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Focus on what is happening today rather than what may happen in the future.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words

Personal Thoughts

You are better than you think you areI don’t readily divulge my personal thoughts about my life. However, I have decided to give you a (small) insight into my world, on a regular basis.

First up is an incident with the neighbours.

Well, you couldn’t really call it an incident as such – more of an observation.

I noticed my cat was in the next door neighbours garden and he was prancing around like a whirlie gig. He was obviously playing, although I couldn’t see particularly clearly due to the picket fencing. I kind of got the idea, considering he is normally horizontal and out for the count for most of the day, that he was probably tormenting a mouse. So I left him to it. Well, at the end of the day I have been at the wrong end of his claws so I figured there would be nothing left to save.

Anyway, the lady next door came out shrieking, in a high-pitched, the world is about to end manner, calling for her partner to help her. I pop over to the window, just to check she was OK, and quickly realised that she was referring to Phoenix and his catch of the day.

The lady continued squeaking “Stop it” and “Put it down!”

I carried on making my tea.

I felt a distemper, an angst, a John McEnroe “You cannot be serious!?” rising and I thought it was best I stay out of the way.

You see, animals will be animals. They know exactly what they want and nine times out of ten they get it. I could go one step further to say it is the Law of Attraction at its most basic.

If my cats want feeding they will meow incessantly or sit and stare at the potential human feeder until they are fed. Granted, once my domestic moggies get what they want they walk off and ignore me for the rest of the day, but that’s fine. Its just instinct.

Although we care for domestic animals, no amount of breeding will ever remove their basic instincts. It has followed them for thousands of years and until science finds the “kill mouse” DNA code and eradicate it from their genetic make-up cats, no matter how much food they get, will always hunt.

Yet, after my internal pressure cooker had settled, I felt sad. Sad because a large degree of Homo sapiens, across the world, believe that animals should behave as we do (although I use that in the lightest sense possible). “We” find the behaviour of animals unacceptable, perhaps disgusting, and attempt to domesticate and humanize them. But what gives us the right to dictate to another species? Why are we so important?  And at what stage in our existence did we lose sight of who we really are?

In a nutshell, we need to get back to basics. We, and I apologies for seemingly tarring everyone with the same brush and no offence intended, have lost our sense of purpose, our priorities and our need for control has quite simply sent us out of control.

Humanity has fallen so far behind the rest of the planet that it is going to take one hell of a jolt to bring us back in line. But luckily, a conscious shift is happening. People are seeing life on a more holistic level, are more spiritually aware and realise we are all connected.

I think the key point here is; although we have the ability to connect to an infinite universal power, human beings – on a wider scale – should let go of the unfounded belief that humanity is the centre of this universe.

As for Phoenix the cat?

Well, he left another little “present” under the garden table yesterday.

But then, that’s life.

So What Now?


Roll on 2013!

Yes, I know it is early but there is no harm in looking forward to the future… there?

There is no denying that the last 12 months or so have been a time of great upheaval for many of us – financially, spiritually and emotionally – and perhaps we are not out of the woods, just yet.

Nevertheless, does it really matter? Do we need to understand exactly what is going on in our world at all times? Is it more important to live our lives with appreciation and gratitude for what we have right now? Do we really need, or want, to know what lies in store for us in the future?

The answer is very simple: Live in, and make the best of, the Now – this very hour, minute, second – as you can never get it back.

I have found this philosophy is gently trickling into the forefront of people’s minds. In addition, many sceptics (for want of a better word) have turned towards a more spiritual, holistic way of life, yet with a no-nonsense approach.

What do I mean by that? Well, on the harsher side of life, and if you look at what is going on in the world right now, people are dictating their own futures, and not leaving it up to the governing authorities to decide what is best.

The banks are decaying rapidly and, in turn, they are loosing their political golden carrot. The BIFF (bosses in fancy footwear), of historically great and noble corporations, have taken a massive popularity nosedive, suffering highly public humiliation, for their underhand and greedy dealings.

All of which, I attribute to a strong change in human attitudes and tolerance levels.

On a more personal level, this time last year I encountered many light workers – be they Clairvoyants, Healers, Spiritual Coaches – who began to question their core faith and beliefs. As a result, their energy levels and enthusiasm for their work weakened.

Nevertheless, they carried on utilising their skills even though, deep down inside, a war was raging, a conflict of intention and purpose. They just did not feel right and questioned how they could honourably help others, if they themselves did not wholeheartedly believe in their raison d’etre. Thus, an irritating game ensued, a frustration, a desperate need for something, anything, to happen.

The emotional highs and lows have perpetuated into 2012. Small sparks of ingenuity, coupled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Our very resolve, as spiritual beings, is still being tested with this contrast of help and encouragement, followed by desperation to find the ultimate objective, the end goal.

In the sales world, there is a phrase known as “The Take Away”. A salesperson tells you that you cannot live without his product (excitement) and then tells you that you cannot afford it (disappointment). Therefore, you either dig your heals in and bite his hand off or you admit defeat and walk away, head bowed.

However, the experience of such light and shade, lends us the quality to recognise the positive, good things in life. It is like a universal Q&A, helping us to realise our own personal thoughts, wants, needs and priorities. We could optimistically look at it as a wake-up call, asking us to address and realigning our emotional life balance. Furthermore, by viewing it as a welcomed occurrence, we can gain essential emotional power and inner strength.

We live in a reality where infinite possibilities are available. Yet, we must shed the suppressive barriers of our own making. It is time for us to realise that we are all-powerful, spirit beings

and we should revere ourselves as such, in order to reclaim our personal, emotional and creative sparkle.

What I am really trying to say is grab life firmly by the horns and say; “I am better than this, I can make a difference, I am powerful and I have the opportunity, at any time, to change my life”

You really only get one chance, just one shot, to experience this life before you are spring boarded into the next, so make it count. If you are not happy, then get happy. If there is something not right in your life, change it. If you have a burning ambition, make it happen. And with dog-eared determination, you really can do anything, in the pursuit of your own personal happiness.

To come full circle, here is my early prediction for 2013.………..

In spite of the Maya, we will see the New Year in, and welcome it, with great gusto. Though there will be further physical and emotional challenges ahead which will lead us towards a higher level of humanity. We will adopt a purer, more natural lifestyle, as global avarice declines. We will also see an increase in new ideas, new outlooks, new philosophies and new spiritual tools to work with. We should all be looking forward to this contemporary, innovative, creative and exciting chapter in our human existence. Nonetheless, that is in the future and it has not happened yet.

The most important gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-worth, self-approval, self empowerment and self belief; as the only one that can improve and create your prefect future is you.

{My article was first published in the Silent Voices Magazine, Aug 2012}


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The Brave Little Soldier


I feel compelled to share this letter written by a 19 year old soldier – serving in Afghanistan – to his Mum and his family.

Hello its me, this is gonna be hard for you to read but I write this knowing every time you thinks shits got to much for you to handle (so don’t cry on it MUM!!) you can read this and hopefully it will help you all get through.

For a start SHIT I got hit!! Now Iv got that out the way I can say the things Iv hopefully made clear, or if I havent this should clear it all up for me. My hole life you’v all been there for me through thick and thin bit like a wedding through good and bad. Without you I believe I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have. I died doing what I was born to do I was happy and felt great about myself although the army was sadly the ending of me it was also the making of me so please don’t feel any hate toward it. One thing I no I never made clear to you all was I make jokes about my life starting in the Army. That’s wrong VERY wrong my life began a LONG time before that (Obviously) but you get what I mean. All the times Iv tried to neglect the family get angry when you try teach me right from wrong wot I mean to say is I only realised that you were trying to help when I joined the army and without YOUR help I would have never had the BALLS, the GRIT and the damn right determination to crack on and do it. If I could have a wish in life it would to be able to say Iv gone and done things many would never try to do. And going to Afghan has fulfilled my dream ie my goal. Yes I am young wich as a parent must brake you heart but you must all somehow find the strength that I found to do something no matter how big the challenge. As Im writing this letter I can see you all crying and mornin my death but if I could have one wish in an “after life” it would be to stop your crying and continueing your dreams (as I did) because if I were watching only that would brake my heart. So dry your tears and put on a brave face for the rest of your friends and family who need you.

I want each and everyone of you to forfill a dream and at the end of it look at what you have done (completed) and feel the accomplishment and achievement I did only then will you understand how I felt when I passed away.

[To his brothers:] You are both amazing men and will continue to be throughout your lives you both deserve to be happy and fofill all of your dreams.

Dad – my idol, my friend, my best friend, my teacher, my coach, everything I ever succeeded in my life I owe to you and maybe a little bit of me! You are a great man and the perfect role model and the past two years of being in the army I noticed that and me and you have been on the best level we have ever been. I thank you for nothing because I no all you have given to me is not there to be thanked for its there because you did it cause you love me and that is my most proudest thing I could ever say.

Mum, where do I start with you!! For a start your perfect, your smell, your hugs, the way your life was dedicated to us boys and especially the way you cared each and every step us boys took. I love you, you were the reason I made it as far as I did you were the reason I was loved more than any child I no and that made me feel special.

Your all such great individuals and I hope somehow this letter will help you get through this shit time!! Just remember do NOT mourn my death as hard as this will seem, celebrate a great life that has had its ups and downs. I love you all more than you would ever no and in your own individual ways helped me get through it all. I wish you all the best with your dreams.

Remember chin up head down. With love Cyrus xxxx

In memory of Cyrus Thatcher who was killed in action on 2 June 2009. 

This is an extract from a UK newspaper, The Independent.

If you would like to read the full story please click here


Do We Need Proof?

Creation of the UniverseI tend to steer clear from discussing religion, as I feel it is not my place to add bias or opinion one way or another.

I believe that faith is something very personal. Our beliefs make us who we are and if it allows us to be better human beings, on a non-religious spiritual level, then it can only be a good thing.

What I am happy to share is my intrigue of religious philosophers, teachers, scientists and thinkers, from the dawn of time, dark ages right through to present day, all eager to prove the existence of a higher power, divine source, or God. And there has, to date, never been any complete, concrete  evidence that a higher power, or God actually exists.

It is a quandary that may never be solved. Yet, research continues and theories are presented; either on an abstract, intuitive level or lateral rationale. Either way I find it fascinating that religion embraces, and even welcomes science – in particular physics – into the fold.

A news piece caught my eye today, whilst searching new articles on physics. It was released by the Catholic News Agency, entitled “Priest’s new film says physics help prove existence of God”. The priest, Father Robert Spitzer, who is also a philosopher and film producer, created a documentary featuring only “world-class” physicists, from institutions such as NASA, Harvard and Cambridge. The objective of the film was to combine intellectual reason, science and religion in order to provide evidence that a creator – God – exists, to provide sceptics and non-believers with unquestionable proof.

The documentary discusses the big bang theory, modern physics, and turns to the topic of a single creator of the universe. The scientists concluded that it is nigh on impossible for the universe to simply pop up out of nowhere and therefore, it must have been created by a “something”.

There has to be a beginning; as nothing can existence without existence (or life). So where and how did it all start?

Now that is a question that conjures hours of puzzling, mind-boggling debate and according to the priest, “When”, which I would see more as “If”, the universe was nothing it could not have changed from nothing into something, as the “something” had to have been a founding creator. He also states a creator would need to exist outside space and time as, if the Big Bang theory is correct if nothing existed -not even space or time – then the evidence from physics indicates (or rather cannot disprove) the existence of God.

So, I visited his documentary site.

What I found was the film on sale at a minimum spend of $200! This could lend sceptics more ammunition, conspiracy theories and discredits all credibility for the film. I would have to say I was disappointed. I expected a film of this genre to be squeaky clean and brought to the respected, relevant, mainstream networks, to showcase the scientific opinion.

I have decided not to publicise his site and thus leave it up to you to decide whether you want to look into it further. But I hope it does not detract from the key subject that science is now playing a greater part in our physical and spiritual world. The need to question what we believe helps us to evolve on a holistic level – in every sense of the word.

The world is certainly a puzzling place and, luckily, the scientific department of physics is here to help us unravel the mysteries of the universe, from its beginning and beyond.

Holistic Words Quote

Hitting the proverbial brick wall is lifes way of asking you to think outside the box.

~ Holistic Words

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Freedom in the Sun

Freedom in the Sun

Feel the warmth and inner peace

Relaxed and not caring, a pure release

Enchanted smiles and laughter abound

Engaging a pace, not racing round

Down to the river or by the sea

Over the mountains, walking freely

Moving through water, splashing the oars

Ice cream in bright and cool candy colours

New places to venture and things to see

Twilights glow peaks just over the trees

Happy holidays are made in the sun

Enjoy it and relish, make sure you have fun

Season will change as quick as a flash

Umbrellas at the ready it is sure to lash

Now feel the warmth and freedom of the sun

Holistic Words Quote

In order to create more of what you want, you must first value and appreciate what you already have.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

Fast Track to Cloud 9

It’s official!

By going with your gut, and listening to your inner self, you can feel happier and strengthen your instinctive, true self.

Just by tuning in to your intuition, and going with what feels right, you can further increase your body’s happy chemicals.

For example: You have a life-purpose decision to make. You have spent hours analysing your options and have come to a grinding, tiresome halt.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Any excitement you felt, going into the venture, has been diminished or even lost forever.

But what if you did not spend all your time (and energy) pouring through the minute little details and you just went for it?

Would it feel exciting, inspired, exhilarating and categorically the right decision?

Granted, not everything in life is soo simple and making potentially rash decisions could have detrimental, short or even long-term effect.

However, apply it to something personal or creative………Something that fires your motivation………Something that you have always dreamed of………

Research, conducted by the University College of London, shows that when we have high level of feel good chemicals in our bodies, we are able to make decisions much faster - by going with gut instincts - relating to how it would make us feel emotionally.

Furthermore, by combining other “happy chemical” triggers into the equation you could in fact create cataclysmic and inspired choices to change your life.

Listening to spine tingling music is just one trigger to induce an exquisitely happy hormone - known as dopamine.

By “spine tingling” I mean music that rocks you to the core, that creates emotion deep within you. Music that gives you goose bumps, butterflies in your stomach and energizes you. It is already proven that school children who listen to their favourite music, whilst doing their homework, complete it much faster than sitting in silence (and believe me I quoted those results tirelessly as a teenager!).

Certain foods, such as high quality cocoa, leafy greens, almonds, walnuts and bananas also increase the feel good chemical, serotonin. Although sugary, processed carbohydrates can give you a quick mood lifting fix the effects are not sustained for any beneficial period of time. Therefore it is better to choose slow release carbs, such as oats, nuts and whole grains. Good quality protein, found in avocado, oily fish and seeds are super foods for raising your spirits.

I know it’s boring but cutting right down on caffeine and alcohol, which actually decreases your serotonin levels, really does help. This, combined with any form of exercise, aids restful and invaluable beauty sleep – which also lowers your need for comfort snacking.

It should not feel too much of a chore to work a few little changes into your lifestyle. And who knows, all these happy feel good hormones running around your system may even kick-start a whole new life and a whole new you!


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