by herself with a houseful of cats”.  Some call it a twilight zone, some just coincidence, and others say it’s a guardian angel or sixth sense that leads us to do (or not to do) what our character in this story does.  Some say it’s…

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Animal Magic

Don’t think about it.

Pick the first one that pops in to your head.

No cheating now!……………….

Think of an animal.

Write it down.

I watched a documentary last week on the Maya civilisation. I have loved anything to do with the ancient Central and Southern Americas since I was a child. The mystery, their way of life, their knowledge; which, like the Egyptians, seemed far beyond their years.

ShamanicThe programme centred on the search for the remains of the first Maya King. I found myself internally shouting at the TV, telling the archaeologists to dig under the monument. And lo an behold they found his remains deep under the very foundations of the pyramid.

Why did I feel so strongly? Well, when I used to sit in a clairvoyant development circle, I used to go on wild epic adventures, during the guided meditation. After the meditation our teacher would go round the room and ask everyone where they went and what they experienced. She eventually turn to me. She would take a long deep breath in, let out a long sigh and say, “And where did you go this evening Andrea?”

Well, I literally went everywhere! Across continents, visiting different cultures, feeling different sensations and learn a thing or two. And there are a few journeys that really stick in my mind. In one such journey I was with a Persian lady, who I believed was one of my helpers at the time. She took me on a whistle-stop ride across North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, on a beautiful Arabian stallion. She showed me an array of holistic health practices. The most significant visit was to a herbalist in Turkey. I was taught how to mix herbs, lotions and potions, combining them to enhance the healing properties.

OK, I have slightly veered off topic so I will get back to the Maya.

During one such meditation I found myself laid out, on a “stretcher”. I felt as if I had been sacrificed but I was not sure, perhaps I had just been ill? If I had met a sacrificial end I was not treated as the bog standard “lamb to the slaughter”, I had been tended to. I wore a clean long tunic and my long dark hair was neatly brushed. It did not resemble the whole head cutting off, chuck down the steps thing depicted in - the simply superb – Apocalypto. I was being buried. With honour and respect. I witnessed “my self” looking up the steps, to an open slab stone doorway, as my body was gently carried down to the bottom of a room, which was dug out of the earth.

When I came back from the meditation I felt weird, which was pretty normal to be honest, as it could take some time for me to fully come to. But this time it was different. It was as if I had seen an actual event in my past. It was a cross between a de ja vu and a “that soo didn’t just happen, did it?” moment.

Anyhoo, along with the Maya and pretty much the entire Americas, there has been one particular animal that I have been drawn to all my life. I even wanted one as a pet when I was little, and ever since I watched a specific episode of Top Gear I wanted an XJS – the special edition with gold-plated engine…………..

Apologies to those outside the EU for the car “clue”. But for the benefit of my Euro neighbours: No. It is not a panda!

It’s a Jaguar.

So, what is the significance? Well, in shamanic terms, animals give us strength. We all have specific animals connected to us, or animals we need to focus on in order to draw on their energies. They are known as Power Animals.

For the purpose of this exercise I am going to surmise the purpose of the Jaguar and very briefly conclude with my thoughts on how, or if, he relates to my life in any way.

The main strengths drawn from the Jaguar Power Animal is keeping a clear head and moving forward during times of chaos, dealing with and steering away from chaos. It gives courage when going into the unknown – whether it be new places, ideas, beliefs and thinking. The Jaguar works on psychic vision and focuses a great deal of energy on the soul and empowering the soul. In addition, the black Jaguar is the custodian of the continuation of time and the world of the unknown.

The gifts from the Jaguar Power Animal is courage and will. He asks us to go deep within to find the real spirit inside, to both question and let go of fears, thus healing longstanding emotional attachments. He will disclose the secrets behind human existence and how all goals can be realised, through sheer grit and determination. Clair/psychic abilities can also develop when using the Jaguar. And it is very important to trust thoughts, visions and instinct.

People who hold the Jaguar power have a regard for language, but their words have a tendency to be misunderstood by more sensitive souls, who may take things out of context. Therefore Jaguar people like their own company, feeling at ease when alone with their thoughts and they generally stick to people with similar personalities. Jaguar people tend to follow their own dreams, knowing the importance of creating their own reality by themselves.

My thoughts? A huge proportion of the symbolism of the Jaguar Power Animal rings true to me and I feel very comfortable with the holistic grass-roots aspiration and spiritual philosophy of the Jaguar.

So, now it’s over to you.

What was your animal? How do you feel about the animal? Is it a longstanding affinity? Was it a complete suprise?…………Do you already know your Power Animal and how does it make you feel?

2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?

2012 There are many theories to what will happen in 2012. Therefore, as a logical, rational being, I put forward a line of questioning in the vain hope that I may find, and ultimately share, some answers.

The word from many spiritual figures, such as Diana Cooper, is we are entering a new age of spiritual awareness, and ascension to a higher spiritual level.

Many believe there will be an energy force coming from above, to “turn on” our spiritual selves.

Read more……… 2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?.

Holistic Words

Death Oracle Card

I use the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid, to provide a thought for the week. The information below is not the text-book version of the cards’ meaning, but my own summary and interpretation of the cards significance.


Death - Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card

 The Sacred Journey Markers


A card which conjures fear.

Fear of what is around the corner, fear of tomorrow, fear of endings.

But fear is a perception; and a miss-guided one.


The ebb and flow of the tide churns the sea bed, the plant life below, the microscopic food life; which in turn feeds and nurtures other life forms. A beautiful colourful flower may die; but before it left our gaze, did it not provide new seeds? Did it not recede back into the earth and replenish the soil? And so the circle of life continues, without resistance.

Good and bad life experiences can fossilize and embed in our hearts. In order to free yourself from the unwanted experiences you must first accept them and want to release them from your life. To let go, to loosen your grip, to relinquish your control over your emotions, will give you the boundless power to change your life for your highest good.

Yes, change means death. But with death comes new life, new beginnings and new chapters, that are only born from change.

A fresh new script is waiting in the wings. Just make sure you are ready with your white flag, to give your new direction a big warm welcome.

Holistic Words

The Swan Oracle Card

I use The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards: A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid, to provide a thought for the week. The information below is not the text-book version of the cards’ meaning, but my own summary and interpretation of the cards significance.

The Swan

The Swan - The Wisdom of Avalon

The Animal Guides of Avalon

We all know the fable of the ugly duckling, who lived a sad unloved, lonely life. until he grew into a beautiful majestic swan. The story shows us that the perception of ourselves is not necessarily the right, or fair perception.

There is a need to accept ourselves for who we are and not to be pulled down by uncomplimentary or demeaning comments from others, which can only damage our confidence and self belief. We can of course portray a confident self, to the outside world, but essentially we are only hiding our inner insecurities.


The Swan indicates transformation, change and a new way of thinking, that will help you to develop and grow; personally, mentally and socially. By believing in you, you are allowing yourself to blossom and become more confident, freeing yourself from detrimental thoughts and allowing yourself to be happy, doing what you know you want to do.

We are all intuitive - we may not all choose to believe, coach or reveal our psychic talents but nevertheless we are all psychic. Use your gift of intuition, your gut feeling, during this time of change and feel warm in the knowledge that you are being assisted, nurtured and guided by your inner self and from above. It is time now to be true to yourself and to really get in touch with your feelings and intuition.

If you feel there is a dramatic change required in your life, but you are still fearful of taking the plunge, The Swan indicates that it is time to go for it and believe in yourself.

Know that you can do it and you have all the tools and talent to really excel, especially when your desire to change comes from your heart.

Holistic Words


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