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Sneaky Intuition

IntutionIt has been a while since I have connected with my intuitive side. It has been something that I consciously shut down, hitting the standby button, for an indefinite period. It all came to a grinding halt, when I decided to stop attending a weekly medium-ship development circle.

You see, I have a problem with authority. I hate (strong word, but true) being told what to do and being fed information. I found the lack of control over what I was being relayed was just so tiring, exhausting and personally, soul-destroying. As an “old school” development circle, with strict guidelines and “rules”, I was being boxed in by the instructional medium, who was telling me what I could and could not ask or say.

Just to explain, old school spiritualism is about finding out who is coming though, how they died, a smattering of descriptive information, who they want to talk to and what their message is. There is no room for diversion or actual, tangible spiritual insight. It is a kind of get in, get out conveyor belted process, which had no place in my life.

So, up until very recently, I had parked development. I had no desire to revisit development, well certainly not back into medium-ship development anyway. But my mindset has altered somewhat. I now see the value of developing psychic, intuitive skills and being open to knowing, sensing and feeling what is going on outside the “normal” physical world.

You know that grating feeling in your gut when you just know something is not right or you have an idea, it’s a good idea, yet like day old milk, it’s just on the turn? Well that is your psychic self, giving you the heads up, the skinny and the deliciously enticing teaser, telling you to back down for a while and quit pouring energy into something, that is veering you off the beaten track.

It is funny how things happen (which are totally off the map, in terms of explainable, expected psychic occurrences) to reignite interests. For example, I was invited down to Glastonbury for a “girl’s road trip with a purpose”. We dropped our bags off, at our nightly place of residence, which, incidentally, was labelled a retreat. However, it was far from the Zen inspired place of peace and tranquillity that the name suggested. It was tired and in need of a complete overhaul. Nonetheless, it was relatively clean and the decking, which overlooked undeveloped fallow land, had a clear, uninterrupted view of the Tor.

Anyway, we made our way into town for a spot of lunch. Having placed our order we discussed our brief wander around the town and the coming workshop, that my fellow travellers would be holding the following day. Service at our chosen eatery was a touch on the slow side and my cappuccino had long been demolished when a chap and his wife? Partner? Friend? came into the café.

I looked across to his table and my eyes weirdly widened. I looked at my friend who too had a look of horror on her face. I grabbed my nicotine supply and exclaimed I had to leave immediately, out the back door, and regain my composure. With that, I turned, nearly fell out of the door and made a beeline to the back of the patio seating area.

I giggled, I had no idea why I giggled but I giggled, hoping that the other diners were paying no attention to my utter madness. So, my nicotine intake complete and my composure at a relatively happy equilibrium, I made my way back to our table. I could not explain why the chap unknowingly orchestrated my bolt for the door. My friend, who I would say is much more in touch with her senses, explained that his energy was coming towards me, and far too close for comfort.

So, did this exaggerated “twilight zone” scenario happen to give me a direct, to the point, no holds barred jolt to my system? And why am I killing it with the plethora of clichéd phrases?

OK, so I get it. I made the realisation over the last few months that it is really about living moment to moment and tapping into those momentary feelings, by listening to them and acting on them.

I know, I know, it’s not so cut and dried. How can you live moment to moment when you have a direct debit coming out and pay-day is 3 days shy of the money grabbing programme, imminently dipping in to your bank account and auto raising a big fat ugly charge on your account to boot? Incidents like this place our thoughts and feelings way out into the future and further away from the present. But instead of worrying about it would it not be better to take control of the now? Picking up the phone and telling bully boy bank manager to hold off and put a temporary stay of execution, will make you feel a whole lot better than the insistent churning in your stomach.

And you see, that’s the point. Your intuitive, or gut feeling, is telling you to do something about a situation, to face it and to confront it. Once you have done so, then you can move on, you can relax and just let go of all that tenseness.

Be assertive with your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right then take action to change it, if something has been playing on your mind explore your feelings more in-depth, if someone is annoying you then let them know (nine times out of ten they won’t even know it’s annoying!). When you have faced something, you have previously brushed aside or put off, you will feel so much more at ease.

I do believe that, although not a beautiful, spiritually life changing occurrence in the Glastonbury café, I was supposed to reconnect with my intuitive self, not as a tool to predict the future, but to re-affirm that I should be listening to what my body/mind (and soul) is telling me and to stop pigeon-holing intuition, with my experience of old school medium-ship  As they say, “The problem is not the problem; the attitude to the problem is the problem”. Or in my case, the attitude to intuition was the problem!

In a nutshell, your intuition is there to guide you, not to deceive you or lead you down some dark and dismal path. So just go with it!

The Synchronicity of Evolution

Synchronicity is a funny thing. To coin a phrase from a friend, it is the universe getting the message across.

Anyway, this week my husband and I took the (45mins each way) walk into town. On the way back we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a coffee, to prepare ourselves for the hike up the hill.

If you are anything like me you will find it easier to think whilst walking. It’s kind of weird what pops into your head, when taking a stroll, and on this particular day the word evolution made a salubrious appearance. I agree, that’s not exactly exciting, life changing or amazing but within a nano second a black Mercedes van, emblazoned with the company name “Evolution” in shiny silver graphics, drove passed.

Was it paranormal synchronicity, parallel insight or just plain old coincidence at work? And why doesn’t Google Chrome recognise the word synchronicity?

I wish to apologies in advance for any whiplash caused, in the reading of this post, but going back to the word “evolution”, how did my thinking evolve (groan) and expand from this one single, solitary word?

Well, I was pondering how many intuitives, psychics and clairvoyant mediums are now channelling from sources, other than loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. It is amazing how so many have embraced a new way of thinking and the emphasis on proving the existence of the afterlife and the continuous existence of the human soul is no longer the be all and end all.

I cannot give a definitive, specific description on what the channelled source looks like or comes from as it comes in many guises. For example some intuitives believe they are channelling Angels, others say it is infinite intelligence. I have also heard of spiritual entities from other stars, planets, universes and galaxies. But I feel it does not matter what label we apply or how they appear or where they come from as it is all coming from the same infinite intelligence, one single knowledgeable source and it chooses to “appear” in a form comfortable with the person it is communicating with.

I believe the time of “ME” is upon us and people are getting out of their comfort zones and looking for more fulfilling, challenging lives. Yet, it is hard, after so many years of conditioning from family, friends, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, government officials…….the list is endless. So perhaps this communicative spiritual advancement is happening now for that reason?

People need something more, something helpful, something that will allow them to move on and realise their full potential – and from first hand experience (and not to be disrespectful in any way) – I don’t believe my Dad, Grandfathers, Grandmothers provide that extra, higher level of help, so why would family members or friends who have passed help anyone else?

I do believe there will always be the traditional, evidential medium-ship, as those who do not currently believe in spirit or have not been introduced to the new spirit channelling will always require this style of communication. Nevertheless, the awareness is growing and more people are choosing the alternative options that are coming to the fore.

Evolution is coined as the “survival of the fittest”. However, if you take the principles of natural selection and apply it to the spirit arena, this gradual introduction of a new spiritual awareness is escalating and will, perhaps, become the norm in the years to come.

One thing I am absolutely sure about is that we are not the dominant intelligence in this universe – just ask my cats!

New Article on Silent Voices

Silent Voices MagazineThe new free edition of Silent Voices is now available online.

There are many great articles on the paranormal, self-help, the angels, spiritual advice, psychic readings, poetry and much more, from many well known light workers.

If you would like to read my article, please click on the following link: So Where Do We Go From Here?

The article relates to what is happening to many of us at this time, how we should focus on living in the moment and making the most out of the now.

For the Silent Voices home page, which lists all the new articles, horoscopes and tarotscopes for this month please click here.


Disembodied Voice

Andrea Elliott:

You just have to read this by Janet from Thoughts to Mull.


Originally posted on thoughtstomull:

This is one of those real but surreal tales, one of those that make people with children shiver.   Beyond that initial chill, the unexplained effects in this story make people tinkle with nervous laughter,  because, as everyone knows, these things happen only in fairy tales or in Stephen King novels.  But, deep down inside, we all know that these things really happen.  Something has happened in everyone’s life that cannot be explained.  We’ve all been there, at one time or another — or we know someone who has.   But people learn, early on, not to talk about those things, lest they be thought of as “gone round the bend”, or worse yet, “the old woman that lives by herself with a houseful of cats”.  Some call it a twilight zone, some just coincidence, and others say it’s a guardian angel or sixth sense that leads us to do (or not to do) what our character in this story does.  Some say it’s…

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Holistic Words for Silent Voices

Silent VoicesI am very pleased to announce that I will be providing a “Holistic Words” edge to Silent Voices; a popular online spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical magazine, based in the UK.

The magazine, founded in January 2010 by Sharon Barr, includes articles from award-winning paranormal and spiritual experts.

Fans of Most Haunted will recognise some of the regular contributors to the magazine; including a medium, a parapsychologist and a paranormal location historian…………………

Silent Voices has gained global readership – which continues to grow year-on-year – and as such, the magazine launched the first print edition, which is now available world-wide.

A big thank you to Sharon Barr for publishing my first article in the June online release and for giving me this ongoing opportunity to showcase my work on Silent Voices.

I am certainly looking forward to writing my regular monthly article for Silent Voices.

Rest assured I will continue my rambling quest on Holistic Words as I am well and truly hooked!

Andrea x

A Hidden Dark Dimension

Dark Hidden DimensionScientists believe that within our universe a strange mass and force, called dark matter and dark energy, exists.

(Stick with me, the ending is awesome!)

But why have they labelled this matter and energy “dark”? Is it because they cannot see it and thus it is hidden, in a far away place, away from the light? Or have they seen this dark matter and dark energy but the calculation of a precise mathematical equation, to explain it, currently deems it as a “still under debate” theory?

According to Dr Brian Cox (OBE) we can only scientifically describe 4% of everything within our bodies, our surroundings, our world and our universe. Therefore 96% of the universe is made up of “something else” force and energy – a photograph of which has now (reportedly) been captured.

Lisa Randall, a theoretical particle physicist (breath), has put forward the idea, that on a physical/human level, gravitational forces do not allow us to see what she believes could be in another dimension, or parallel universe. The theory is this dimension is in fact microscopically close to our dimension, so close it is nearly touching our skin! It certainly makes sense that Professor Randall is looking at dark matter/energy AND the theory that particles (matter), that do not fit together, are separated in a fourth dimension.

I have come up with my own abstract thought that dark matter and dark energy really is within this fourth dimension, and, based on an actual occurrence, you can catch a glimpse of it.

I shared a rather bizarre experience I had, some six months ago, with a fellow blogger this week. This is what I wrote: “I had a session with a quantum/angelic guidance therapist some six months ago. Something very surreal happened. The room we were in disappeared! I could just about see the couch he was sitting on but there was no floor beneath him, the walls vanished and the man in front of me had changed + there was “someone” else in the non-room with us. Sounds really odd/wacky when you relay it back but I know it happened.”

I feel I need to further clarify the experience: The cream painted walls, the grey carpet, the green lamp, everything became a dark nothingness. It was just me, the therapist and “an other” in this, for want of a better word, void. So, could we have slipped into the other dimension? Was I being shown something that I needed to see, in order for me to piece it together in my own mind at this specific moment? Or was I just going completely nuts? But then again, think about all the NDE’s (near death experiences), the similarities in the descriptions etc………dark space, dark tunnel, light at the end etc., etc………………………………….

On my mission to find more info, I fell upon quite a few websites focusing on the great spiritual shift. I admit, I blatantly dismissed the shift last year as being utter nonsense. And what I have come across, in the last few days, ties in well with my current banter. I note; the shift is about becoming more open and aware of our perception, and looking beyond our physical world.

Many writings suggest there is a lifting of the veil. which, in religious terms, relates to the apocalypse. But in spiritual terms it is an opening of an invisible “curtain” between us, our created perception of the world around us and the spirit world, so is that what I experienced? Is dark matter, dark energy, the fourth dimension a step closer to proving our continuous existence? And is the shift a realisation, a “turning the world on its head” and everything the human world has perceived as reality is quashed, and a new perception born?

Lets say the physicists find the key that unlocks the fourth dimension. That key allows them entry, at any time, and they can unequivocably provide proof that we are practically in it, anyone can have access to it, and that within this dimension there is a parallel universe with another you in it!

Mmmmmmmmmm, I quite fancy a spot of quantum jumping:

“Would you like to pop to the fourth dimension before dinner?”

“Oh yes, why not indeed!”

I will confess, what I know about physics (and I have only managed to spell physicists correctly once!) I could write on an A5 piece of paper, as you could say science was not my buddy at school.

But that would have to be a OMG! moment right? That the next dimension is really “here”, we could step into it, we could touch it, feel it, experience it.


Strange Paranormal Photograph?

We took the below photograph in Bodmin Jail, Cornwall, UK.

Bodmin Jail in Cornwall, UK (or Bodmin Gaol as it was once known) is quite a big draw for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. So the family and I took a trip there last September. I have to say it is very, very touristy and the food in the “restaurant” is in dire need of being dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the 3am kebab and chips gutter. The host is crass, vulgar and blatantly in it for the cash, which adds to your appreciation for their wondrously delicious cuisine!

Anyway, I have digressed somewhat.

The below photograph was taken with a “use once” Kodak film camera. Yes we bought it at the jail, yes we paid stupid money for it but being totally interested in all things paranormal, we thought it would be a good idea not to use a digital camera. So we descended into the creepy cell blocks.

The lighting is very minimal in the jail – I suppose to add to the “ambiance! In this particular area, where the picture was taken, there was no natural light, no strip or tube lighting around or near the wooden posts. The photograph has been scanned and saved on the computer and that is it. It has not been enhanced or doctored in any way, so is as the original picture. There is no smoking allowed in the jail and it’s definitely not a dust or water droplet orb.

So I have no idea what it is or could be?

Bodmin Jail - Paranormal Photograph

What are your thoughts?

Singing off the Same Hymn Sheet

tv stage medium, psychic, clairvoyant

Just one more “Raaaaaaaa!!” before I put my soap box back in the vault and throw away the key (for a while anyway).

I keep falling upon articles written by intuitives, clairvoyants, mediums etc. re: psychics and mediums in the limelight. I am talking about the famous ones, the ones who have the packed out theatres, the TV deals, the three book contract etc. The flavour of the articles are very anti media mediums, suggesting the messages are for show, dramatised and orchestrated by both the medium and the media machines behind them.

The articles inferred the mediums were telling the audience members what they wanted to hear, just to please the paying public.

Now I have sat in development circles for years and I can categorically say that a message is definitely not my thought or idea, it is from Spirit and they tell you what the “sitter” needs to hear. They may give you the message in riddles, pictures or symbols so only the “sitter” understands. As a medium, you cannot pick and choose what is being said, if that was the case then we would be running the spirit world!

Well-known, national and international mediums are well-known because the media have got hold of them, know their value and they want bigger and better. But that’s OK. At the end of the day the PR and management teams are putting mediumship into people’s homes, via TV, newspapers and magazines in practically every country around the globe.

That can only be a good thing right? Getting the knowledge of the spirit world out to the masses?

At the end of the day, yes the top mediums are making a lot of money but is that not their destiny, is that not part of their great plan, their intended experience in this life? We are all destined to do what we do and if the spirit world were not impressed, and felt an abuse of power, would they not take it away? Would they not cut communication if they feel it was not for the higher good?

The rather uncomplimentary articles make me think the green-eyed monster could be at play? I am sure if a TV contract was produced it would tip the sanctimonious scale somewhat?


It is an ugly thing

OK, I’m done. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts………………………. :) x

An Interview with Psychic Ross Bartlett

Ross Bartlett - Teen Psychic - TattooThis, my friends, is Teen Psychic Ross Bartlett.

I had the pleasure to chat with Ross this week, and believe me I was blown away. The nineteen year old from Southern England is the most calm, relaxed, spiritually centred, western-world teenager I have ever spoken with. Well, grilled.

To ease gently into my 2 page A4, margin removed, half line spaced, size 8 font “quiz sheet” I asked Ross about his tattoos. Well there is no getting away from them really. Each one, Ross explains, has a specific spiritual meaning. His right arm, decorated in painted stars, in varying sizes and colours, denote the connection to the spirit world. His left trailed and swirled with leaves and vine, symbolises the connection to the earth. On his back are a beautiful pair of angel wings, expertly applied by the ink toting craftsman. The angels are of course messengers, which Ross says is his specific duty; to deliver messages from the Spirit World.

Interesting; earth, angel, spirit………….I ponder the symbolic reference, on a conscious level, and I seem to get it, not sure, what IT is but it’s like a knowing without knowing and no words can describe the resonance? Weird!

Anyway, the Teen Psychic, and qualified hypnotherapist, explained the tattoos are a significant reminder, to him, to drive forward in his personal knowledge and development. His tattoos also reveal Ross accepts philosophies from many different cultures and beliefs, with Hindu, Egyptian, Pagan and Christian symbols all present in his bodily art collection.

I asked the nineteen-year-old Psychic what he believes it is to be Spiritual. He paused for a brief moment, remarking he had never been asked the question before. Nevertheless, his response was clear, and in a nutshell warm and honourable. The teetotal, non-smoking, zero chemical using vegetarian wholeheartedly believes in only good thoughts, – as negative thoughts only lead to temptation – respecting and looking after both himself and others. Ross explained that being spiritual was about “understanding and compassion towards others…understanding yourself…and interior growth”

In other words, he believes that you need to look within, work on, and respect yourself. This young psychic, surprisingly, holds the same ethos as rock legend, Meatloaf: That you must work on yourself, making a concerted effort to look at “the man in the mirror”.

Moving on now to growing up - and developing as a Medium. At the tender and, some might say, highly significant age of fourteenth, Ross began meditation classes at his local Spiritualist Church. Soon the church offered him a place in a closed (private) development circle. The circle taught him to open up to the Spirit World, strengthen his links and communication skills, and hone his clear seeing. They continued with the meditation, practising visualisation techniques and more importantly trained him to close himself down, so spirit could not pop in as and when they felt like it.

But what about life at school? Ross explained his school was “very rough” but his life was not made difficult. Many of the kids found out about Ross’ psychic abilities through their parents, who had seen the Teen Psychic demonstrating his skill at the Spiritualist Church. The ones who knew he was clairvoyant were accepting and understanding, which I believe to be a rarity, given the non-spiritual setting. I also believe the support he received from his Mum, (who introduced Ross to the Spiritualist Church) his close friends and of course the church undoubtedly helped him greatly during, what can be, highly difficult and confusing years.

Through his website, I learned Ross was interested in Quantum Mechanics, so I asked him to explain his understanding of the subject – and how it relates to his work.  The enthusiasm emanating from this young man was electric, exciting and made me want to time travel back to my science lessons, to actually pay a smidge more attention!

Ross described how Quantum Theory could provide explanations, on the different dimensions we live in and how we link with the Spirit World, through consciousness. “Science cannot connect science with consciousness” said Ross, “Thought and consciousness are the building blocks to our reality…,(and) without consciousness nothing else could exist.”

He explained the feeling of De Ja Vu as an actual memory. He believes that even before we come into this life, our consciousness had already made all the decisions on what we experience in this life. Ross continues, “There are an infinite amount of parallel universes, all with different choices and decisions.” The picture I envisage from Ross’ theory is this; Imagine there are infinite number of straight vertical, never-ending lines. All the lines are dotted with markers – a bit like the London Underground Station “circles”. If you are currently on a particular path, but then choose a different path, you hop over to a maker on another line. However, it seems there is a catch to this theory, as we are not in fact flitting through life on some random joy ride, as our consciousness has already pre-destined the outcomes.

Ross Bartlett - Teen PsychicRoss, thankfully, injects a Star Wars analogy: Anakin Skywalker has a vision that his girlfriend dies, so he does everything he possibly can to change the outcome, by changing his decisions. However it did not make one jot of difference as the death was already preordained and would have happened regardless, because the decisions he believed he changed led to her eventually death anyway.

This young scientific, yet extrasensory, mind offers more theories and little gems of wonderment to ponder.””God” is energy, is all-powerful, is everything and knows everything……………… (God) is not governed, or restricted, by time. Energy cannot be created or destroyed because it is everything.”

“The act of looking for something will create something for us to find” is Ross’ brief theory on the Law of Attraction, whereby your thoughts create your reality. However, he warns, what is proven now may not indeed be truth in years to come. He explains that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was way beyond its time, at that time. However now that same theory, which has been spoon-fed into the mouths of (willing, I might add) science students for years has been proven to be wrong. He asks the question (which I joyfully label as a prediction) “What’s to say there will not be a radio connecting every home to the Spirit World in years to come?”

My vision? Ross Bartlett and Professor Brian Cox locked in a room for 24 hours (feed and watered occasionally of course) with white boards, marker pens, sticky notes and a laptop; just to see what mind-boggling theories and scientific equations they come up with!

Turning back to his work, Ross has appeared on BBC 3, demonstrating his Mediumship skills on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here star, Joe Swash. The Teen Psychic said he definitely enjoyed the experience adding; “It was something different, something new.” He states he is very open to the media, and indeed welcomes it, in order to reach those “who would not generally step foot inside a Spiritualist Church.” Nevertheless, he is selective in what he does, and comments, “It needs to feel right.”

For a recent psychic weekend event in Coventry, UK, Ross was described as “one of the country’s top four mediums.” In the event, he appeared alongside Colin Fry, Derek Acorah and Ralph Keeton. I asked Ross if he ever felt patronised by, what I described as, the “Old School” mediums. He replied, “No. They respect me as I have gone out there and done my thing.” Although he added “Mediums don’t generally get on with other mediums, (as there) is a lot of competition, ego and jealousy” He adds there is a lot of “massaging the ego, with autographs, people wanting to take your picture, people coming up to you wanting to speak to you.”

Over the next year, Ross will continue with his public demonstrations, in halls, theatres, pubs and clubs. The Teen Psychic will also be taking his work to Norway and Sweden, where he reports Clairvoyance is becoming very popular. He has travelled to the USA for private one to one readings. In addition, Ross has just completed the first stage of his autobiography, publication for which will be January 2013.

With his popularity increasing daily and demands for his clairvoyance coming in thick and fast, Ross still believes charging “over the top is out of the question” for what he does. As a full-time medium, he does of course need to charge in order to survive, but states financial rewards (or rather gain) “should be avoided.”

I asked Ross if he had any advice for the budding “young” medium out there. He replied: “Be who you are - Reflect your own personality - Take one-step at a time - Practice, practice, practice – Remember why you started”. Ross made it clear that his last point related to the intention; if you develop to help people then you really should continue with that ethic.

In conclusion, for me, referring to Ross Bartlett as anything but a young man would be disrespectful, although the label “Teen Psychic” has really catapulted him into the fray. He is polite, kind, conscious of his own responsibility to the work he carries out, highly inquisitive, knowledgeable, forward thinking and, in my eyes, oozes humility.


Yes, indeed!

Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden?

Whilst in our garden one evening, which incidentally can be very active, we took two photographs (within seconds of each other) of our son.

The first photograph was clear of notable orbs, anomalies etc………….

a href=”” target=”_blank”>Photobucket

………..But the second photograph shows a little something to the left, on the path?


What do you think it is?


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