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Angels and Demons

Angels and DemonsSomeone told me once that “You must first understand the dark in order to understand the light.” She was speaking, in terms of good versus evil, heaven and hell, God and the devil, and how it relates to working with Spirit.

I have pondered those words a few times and still do not understand the relevance. I have not encountered “the dark side” of Spirit at all and I am not really sure it even exists. My only experience of good and bad has been on a human level.

Having sat in a mediumship development circle and visited (reportedly) haunted houses I have had my fair share of paranormal occurrences and communication with the spirit world. But I am sitting here, trying to think of a, first hand, non-human negative encounter.

I do believe human perception and beliefs have a big role to play, when differentiating between good and bad energy. For example, lets say two intuitive/psychic people walk into a room. Person 1 gets a shiver down their spine but person 2 does not, and is oblivious to the discomfort of person 1. However, person 1 tells person 2 that they feel uncomfortable in the room and the energy is negative. Person 2 is going to stop and think, perhaps see if they can pick up on anything and from that point, every time they walk into that room they are anticipating something – a feeling, an experience.

Is it is all about the power of suggestion, and how someone else feels as opposed to an actual negative experiences?

My personal view is yes and no, you cannot discount the way someone physically feels but you could question their responses, actions, perception and the way they consciously and verbally interpret their feelings.

I have a strange example of this, I won’t go into too much detail, but you will get the drift. A few months ago, I was told someone was meddling in the black arts – voodoo to be precise. This person was a bit of a rogue and using many people for their own ill-gotten gains, promising the world and did not deliver. The penny finally clicked and everyone realised they were being taken for a ride. So the chatter began within the circle of the deceived. The possible voodoo and various other faults, misdemeanors and conversations were now all under scrutiny. It then moved up a notch on the negative scale and the place, where the “not so on the level person”, was deemed negative and the negative energy was in need of immediate cleansing, which was promptly carried out. A few other things happened, which I will not go in to, but in hindsight it seems that something so black and white; as a person trying to dupe others, exponentially escalated in to an all out fight between good and evil.

Lets look at it another way. You have booked yourself on a paranormal investigation evening, at a haunted mansion. You have read everything about the mansion and the area - including all the reports on ghost sightings the history, and if applicable, you make a specific beline for the historical grim details. You are excited and you are anticipating a scary, adrenaline pumped evening. The images of the reports are firmly in your head and your expectations have reached fever point. You arrive at the mansion and it is not long before the lights go down. You are wide-eyed and hanging on to your hunting partner for dear life! The hosts are also inducing your imagination, which is now jumping to please and you are now having visions of the ghosts in explicit detail, right down to the dirt under their finger nails, the smells surrounding them, their odour and the type of buttons on their clothing. Wow! You ARE psychic!

Apologies to all the intuitive ones out there but I hope that you can now see how the power of suggestion can grow in to full-blown mass hysteria.

I think my point is this, and I think I have said it before so feel a little naggy, personal responsibility as a psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant being is so important. If someone comes to you for a reading they are hanging on to your every word and could in fact take everything you say to the letter. I know it is hard when you have Great Aunt Flo telling you to tell her niece that she must not get into a green car for the rest of her life or she must not go out without an umbrella on every second Tuesday following the full moon. OK, ok I am taking this a little to the extreme, but I think you get what I am trying to say; the girl will always be affraid of any green vehicle and if she forgets her umbrella she may enter a catatonic meltdown state. And if she does forget for one split second, if something does go wrong……………….

To surmise; a large proportion of dark or negative energy has been manmade since the beginning of time and it is an intuitives responsibility not to suggest negative occurences or pour fuel onto any negative thoughts.

I am now feeling a little vunerable, awaiting a barrage of negative comments. :D

Spirit Sucking Vampires

Psychic VampiresVampire subculture. Not a phrase I had ever heard – until this week. The most infamous “Vampire” is actually locked up in a State Correctional Facility, after taking the lives of two people. OK, I had absolutely no idea vampire cult clans where even out there and I was, probably naively, shocked!

But it seems you don’t need to be a bloodsucker to be Vampiristic. There are more subtle, perhaps far more sinister, Vampires in our midst. Psychic Vampires.

The first time I heard this term I was on a paranormal investigation in an ancient, highly revered, site in the South of England. Our paranormal group invited members of the public to come along for the experience and an old colleague brought her friends along for the ride. My colleagues new husband, who I had never met, was a practising Druid, and announced he was a self-confessed “Psychic Vampire“. The title intrigued me. I asked him what it meant to be a psychic vampire. He just grinned and said he sucks the life out of people. What could I say? Nothing, my raised eyebrows said it all.

So, with that simplistic explanation in mind, my first thought is why would anyone want to “suck the life out of people”? What is the point? What do they gain? It sounds to me like a case of self-gratification, a kind of sick enjoyment on making people feel drained. I suppose he acknowledges the affect of his motives, methods and warped personality but we all know people around us who make us feel utterly exhausted, once they have left our presence.

The originator of the term psychic vampire, also known as energy vampire, is still in debate, so too are the types of people who are psychic vampires. In my eyes there are two kinds of energy vampires. Conscious and subconscious. The conscious psychic vampire knows exactly what they are doing, they have a specific agenda and they may or may not hide their intentions. They psychologically intimidate and use emotional blackmail to drain and confuse, leaving their victims low – if not depressed.

But the subconscious psychic vampire is what I would describe as someone with little or no self esteem. The kind of person who belittles others, in order for themselves to look good. The old saying “Misery loves company” is very true here and the subconscious psychic vampire is the moaner and groaner.

So what can you do to save yourself from theses little pathological suckers? Well, positive attracts positive. So if you are a positive person you should try to surround yourself with positive people. If you do have a negative person in your circle of friends or family the best defense is humour  and good old-fashioned distraction techniques. Talk about the weather, what you had for dinner, what you watched on TV and if all else fails walk away, stating you have a prior engagement. The message will soon hit home that you are not their meal and you will not tolerate your spirit being violated.

It really is that simple – no magic wands, no spells or rituals, no auric protection required. Just you, your emotional strength and your will to survive the lure of the vampire.


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