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A Touch of Destiny – An Insight Into My Past Life Karma

expanded-awareness-infiniteFriday 13th.  A date synonymous with fear.

I know people who clear their diaries, not even getting out of bed on Friday 13th. They book the day off, hide under the bed covers and fester; hoping the day will pass without incident. I do not personally believe in superstition, so on Friday 13th April 2012, I went to work as normal.

Of course, nothing untoward happened, just a regular working day. And like most Friday’s the office is a happy equilibrium and everyone hits the “Friday feeling button”.

The clock struck 5:30pm and we make a beeline to the nearest exit. I started the car with gusto and drove home, where I would potter about until 6:45pm then reacquaint myself with my motorised vehicle and make the journey across town. A quick detour was in order, to the local superstore, for another pack of hair dye and an all important caffeine fix.

I arrive at my destination. I am too early so I walk around the block until it is time. The door finally opens and I am invited to enter the “shed”.

However, this is no ordinary shed, oh no! This shed is as big as my lounge and dining room put together. It is warm and inviting. The wood burner is releasing its delicious warmth, the carpet under foot is soft and comforting, and the lighting is soothing – just right for what is about to happen…………….

I suddenly feel an energy, a little too close for comfort, and move to one side, emitting a “not today thank you” vibe. Resettled and happy, I take off my shoes and hop onto the couch. There is a kind of tense nervousness in the air. No one knows for sure what to expect, but I am ready!

I close my eyes and I instantly sense movement around me, shadows cast through my eyelids.  Fleeting images swirl inside my mind. A blazing fire. A phoenix rising from the ashes? I try to relax. However, you could say I am the worst “patient” (one of the reasons why I drifted away from clairvoyance was my inability to just “be”). And, it is done. Now I want the verdict.

This is the part where I become excited, intrigued, eager. Throw it at me! Lynn paused. No! Don’t do this to me Lynn! A few deep breaths, a moment to reflect, and a “you made me sing for that” look, she began to relay her information; her insight, delineation received by her channelled helpers, guiding her through my lifetimes.

Past Life RegressionChristian Service? Knights Templar, Monk, Holy Nun? That is where I come from, my lineage, my heritage? Um, wow!

I admit to being a supporter of the lesser known religions, particular the less fear invoking, but Christian based religions? A revelation indeed. Lynn described how I fought and died in the Crusades, as a Templar, and was awarded a “state burial”; my hands placed across my chest and my sword by my side.

But the biggy, the most poignant life in my existence, was in my monastic era. I was the key bearer, the guardian of the treasure – the religious relics but more importantly, the sacred scrolls and teachings. When the monastery was raided, I hid myself, along with the keys, in a bid to protect the all important spiritual cache. But I was eventually found and all, including my life, was lost. Lynn believed this is why, in this life, I continue on this inherent spiritual path and that my writing now is an extension of my past. A kind of religious (in the thorough sense of word) need to share my thoughts on alternative thinking.

Although discovering past lives is part of her specialised healing process, I learned it is not the soul purpose of the session. Lynn performed karmic debris extraction, meaning she released me from historical ties, built up over my numerous lifetimes.

Meanwhile, Chiara, who works with Lynn, on the joint healing sessions was receiving information on the effect my past lives had, on my continuous existence. She described how I was incessantly linked to each life cycle as if in a chain gang. Basically, I was pulling each of my past lives along with me in this life, which was, in essence, dragging me down. (See Chiara’s message below)

Chiara Irvine - Channelled MessageSo, now I had been pulled apart, bits removed and I masses to think and talk about already – all of which was very exciting – I thought; Is someone going to put me back together now?

It turned out to be a yes. And without delay, I go into round two with Chiara.

I lay back down on the couch. I can’t seem to relax my eyes. The muscles in and around my eyes were having a right royal row with my cerebral messages to quit already! And I have another problem. My throat muscles seem to be contracting, and I am finding it difficult to swallow! You know when you have breathed in a partial sucked boiled sweet and you are trying to dislodge it? Well that is exactly what it felt like. Is it because of my inability to completely relax?

The session complete, I am feeling a little chilly, but again I am eager to quiz, quiz, quiz.

Chiara explained my thirst for knowledge had landed me in hot water many a lifetime. It seemed I was an adventurer, an explorer and, reading between the lines, a bit of a pirate. I had a penchant for annoying indigenous tribes, across the globe, and they made sure I paid the price – with my life!  The details of which I will not divulge, but I literally had different parts of my body in every corner of the globe – from Australia and Africa to the Americas and Europe - which she had to find, take back, and return to me in the “now”.

But there was more. An old man was trying to force a key down my throat!? He held a contract, to part of my soul, and was not letting go. The key was – annoying me physically to the point of distraction - a symbolic act. If I wanted that final karmic piece of the puzzle back, we would have to go inside and retrieve it. So, Chiara suggested another quick blast of infinite healing was in order, and set to work her magic once more.

During which time, Lynn prepared a full life guidance reading, using Angel based cards. The reading was based over a six month span, including what I was doing and feeling now. I certainly did not expect it, but it was a very welcomed surprise. I am not the best at remembering the exact card names, when someone else gives me a reading, but what I do know is the cards really did relate to what is happening in my life and what I want to do in the future.

The phone rings, it’s my eldest requesting a lift home, and the spell is broken. I say my thank you’s and we say our goodbyes as I am pulled back into my day-to-day role as an unpaid taxi driver.

So what was the aftermath?

That night I had a dream. I was living in a house, not my current house, but it was my house. It was old school 1970’s, straight lines, hammered glass panelled doors, big flat aluminium windows to the front. The decor was very nondescript and completely white washed. There is only one way to describe this, and I do feel a little disrespectful; homeless people kept knocking on the front door and asking if they could stay.  It was in today’s era. I am still pushing 40, my husband and our children are present and correct, in the now.  It was a little overwhelming, trying to figure out where to put all these people – spare bedrooms, tents in the garden and any floor space going.

One chap in particular described, and showed me, his life before he became homeless. He was wealthy, intelligent, suited and booted, had a high-flying career; which I believed was in construction. He was showing me how he once lived and how he used to be. Nevertheless, he lost everything and was now destitute. I believe the dream was about perception; not looking at things at face value and, to coin a phrase, not to judge a book by its cover? It may have been, more simply, about helping others?

I was also somewhere up in the higher realms. I do not really remember much about it. All I know is I was with celestial beings – Angels if you like – and it was the stereotypical human perception of being up in the heavens; pure, white, blue, light, soft, wispy etc.

The following evening I had another dream. I was secretly looking after a dangerous animal, which looked similar to a koala. Now I know that koalas can be dangerous anyway, but this one had long poisonous claws. I looked after the animal, as it had no food, and I held it. Even though I knew one scratch would kill I was not scared. It was living in my neighbour’s air-con duct. They knew it was there but they would not help. Yet again, a dream in which I was helping, assisting and looking after things.

What about my life patterns?

Probably far too many!

  • I have lived in many countries, in a bid to find “home” – the closest I come (to date) is Spain and England.
  • My home is an Almshouse, built by a Christian church on sacred ground - previously monastic farm land.
  • I have a love of history, particularly the Knights Templar and the medieval upheavals, lives and philosophies of religious orders. Both of which I have written about.
  • In terms of the Knights Templars, I have presented an entire radio show, discussing the innovations, exploits and the eventual downfall of the Templars. Was it a coincidence that the date Friday 13th was chosen, given the unlucky link to the Knights?

So how do I feel?

My mood has been a little up and down, but certainly not in a OMG! way. I have not felt anger, sadness, loss etc. but reflective and a little more tired than usual. Perhaps I need to relax more – or at least go to bed at a reasonable hour!

I have found that over the last few weeks, my writing has changed. The words have flowed and I feel I have allowed myself to open up more. Now, when I decide to write about a subject, I seem to veer off in another direction, becoming more spontaneous, free and natural.

I have definitely been more proactive too; asking others for their opinions on their spiritual or life experiences; requesting case studies to analyze and piece together. I have found other works to inspire and spark my imagination,  actively been seeking more creative opportunities.

I am also questioning my motivations; what I want out of life, what I want to do and achieve in this lifetime. One of the phrases I have come up with this week is “gaining my career freedom”. Sounds odd, a little fragmented, but what it means to me is this: Recognising, and having the confidence, to go for life’s opportunities, that will allow me to be inspired and create my own freedom. In essence, to be able to support my family, doing what I love to do. I also need to stop hiding behind my invisible cushion and become the person I know I can be. The real question is: Are the actions I take right now, this very minute, hour, day, week, in complete and utter alignment with my true goals and ideals?

I know my previously half-hearted attempt to affirm who I AM to others and myself, no longer serves me. It is not about being big-headed, conceited, or arrogant. It is about being authentic and true, with humility and integrity.  I write about subjects that a huge number of people believe to be folly. I used to feel awkward and squeamish when, a perceived non-believer, told me they had read my work.  I could feel myself wincing, as I awaited a backlash of sorts, or hoping, beyond hope that they “got it”. However, it no longer bothers me. But what I do I care about are the topics I share and the standard it is written in. My ethos has always been to impart my pondering in an accessible, understandable way, which is varied, and caters for the wider collective.

But this is not all about me. This is about someone, somewhere, reading this, who can relate to my words and feel the same way I do. I hope it helps, I hope that it may put life into perspective and I hope that someone decides, right now, to be who they are, and be who they want to be.

Andrea x

I have kept in contact with Chiara and Lynn over the past two weeks, letting them know how things are and what has emerged over the days, following the joint Light Empowerment Sessions. Many of their clients relay their thoughts and feelings back to them and they certainly welcome it. So I have posted their post session comments to me below.

Chiara Irvine

“It has been really interesting watching you develop and change over the last 10 days or so, your writing has changed. I would say, with your writing, just keep letting it evolve as you are and the right opportunity or change will happen to take it forward. A common theme with people is they have found manifesting easier, are clearer in their intentions, and get them with more flow. They also feel more powerful and confident.”

Lynn Morris

“For me the session went well and I accessed your most relevant past life, which is linked to your pattern in this life. All of the past lives and karmic cycles you have are in layers. It is like peeling an onion and this layer of karmic cycle has now gone. I think it all sounds very positive and I think it sounds like your creative flow has increased, and the more authentic you is emerging.”

Past Life Regression Exercise

Past Life Regression ExerciseThe below link, to a past life regression exercise, is a suggestion on how you could self-regress, by guiding yourself through the art of meditation.

I call meditation an art as it can take sometime to realise a desired meditative state. 

So, if you have not meditated before, I would suggest practicing for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time, perhaps once a day (if you can), until you feel comfortable with meditating.

Past Life Regression Exercise


via Past Life Regression Exercise

by Holistic Words.

Past Life Regression Exercise

Past Life Regression ExcerciseI have touched briefly on the facts, from an objective point of view, regarding the practice of regression in Past Life Regression – A Bitter Sweet Dream.

So I thought it only fitting to share a past life regression exercise you may choose to try, in the comfort of your own home.

The below past life regression exercise is a suggestion on how you could self-regress, by guiding yourself through the art of meditation. I call it an art as it can take sometime to realise a desired meditative state. So, if you have not meditated before, I would suggest practicing for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time, perhaps once a day (if you can), until you feel comfortable with meditating.

If you need to practice meditating remain at Step 1, until you feel ready to move on to the next stage.

This past life regression exercise may be practised alone or with someone guiding you. If you do choose a friend or partner to guide you ask them to keep the wording as neutral as possible. E.g. They could ask you to look at a building and take in the type of building and what it is made out of but they should try to refrain from using words that could offer suggestions to what the building is made out of.

Past Life Regression Exercise

Step 1

Make sure you are completely comfortable in your surroundings and ensure you will not be disturbed

Turn off your mobile and home phone

If it is cold, make sure you put on another layer of clothing or have a blanket to hand

Sit in a comfortable chair in an upright position or on the floor with you legs crossed

Close your eyes and begin to relax all your muscles

Starting at your toes – clench your muscles and relax.

Up to your lower leg – clench your muscles and relax

To your knee and upper leg – clench your muscles and relax

Your hips and bottom – clench and relax

Then your stomach – clench and relax

Carry on up to your chest, your upper arm, lower arm, then hands – clench and relax

Move on to your neck, followed by your facial muscles – clench and relax

Now concentrate on your breathing

Inhale deeply and repeat “I am calm”

Exhale fully and repeat “I am relaxed”

Continue to breath and repeat until you feel completely relaxed

Step 2

Keep your eyes closed and visualise roots emerging from the bottom of your spine and rooting deep within the earth, deeper and deeper

When your roots reach the centre of the earth wrap them tightly around the core, until you feel you have a solid, secure grounding

Visualise yourself surrounded in a mist of pure, brilliant white light

You cannot see beyond this light, it is encompassing you and your surroundings

Looking down you can see your feet at the top of a flight of stairs

The mist clears slightly to reveal a beautiful spiralling staircase

Holding onto the curving handrail begin your decent, counting and repeating out loud the following, as you go down the staircase

“One————I am relaxed and ready”

“Two————————-Going down”



“Five——————-Down and around”

“Six————————–Going Deeper”

“Seven————————Deeper down”

“Eight——————Relaxed and Ready”



You are now at the bottom of the staircase

Know that you can return to your staircase at any time and that you are safe and relaxed

You can still see your feet and part of the ground you are standing on but the mist continues to surround you

Look down at your feet and take in every aspect of the small area you are standing on

Are you wearing any shoes? If so what do they look like? What type of ground are you on?

The mist begins to lift and clear and you are in a landscape that is strangely familiar

Do you recognise it? Can you place what country are you in? What season is it? What era are you in?

What are you feeling?

Step 3

You are now ready to explore your surroundings

Are there any buildings or other types of dwelling nearby? If there are, are you attracted to any?

Did you live here? Did you work here? Did you pass through here?

What did you do here? What memories do you have of this place?

Have a good look around, go into the buildings or areas and explore

Remember you are safe, secure and you can return back to your staircase at any time

Are there any people there? Do you recognise them? How do you know them?

Look at your hands, your arms, legs. What do they look like?

What do you see? Are you wearing clothes? If so what type are they? What do your hands and fingers look like? Do you feel male or female?

You find a reflective surface – a puddle, a large bowl of water, a lake, a mirror, glass window etc.

Look into the reflective surface.

Can you see your face? What do you look like? What colour is your hair? What colour are your eyes? Do you notice anything about your face?

Are there any clues around you or on you to your identity, your profession, your social status?

Step 4

It is now time to leave this place, but know you can return at anytime to explore further, to talk to the people around you and to discover personality, your lifestyle, the people around you and how you lived in your past life

You now leave your place and return slowly back to your staircase and back to the present

There is no need to rush, you are in control, you are safe and you are relaxed

You reach the bottom of your staircase. You place your hand on the handrail and your foot on the first step

As you ascend the staircase you slowly count every step from 10 back to 1

When you are ready, and you have reached the top of your staircase open your eyes

If you do not feel as if you are quite ready count back from 10-1 again out loud, which should re-ground you and make you more aware of yourself and your surroundings


It may seem like a lot of information to take in but I have included possible questions you could ask yourself, while you are there.

You may wish to write down all your experiences, in a weekly or monthly diary. Record you thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes and any information you receive, on your past life regression meditation.

If you choose to practise you may be able to build up a full picture of your past life and if you wish, you could explore further lives by stating your intention, before you begin the meditation.

I hope you enjoy the experience of the Past Life Regression Exercise and I would be pleased to receive any feedback and thoughts from you regarding this exercise and/or your journey(s).

Past Life Regression – A Bitter Sweet Dream

Past Life RegressionPast life regression is a therapy, generally under hypnosis or, in some cases, details of a past life are channelled through a clairvoyant or psychic medium. Past life regression taps into the issues, such as fears, afflictions, and even the type of death experienced in a previous life and some believe the trials faced in a previous life have a marked bearing on your current life.

Studies during the 1970′s and again in the 1990′s show, whilst under hypnosis, participants were reportedly able to “remember” their previous names, details on how and were they lived etc. However, the study also revealed the suggestions given by the hypnotist or study member could have had a greater impact on the hypnotised participant – paving the way for auto-suggestion - and thus invalidating any claim that the hypnotised person was actually recalling real events, from a previous life. What also transpired from the study was the past life regression depended heavily on the beliefs and ideas the test subject had on reincarnation. Therefore, if they believed in reincarnation they were more likely, or even expected, to recall “memories”, or it suggested they were subconsciously tapping into long forgotten memories.

The Hindu religion, for example, is strongly based on reincarnation (which I plan to look into further very soon). A recent BBC programme showed Hindus clearly believed if they did not perform good deeds in this life they would not have an easier time in the next. One man in particular had Polio as a child, as a result he has to wear calipers for the rest of his life. The man, his friends and his family members firmly believe he must have done something wrong in his last life, as he was being punished for it now. Maybe they are right, but I am not sure a virus could really have anything to do with a past life. The argument certainly follows on into the here and now - lets say; a person has cancer because they were really bad or a child is suffering from abuse or serious ill-health because they killed someone. It is very hard for me to comprehend.

I was told many years ago I was a nanny in a large country estate in Dorset, UK, which was apparently connected to Henry Ford. I was told that I committed suicide by throwing myself off a cliff. I was congratulated on making it passed my 21st birthday, as I had never gone beyond that age in my previous lives; having endured violent and cruel deaths in every life before this one. I don’t think about it a great deal as I do not believe this information has or ever will change me in any way. So I ask, for me, what is the point to past life regression?  Granted, the details given to me, in this instance, were very basic to say the least. I did not gain a greater understanding of the situations, my personality and who “I” was.

As a believer in life after life, and the existence of a spirit world, I believe when we go back to the spirit world, we review our life in detail to assess what we have done and the lessons we have learned. Many believe that once all your family members have returned to the spirit world you are free to choose a new scenario, a new life etc. and off you go back to the earth plane to be incarnated. So, with that in mind and given we have no real recollection of the spirit world or our previous lives – which I presume is deliberate for a reason - why pursue the need to be regressed?

If someone met a horrible death, such as, being hung for murder then yes it may provide some form of reasoning to why the person hated wearing anything around their neck or hated swings. However, would it not also disturb them? Would their life become one long waking nightmare? Would they feel remorse? Would they enter a state of depression and self hate? Or would they shrug it off, rebel and insist on wearing tight roll neck tops for the rest of their lives just to prove a point?

If a controlled study was carried out, on repeat offenders who continually pop in and out of jail, and the detail of the study was not discussed prior to hypnosis AND the hypnotist used extensively controlled wording during the hypnosis then that may be of interest. If there was a clear, substantiated pattern of events, comparable to the lifestyle they currently led, it may act as a speck of evidence that past life regression is a bona fide therapy and reincarnation is a fact of life. But what’s to say the offender has not read countless books on crime, and the perpetrators of crime, whilst they while away their hours inside in prison library?

Given 1 in 3 Christians believe in reincarnation (although this is not endorsed in any Christian scripture), the Chinese adopted Buddhism, and subsequently reincarnation, in the 3rd century, Hinduism is primarily based on reincarnation, it is no clear proof that reincarnation it actually occurs. In the end it all comes down to a matter of choice and belief. And I feel, that in our lifetime, we may never reveal unequivocal proof that we can tap into our past lives through regression.

But the questions remain - Is past life regression necessary? What are the benefits of past life regression? How do you know if you are recalling real past life events and not some deep dark fantasy in your psyche?

Only you can decide if it is right for you.


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