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The Goddess of Avalon

Goddess of Avalon Chalice Well

The hidden green-blue lake
Sits silent in amongst
The hills of Avalon
Not a ripple to be seen

Like a pea green mist
Out of the water she rises, tossing her curls
Not a drip falls from her long chestnut hair
Her green piercing eyes sparkle like Emeralds’

Up she rears
A dress of shimmering Green
Covered in an array of green beads
And jewels and golden thread
Almost serpent like

Hovering towards the water’s edge
Golden wings appear
She stops and turns
Silent for a moment
Glancing back at the water

The great wings flap
Up above she looks down at the wonder of the Tor
Green mystique magic adorns Glastonbury
Will they ever see the wonder of it all!

She sits now by the Chalice Well
Silence envelops her
Wise words coming to her
Inhaling the serenity of it all she moves on
Secrets of the Holy Grail on her mind

As she moves on smelling the scent of the flowers
And watching all the colours as they dance in the breeze
She is in awe of such beauty
Reaching up to the Holy thorn tree
She asks permission to take a sprig
Attaching it to her button-hole

She takes flight again
Settling in the grounds of the Abbey
She wanders through the ancient Oaks
Like a Majestic Queen
Talking in Celtic tongue
To King Arthur about days gone by

She watches now from a bench
As she sees the monks go about their duties
Meaningful symbols, she told to pass on
She whispers secrets to Mother Earth
This is the only way, they
Will begin to rebirth

Final flight now
She sees the beauty of the sun rise
Orange and yellow warmth
Surrounds her
She wonders how many of them know
How lucky they are
Landing now on the Tor
The view takes her breath away
Rolling on for miles
She chats to St. Michael
About days of old,
Why oh! Oh why! Can’t they see the gold!

Back now at the water’s edge
The Goddess of Avalon
Has done her work
Along with Mother Earth
Ascending Masters, and wise men of Old
I can do no more she sighs
All that’s left is a ripple in time……

Guest Poem


Catherine Kennedy

Connect with Catherine on Facebook here

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Are you sensitive?…..

……..If so you may have always seen this as a negative aspect to your personality. But when you learn to harness this gift, and use it for the good of yourself and others, it really is a truly wonderful trait to have.

If the world had more sensitive’s or empaths’ (a term I prefer to use) I believe it would be a more harmonious and peaceful place. However, as the duality of the world we live in always means their being a polar opposite, we must learn to honour those who seem harder, or un-sensitive. When one can acknowledge and flow with both sides, inner peace can be found. However, it is often the less sensitive people who teach us empaths how to strengthen, use and embrace our gift.


Being an Empath

Just to clarify Empathy, as defined by the English Dictionary, is ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’. You may hear several terms used synonymously to describe this including; sensitive, empath, clairsentience and a more recent term clair-knowing. For the sake of this article I will use the term Empath. I must however, make it clear that this is not the same as being sympathetic, which means feeling for a person but you do not necessarily understand the way they feel.

Being an empath literally means being aware of and sensing your surroundings – whether positive or negative. They can literally pick up the feelings and emotions of others, something they fail to understand especially in their younger years. I can remember a pivotal moment in my life when I just ‘got it’ and may I add, that this moment was only three years ago at the ripe old age of 31. In that very moment, I suddenly could differentiate the feelings of another against my own. It was such a subtle difference that my logical, conscious mind questioned it, but my instinct and intuition just knew. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling and I remember thinking to myself; now I know what that feels like I can be aware of it happening again. Once you become aware, you can begin to protect yourself from absorbing the feelings and emotions (which I will term energy) of others.

Not everyone can automatically, willingly or unwillingly, tune-in to empathise or sense the feeling of another. Empaths do not have the ability to just switch it off, to just stop being empathetic. It’s in their nature, part of their make-up and who they are fundamentally. Therefore, it is not what they have learnt or a behaviour they have adopted.

Energy is Everything

The world is an ocean of frantic energy, a collection of human emotions and thoughts, electromagnetic vibrations from TV, phones, wi-fi to name but a few. These energies are all around us, and just like radio waves, we may not see them but know they are there. Empaths feel and tune-in to these energies on an unconscious level, which is why simple tasks can become draining on the empaths personal energy resources.

If we look at the human being and their five basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are all designed to pick up subtle frequencies of energy which are interpreted by the brain. For the empath, one, a few or all of these senses are heightened, they are more sensitive – which means they can easily tap into their intuition (I like to call this our 6th sense).

Because energy is everything and everywhere, even having a conversation with another can cause inner conflict for an empath because they really feel the words spoken. They pick up on body language and all the subtle non-direct behaviours and cues that emanate from another. So often people have hidden agendas, have emotional blockages, fears and insecurities that they mask with words, they may not even be aware of this themselves, but an empath can discern the truth; the true energy of another.

Remember 80% of the messages we send and receive are non-verbal and 55% of the messages received and processed by the brain are based on body language. Therefore, empaths can be overwhelmed with the amount of information and energy flowing towards them, that they have to process. Empaths can commonly be seen as over emotional, weak, fragile, fussy or even sometimes as emotionally detached and ‘in their own world’. This is often a coping mechanism they have adopted to withstand living in such a frantic world of chaotic energy.

Practices to Manage and Strengthen your Gift

For me I have unknowingly adopted several practices over the years, which have helped me to establish balance and stability. I find quiet times invaluable, with limited electrical equipment in my home, being in Mother Nature and connecting with her, to help ground my energy. The purchase of several, although not expensive, crystals to help protect, cleanse and strengthen my energy field. Regular exercise also helps to release any build-up of unwanted tension and energy. However the most profound has been regularly meditation and I believe this is the most powerful way to stay true to yourself.

Emotional Detachment and Dissociation

The hardest lesson for me, which I am still trying to master, is practising emotional detachment. In psychology there are two meanings to this, firstly the ‘inability to connect’ with others emotionally and secondly (the one which empaths must practice) is ‘dissociation’; the decision to avoid engaging in emotional connections. At first I thought this would be an impossible task and that by doing this I would lose my compassionate and understanding qualities, but in fact it meant that I could be of more service to others. By creating more definite energetic boundaries, I could allow others to feel their emotion without taking them on as my own. By remaining impartial I could allow for a stronger space for others to release in order for me to engage for much longer periods.

I still sometimes find the media and news overwhelming (so I chose not to watch it) and I still cry easily over a sad film, because this is who I am, but I am now able to do what I believe I came here to do. Help and heal others, especially on an emotionally level. I am now a Reiki Master, Metatronia Therapist and Exercise Specialist and I know my own trials, tribulations and experience have been invaluable lessons, which without I would not have been able to take the path that I have.

This is only my view-point, my experience, and you will have your own, possible very different views and experiences too. However, I do hope that for those empaths who read this, it gives them hope, encouragement and the knowing that you are not alone and for everyone else, I hope it has given you at least some insight as to the more sensitive nature of some souls.

Guest article by Emma Bradshaw of Healing 2 Health January 2013


Charitable Approach to Spirituality

Charitably Spirituality FREE….….a word that always catches the eye. It draws us in, we want to find out more, and being a cynical bunch, we want to check the small print to find that all illusive catch. Free has become a staple, a highly lucrative commodity in today’s society and if something is truly free, or you are given the choice to pay only what you can afford, it becomes a very inciting, welcomed opportunity.

Holistic and non-religious spiritual therapies and practices have escalated in price over the last few years, simply because it is now a recognised industry, with very marketable products. Something that used to cost no more than lunch and a cup of coffee has increased so much that the average person views complementary or spiritual therapy as a high cost luxury they can do without.

However, things are changing. Perhaps the doom casters have directly engineered that change, by creating an urgent need to get spiritual practices out to the masses. It only takes one person in the spiritual community to change their business plan and wallop! A tiny ripple of change soon turns in to a major charitable tidal wave. Now, the “those that have” are being joined by “the have not’s”. People at the opposite ends of the pay scale are developing spiritually, on equal ground and equal footing.

Non-profit organisations, such as the London College of Spirituality and the London Spiritual Movement, have led the donation field in the UK, by switching from set fees to donation based talks and workshops. Vaz Sriharan from the LCS told me, “The response has been phenomenal and most events are packed out. With our donations, our facilitators can access hundreds of individuals as opposed to a few. Their message reaches a far wider audience, allowing many to be transformed and everyone benefits.” Simply by offering skills, knowledge and expertise on a donation basis, light-workers are actually hitting a demographic that may not have paid full whack.

At the other end of the spectrum, I recently followed a Facebook post written by a very well-known spiritual name, announcing the release of a new DVD. What followed was a bombardment of comments such as “does this mean that only those people of a particular wealth level are going to be able to benefit? What happens for everyone else who can’t afford or doesn’t know about it?” and, “….if it was as important as you say then why don’t you do it for free? Spiritual ‘gurus’ make money in other ways……There needs to be more balance within spirituality and asking of money for such things.”

I kind of get their point. Why? Well, the tone was just all wrong. If it had not come from them directly then their social media team need a severe talking to! You really cannot tell people to spread the word and make sure everyone knows about, as it is so important everyone watches it, at a price of X amount for the web link and X amount for the hard copy DVD. Really? Are you serious? Surely if you feel so passionate about something, and really believe everyone in the world needs the information immediately, then would you not gift that information?

Perhaps I am being a little unfair; perhaps I am missing the whole picture. Yes, in this particular case, there are costs involved in producing a film. But, the internet is a global community and if you do have an urgent message to get out there, then YouTube does not cost a penny – and has a far wider reach than any boxed DVD.

Of course a spiritual or holistic “business” needs to provide the facilitator with funds, in order to live and meet day-to-day life commitments. They really cannot ignore mortgage or rent payments, they cannot live on fresh air pie and a duck under the table they need to provide at least the basic essentials for themselves and their family. Yet, there are many opportunities for the sector to give something back, by lowering monetary expectations, which benefits everyone involved – financially and spiritually.

However, with the good comes the bad, where there is light there is always dark. The polar ends are ever-present, even in those who profess to be spiritual. You know the score; the free talk that leads to an hour-long promotion of the “latest new offering” or “BOGOF” deal. But what I have been privy to, and witnessed with my own eyes, is the level of donations that are made. Some feel it in their hearts to gift the full suggested donation, while others – with sheepish, zero eye contact – take the donation envelope (which of course is there to extend the privacy of said donation giver), handing it back as quick as a flash and purposefully making a quick exit. I have even seen a two for one offer, or rather two people donating £5 (approx $8) in one envelope for a 3 hour workshop!

We have no doubt all seen such behaviour, in the regular and spiritualist churches, as the donation plate or pouch is ushered between the isles. People jiggling their pockets, in a bid to assure onlookers that they have cash and are gladly donating their entire pocket full with glee, only to create the magicians sleight of hand by clinking the change already placed.

Wow! Either I am psychic, spectacularly observant or I am under no illusion that people are people and my inner cynic raises its ugly head far to often.

Any way, I have digressed slightly….

There are many opportunities for everyone to experience great spiritual teaching and introductions into holistic therapies and services, at a fraction of the cost. Why not check out your local groups, meet-ups and social networking sites as you may be surprised at what’s out there. Just remember that the organisers, teachers and mentors need to keep the doors open, travel to and from the venues and donate their time just for you.

You’ll Catch Me on a Sunbeam….

You’ll catch me on a sunbeam, as the light begins to fade.

Riding on a star stream, of every prayer I’ve ever prayed.

You’ll find me in me in eternity, for we’re all already there.

Spread out across the galaxy, with no crosses left to bear.

I’ll see you in a super nova, as your energy expands.

To catch a spirit falling over, landing in your healing hands.

We’ll see them in the Universe, every dream we’ve ever dreamt.

Every wish a wish so glorious, we know this life’s been heaven-sent.

So today’s the day for gratitude, for hope to fill your soul.

Embrace this sacred attitude, and let your sunlight make you make whole……

Guest poem by Dominic Ruffy

Dominic is a Light-worker, working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other Rehab groups, assisting addicts and recovering addicts.

Holistic Words Quote

Sometimes it is important to gift your skills unconditionally – doing what you do for the sheer love of it – and, in turn, release the need to serve the ego. The ultimate reward is knowing that – no matter how small – you can help others without want or need of material gain.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words


Search Your Heart Search Your Soul

Heart Space MandalaThroughout the western religions, death is a time of judgement. If we do something that is not accepted by the church, or our own interpretation, we are deemed not worthy to pass through the pearly gates.

It really does not matter if we are religious or not, as the beliefs have been ingrained within our culture, through centuries of Christian laws; controlling and instilling the fear of God into every soul. Even the stories we grow up with – be it Aesop’s fables, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson – are moral, sanctimonious preaching’s. But if we glance to the east, we find stories of inspiration, motivation, enlightenment. Some stories talk of death as a beautiful, spiritual experience.

There is one notable exception to the rule and that, for me, is Karmic Law. I completely dismiss the belief that people are punished in the next life, if you they have wronged someone or something in a previous life. I see it, again, as a way of controlling the masses. So, you could say our fear of death is a conditioning rather than a real, tangible, actual, rationale.

Perhaps reincarnation is just another belief with no real substance?

Maybe there are no lessons to be learned, as we do not live in separate lifetimes and, as such, there is no such thing as emotional baggage dragging us down throughout the ages. Perhaps everything we perceive to have happened in this lifetime has not actually happened and there really is no past, then, all that would matter is this very second, and this very second, and this very second……………..and so on.

In our search for answers and solace, to make some sense of our human existence, we may choose to develop our psychic abilities or Clair-senses, in order to confirm “the continuous existence of the human soul.” Yet, does this help?

In traditional, evidential style mediumship, contact is made with the spirit-world who relay memories of past events. Instead of providing answers, the bigger picture and the point to our existence, we are presented with memories that invoke pain, sorrow, happiness and joy. We are never told; “tomorrow you are going to walk down the street at 5:10pm and find gold bars worth £100,000,000′s”. No doubt, we would disregard most, if not all, of the other information presented – aside from the fantastical prediction – and the act of re-living the past and trying to sneak a peek into the future, becomes completely unhelpful.

Another spiritual theory is, that when we die, we decide how, why, where, when etc. before we come here and we decide if and when we ever return. But is it really “us”, in the sense of how we perceive ourselves? Is it the person reflecting back in the mirror?

In my opinion, no.

Our human personality and physical make-up is just a character and our real, true self is our soul, our spirit. When we touch the realms of quantum theory however, it opens up a whole new exciting can of worms. It gives us a new alternative way of viewing life, lending us the realisation that we are all-powerful.

If we imagine ourselves as video game characters, so that every image and situation we find ourselves in is ours of the creating we can – even for a split second – imagine that we are not really real and we are in fact creating our own unique story board. As we continue to disassociate from our physical form, we can view our lives from a whole new perspective, giving us back the power to choose. We can pick up the game controller and select a new scene, removing complications and unnecessary bombardments in the game.

If we choose to look at our lives as an imaginary matrix and a stream of parallel existences where we can take hold of the controls and choose each section of the game of life, we are gifting back our true power. However, and this is the clincher, we have been so conditioned to what we can and cannot achieve, what is actually possible and what is the unquestionable truth, it can be hard to turn it around and release everything we believe to be true.

What I will say is this; focusing on the past and what may occur in the future does not help us to move forward. The time to grow and evolve is right now. It is time for us to reconnect with our dormant heart and soul, in order to live in this moment, right this very second, right now. By applying our heart and soul to everything we do is what gives us our strength and leads to a freer, more content and happy life.

Channelled Message

This beautiful timeless channelled message – sent to me by a good friend – will resonate for many years to come. I feel it holds a valuable key to unlocking our true, higher self.


Make inner peace with yourself; do not allow the resonance of others around you to control the state of your own beautiful vibration. No other on this planet has been guided to be in your shoes, see through your eyes, or feel with your heart. Greater alignment is being asked by all to see that the more you become your own vibration, your own creation of spirit on this planet, then the higher your understanding of your being here at this time will unfold.

All that you seek from the outside world for conformation is but an illusion of what you think you should be.  The truth, the greater being for your existence is that your own gateway to your souls light is through your own heart, not through others around you, but your own. You are not here to please others, but by awakening your own heart, your own light, that others shall want to follow you to a greater existence on this planet as a unity of pure balance, harmony and light. No anger, no fears, no need to take, to steal, but to live as one, knowing that your vibration that you were placed her to be, is of love and that cord, that note of energy is a wave that can break all barriers above all else.

Greed serves no man, for any greater good. There is no need to be greater than any other on the planet, to prove to another that you are better, to stand on top on another person to be able to reach higher, to take from another for your own gain from fear of not being able to reach the top. The man who serves from his heart, guided by his own inner connection to the universe and his desire to be the best from within, is the person who shall gain the abundance and light on their path.

Want for nothing, there is nothing that you need to be able to make you a better person, only an open heart, a gift of love and happiness to spread to others at this time. Reach out your hand to others around you who need a helping hand, do not fear that they shall hold you back, as it is only the shadows in your mind that create this energy of loss, of failure, or not being able to move for the restraints of those around you.

With an open heart and a truly connected cord to light, you will see that the illusions of grandeur, of having to keep up with those around you, of having to evolve at a rate that you feel is expected of you at this time shall slip away into the waters of the ocean of love within your heart.

You are no less of a person for stepping away, for speaking up and saying ‘no more’.  I shall not walk this path of need, greed and fear as my path is one of love, of light and a desire to serve for the highest good, to be the best at who I am, and by being a leader in this society that dictates that above all else, to be the best you must forego the good of all others, and use their energy to gain your own power.

We are all souls of the stars, energy of the universe; we each hold a spark from the collective creator of this infinite space that we call our home. Tread carefully with respect and love for all that is around you, above you, below you and above all else within you, as you are the creator, the manifest of the energy and light.

Channelled message by Chiara Irvine

How Are You Feeling?

Are you busy? Do you feel as if you are running around, yet things just don’t seem to get done?

Is it just me or is there a mad rush, a panic in the air? Personally, the next six weeks are chock full of life, work, writing, events, meetings, courses, interviews.

There has also been a huge rank up in activity, for many spiritual and holistic workers here in the UK, and it would certainly be interesting to find out how the rest of the world is doing.

Has paranormal activity increased?

If you are a holistic or spiritual worker, are you seeing more clients?

If you are not a light-worker, have you been drawn to see someone or increased sessions?

Have your thoughts about everyday life changed in the last few weeks?

Has your intuition heightened or your beliefs changed?

Do you feel the need to leave your current place of employment/home and are searching for new experiences and surroundings?

I have soo many questions for you, yet these should provide food for thought and may inspire some more leading, personal questions for yourself.

Please let me know how you are feeling and how you are getting on. It would be great to hear you thoughts.

Andrea x

The Power of London

Covent Garden, London's Covent Garden

I love visiting London!

I love the hustle and bustle, the rushing around to get to the underground, the sights the sounds and even the smells.

I think I would make a very good Covent Garden cafe loiterer, wandering around the markets, cappuccino in hand, watching the street performers showcasing their talents.

This coming Saturday (29th September) I will be frequenting the capital city, visiting the Mind Body Soul Experience at the London Olympia, in order to meet interesting, like-minded souls and to get a feel of what is happening out there – at ground level.

I feel it will be a busy day, as I it is my intention to speak to as many people as possible about the work they do and how they believe it helps. I will try to pack as many talks and workshops in as physically possible, to gain new insights and information to share with you.

After lunch I will be racing across to Trafalgar Square for the Re-Empowering London Event.

The free open-to-all event, hosted by Chiara Irvine and Lynn Morris, is to help clear the heavy, built up energy and karmic debris from the city. Starting at 2pm, this one-hour process will realign the true power and light to the capital, to fully return its pure energy. All visitors, residents and workers in London are welcome to attend, to help manifest spiritual power to boost and re-empower London.

Lynn will start the event by guiding people to expand their awareness of the city‘s energy, with the intention to release the karmic energies, from both land and buildings. Meanwhile, Chiara will open a spiritual portal to help earth-bound souls to pass freely into the light. This will be done by the assistance of everyone present – including members of the London Spiritual Movement – the angels and source energy. Chiara will then ask everyone to join together and affirm they wish to re-empowerment the City of London and return it to its true powerful energy.

Afterwards Chiara and Lynn will conduct a FREE group healing session, using their unique Karmic Debris Extraction, Infinite Soul Realignment and Gateway of Light Attunement.

I had a chance to catch up with Chiara and Lynn, to talk about Re-Empowering London and explain why it is a free, open invitation event.

Chiara told me,“We cannot do this alone and would like everyone to join us at this very special event. The larger the group, the greater the energies – for the people in London and the city itself. This is our spiritual home, a place to work and live, so it is very important that the people of London are a part of this powerful, energetic shift.”

The ladies are planning further free events in the UK and worldwide, to begin a global process of clearing karmic energy, thus returning the power and planetary soul energy.

“Absolutely everyone is welcome to come to the events. They are for anyone with the pure intention to help with the empowering process. And as more people shift and re-awaken we realised it is time for us to step-up and begin larger group unity projects and sessions. We have made the decision to offer our free group healing, to ensure we reach as many people as possible around the world.” Lynn adds.


You can find more information on the Re-Empowering London event by going to

Also, if you join the London Spiritual Movement, you will receive updates on information on events in London. Click here to take a look at what is happening now. It is also a discussion site, for you to connect with like-minded people.

Info on the London Mind Body Soul Experience can be found here and tickets can be purchased and printed on-line.

Personal Thoughts

You are better than you think you areI don’t readily divulge my personal thoughts about my life. However, I have decided to give you a (small) insight into my world, on a regular basis.

First up is an incident with the neighbours.

Well, you couldn’t really call it an incident as such – more of an observation.

I noticed my cat was in the next door neighbours garden and he was prancing around like a whirlie gig. He was obviously playing, although I couldn’t see particularly clearly due to the picket fencing. I kind of got the idea, considering he is normally horizontal and out for the count for most of the day, that he was probably tormenting a mouse. So I left him to it. Well, at the end of the day I have been at the wrong end of his claws so I figured there would be nothing left to save.

Anyway, the lady next door came out shrieking, in a high-pitched, the world is about to end manner, calling for her partner to help her. I pop over to the window, just to check she was OK, and quickly realised that she was referring to Phoenix and his catch of the day.

The lady continued squeaking “Stop it” and “Put it down!”

I carried on making my tea.

I felt a distemper, an angst, a John McEnroe “You cannot be serious!?” rising and I thought it was best I stay out of the way.

You see, animals will be animals. They know exactly what they want and nine times out of ten they get it. I could go one step further to say it is the Law of Attraction at its most basic.

If my cats want feeding they will meow incessantly or sit and stare at the potential human feeder until they are fed. Granted, once my domestic moggies get what they want they walk off and ignore me for the rest of the day, but that’s fine. Its just instinct.

Although we care for domestic animals, no amount of breeding will ever remove their basic instincts. It has followed them for thousands of years and until science finds the “kill mouse” DNA code and eradicate it from their genetic make-up cats, no matter how much food they get, will always hunt.

Yet, after my internal pressure cooker had settled, I felt sad. Sad because a large degree of Homo sapiens, across the world, believe that animals should behave as we do (although I use that in the lightest sense possible). “We” find the behaviour of animals unacceptable, perhaps disgusting, and attempt to domesticate and humanize them. But what gives us the right to dictate to another species? Why are we so important?  And at what stage in our existence did we lose sight of who we really are?

In a nutshell, we need to get back to basics. We, and I apologies for seemingly tarring everyone with the same brush and no offence intended, have lost our sense of purpose, our priorities and our need for control has quite simply sent us out of control.

Humanity has fallen so far behind the rest of the planet that it is going to take one hell of a jolt to bring us back in line. But luckily, a conscious shift is happening. People are seeing life on a more holistic level, are more spiritually aware and realise we are all connected.

I think the key point here is; although we have the ability to connect to an infinite universal power, human beings – on a wider scale – should let go of the unfounded belief that humanity is the centre of this universe.

As for Phoenix the cat?

Well, he left another little “present” under the garden table yesterday.

But then, that’s life.


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