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Free Yourself

Just remember…

You are an individual.

You have a completely different energy to those around you.

The people you meet and attract into your life are drawn specifically to you.

Your energy, and what you have to offer, is completely and utterly unique to you.

Do what you do, as you are you, and it’s what you want to do.

…Free yourself by being yourself.

Free Yourself

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Never in my life have I wanted to quantum leap from one year to the next, until pre-Christmas 2012.

2012 has been a year of highs and lows for many, yet it has all served a major purpose; to consolidate all that you are and all that you want to be. It was a year of discovery, a year to find out who you really are and what road you would like to follow in 2013.

It has not been easy. Those who have chosen to take stock, and possibly “find themselves”, will welcome 2013 with elated, ecstatic open arms.

2013 will be about piecing all those 2012 internal puzzles and discoveries together. This New Year will be about recognising, and grabbing, those – consciously or subconsciously – longed for opportunities with both hands and saying:

“I CAN do this!”

“I CAN create and mould the life I want!”

“I CAN be myself!”

“I DESERVE to be happy!”

There are so many affirmations that apply to the energy of 2013 and each and every one of you will have different thoughts and ideas, to motivate, enthuse and ease the transition into 2013.

But know this: It is important to fully embrace and align to the spiritual energy of 2013. Do not try to force things to happen or battle against the tide. 2013 is all about going with the flow and using your intuitive, gut feelings. It is about fully understanding the emotions, desires and feelings of 2012 and bringing them with you into 2013, in order for you to work collaboratively with your inner self.

Self realisation of what is really important in your life and in your heart, will manifest very early on in 2013. Just feel it, feel the energy, understand the energy and then take your first positive, smiling steps to do what makes you truly happy.

Just be your wonderful self.

Thank you for your amazing support and comments in 2012.

I hope you all have a very, very Happy New Year

All the Best

Holistic Words


Initiating Internal Power

Free-yourselfI created the following (very) short prose in the early hours.

The words seemed to flow from pen to paper with such speed that it made me ponder, just a little.

I am not saying it is a channelled message but given the ease in which it formed, I still feel I should lend some remark to the energy and power to the written words.

The narrative is presented in the third person, rather than me directly talking to you, the reader, which I also find a little odd…perhaps I am supposed to be detached in some way…or may be it was a personal teaching, for me to understand.

Well, here it is in all its unedited shortness:

Initiating Internal Power

Giving people back their power is about lending them the tools to provoke meaningful, life changing questions of themselves. It is about placing the onus back on them, in a guiding way.

Instead of telling them what to do you are re-empowering their creative thought patterns, for them to guide themselves, by reconnecting with their own intuition and inner guidance system.

It gives them the freedom to search their own inner self, to create the answers to those burning, all important, life-purpose questions. Thus, allowing them to understand their own thought patterns and feelings.

By allowing them to come to their own personal conclusions and therefore, creating their own decisions – through unbiased guidance and helping them to see things from all perspectives – they will feel their internal power strengthen and see the never-ending possibilities and opportunities available to them.

You’ll Catch Me on a Sunbeam….

You’ll catch me on a sunbeam, as the light begins to fade.

Riding on a star stream, of every prayer I’ve ever prayed.

You’ll find me in me in eternity, for we’re all already there.

Spread out across the galaxy, with no crosses left to bear.

I’ll see you in a super nova, as your energy expands.

To catch a spirit falling over, landing in your healing hands.

We’ll see them in the Universe, every dream we’ve ever dreamt.

Every wish a wish so glorious, we know this life’s been heaven-sent.

So today’s the day for gratitude, for hope to fill your soul.

Embrace this sacred attitude, and let your sunlight make you make whole……

Guest poem by Dominic Ruffy

Dominic is a Light-worker, working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other Rehab groups, assisting addicts and recovering addicts.

Holistic Words on Radio

Holistic Words talks to NCK Radio Network

Click on the link to listen to Holistic Words on NCK Radio Network

Topics include:

Old style Mediumship, taught by the Spiritualists Church

Powerful and infinite source energy


December 21, 2012

Explosion of quantum science in the holistic arena

Theory that we live in consecutive in parallel universes’

Quantum Jumping

Channelled Message

This beautiful timeless channelled message – sent to me by a good friend – will resonate for many years to come. I feel it holds a valuable key to unlocking our true, higher self.


Make inner peace with yourself; do not allow the resonance of others around you to control the state of your own beautiful vibration. No other on this planet has been guided to be in your shoes, see through your eyes, or feel with your heart. Greater alignment is being asked by all to see that the more you become your own vibration, your own creation of spirit on this planet, then the higher your understanding of your being here at this time will unfold.

All that you seek from the outside world for conformation is but an illusion of what you think you should be.  The truth, the greater being for your existence is that your own gateway to your souls light is through your own heart, not through others around you, but your own. You are not here to please others, but by awakening your own heart, your own light, that others shall want to follow you to a greater existence on this planet as a unity of pure balance, harmony and light. No anger, no fears, no need to take, to steal, but to live as one, knowing that your vibration that you were placed her to be, is of love and that cord, that note of energy is a wave that can break all barriers above all else.

Greed serves no man, for any greater good. There is no need to be greater than any other on the planet, to prove to another that you are better, to stand on top on another person to be able to reach higher, to take from another for your own gain from fear of not being able to reach the top. The man who serves from his heart, guided by his own inner connection to the universe and his desire to be the best from within, is the person who shall gain the abundance and light on their path.

Want for nothing, there is nothing that you need to be able to make you a better person, only an open heart, a gift of love and happiness to spread to others at this time. Reach out your hand to others around you who need a helping hand, do not fear that they shall hold you back, as it is only the shadows in your mind that create this energy of loss, of failure, or not being able to move for the restraints of those around you.

With an open heart and a truly connected cord to light, you will see that the illusions of grandeur, of having to keep up with those around you, of having to evolve at a rate that you feel is expected of you at this time shall slip away into the waters of the ocean of love within your heart.

You are no less of a person for stepping away, for speaking up and saying ‘no more’.  I shall not walk this path of need, greed and fear as my path is one of love, of light and a desire to serve for the highest good, to be the best at who I am, and by being a leader in this society that dictates that above all else, to be the best you must forego the good of all others, and use their energy to gain your own power.

We are all souls of the stars, energy of the universe; we each hold a spark from the collective creator of this infinite space that we call our home. Tread carefully with respect and love for all that is around you, above you, below you and above all else within you, as you are the creator, the manifest of the energy and light.

Channelled message by Chiara Irvine

Holistic Words Quote


Simplifying your intentions and purpose, right down to the basics and being effortlessly and completely true to yourself, is a key factor in manifesting the life you desire.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words


Personal Thoughts

You are better than you think you areI don’t readily divulge my personal thoughts about my life. However, I have decided to give you a (small) insight into my world, on a regular basis.

First up is an incident with the neighbours.

Well, you couldn’t really call it an incident as such – more of an observation.

I noticed my cat was in the next door neighbours garden and he was prancing around like a whirlie gig. He was obviously playing, although I couldn’t see particularly clearly due to the picket fencing. I kind of got the idea, considering he is normally horizontal and out for the count for most of the day, that he was probably tormenting a mouse. So I left him to it. Well, at the end of the day I have been at the wrong end of his claws so I figured there would be nothing left to save.

Anyway, the lady next door came out shrieking, in a high-pitched, the world is about to end manner, calling for her partner to help her. I pop over to the window, just to check she was OK, and quickly realised that she was referring to Phoenix and his catch of the day.

The lady continued squeaking “Stop it” and “Put it down!”

I carried on making my tea.

I felt a distemper, an angst, a John McEnroe “You cannot be serious!?” rising and I thought it was best I stay out of the way.

You see, animals will be animals. They know exactly what they want and nine times out of ten they get it. I could go one step further to say it is the Law of Attraction at its most basic.

If my cats want feeding they will meow incessantly or sit and stare at the potential human feeder until they are fed. Granted, once my domestic moggies get what they want they walk off and ignore me for the rest of the day, but that’s fine. Its just instinct.

Although we care for domestic animals, no amount of breeding will ever remove their basic instincts. It has followed them for thousands of years and until science finds the “kill mouse” DNA code and eradicate it from their genetic make-up cats, no matter how much food they get, will always hunt.

Yet, after my internal pressure cooker had settled, I felt sad. Sad because a large degree of Homo sapiens, across the world, believe that animals should behave as we do (although I use that in the lightest sense possible). “We” find the behaviour of animals unacceptable, perhaps disgusting, and attempt to domesticate and humanize them. But what gives us the right to dictate to another species? Why are we so important?  And at what stage in our existence did we lose sight of who we really are?

In a nutshell, we need to get back to basics. We, and I apologies for seemingly tarring everyone with the same brush and no offence intended, have lost our sense of purpose, our priorities and our need for control has quite simply sent us out of control.

Humanity has fallen so far behind the rest of the planet that it is going to take one hell of a jolt to bring us back in line. But luckily, a conscious shift is happening. People are seeing life on a more holistic level, are more spiritually aware and realise we are all connected.

I think the key point here is; although we have the ability to connect to an infinite universal power, human beings – on a wider scale – should let go of the unfounded belief that humanity is the centre of this universe.

As for Phoenix the cat?

Well, he left another little “present” under the garden table yesterday.

But then, that’s life.

The Brave Little Soldier


I feel compelled to share this letter written by a 19 year old soldier – serving in Afghanistan – to his Mum and his family.

Hello its me, this is gonna be hard for you to read but I write this knowing every time you thinks shits got to much for you to handle (so don’t cry on it MUM!!) you can read this and hopefully it will help you all get through.

For a start SHIT I got hit!! Now Iv got that out the way I can say the things Iv hopefully made clear, or if I havent this should clear it all up for me. My hole life you’v all been there for me through thick and thin bit like a wedding through good and bad. Without you I believe I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have. I died doing what I was born to do I was happy and felt great about myself although the army was sadly the ending of me it was also the making of me so please don’t feel any hate toward it. One thing I no I never made clear to you all was I make jokes about my life starting in the Army. That’s wrong VERY wrong my life began a LONG time before that (Obviously) but you get what I mean. All the times Iv tried to neglect the family get angry when you try teach me right from wrong wot I mean to say is I only realised that you were trying to help when I joined the army and without YOUR help I would have never had the BALLS, the GRIT and the damn right determination to crack on and do it. If I could have a wish in life it would to be able to say Iv gone and done things many would never try to do. And going to Afghan has fulfilled my dream ie my goal. Yes I am young wich as a parent must brake you heart but you must all somehow find the strength that I found to do something no matter how big the challenge. As Im writing this letter I can see you all crying and mornin my death but if I could have one wish in an “after life” it would be to stop your crying and continueing your dreams (as I did) because if I were watching only that would brake my heart. So dry your tears and put on a brave face for the rest of your friends and family who need you.

I want each and everyone of you to forfill a dream and at the end of it look at what you have done (completed) and feel the accomplishment and achievement I did only then will you understand how I felt when I passed away.

[To his brothers:] You are both amazing men and will continue to be throughout your lives you both deserve to be happy and fofill all of your dreams.

Dad – my idol, my friend, my best friend, my teacher, my coach, everything I ever succeeded in my life I owe to you and maybe a little bit of me! You are a great man and the perfect role model and the past two years of being in the army I noticed that and me and you have been on the best level we have ever been. I thank you for nothing because I no all you have given to me is not there to be thanked for its there because you did it cause you love me and that is my most proudest thing I could ever say.

Mum, where do I start with you!! For a start your perfect, your smell, your hugs, the way your life was dedicated to us boys and especially the way you cared each and every step us boys took. I love you, you were the reason I made it as far as I did you were the reason I was loved more than any child I no and that made me feel special.

Your all such great individuals and I hope somehow this letter will help you get through this shit time!! Just remember do NOT mourn my death as hard as this will seem, celebrate a great life that has had its ups and downs. I love you all more than you would ever no and in your own individual ways helped me get through it all. I wish you all the best with your dreams.

Remember chin up head down. With love Cyrus xxxx

In memory of Cyrus Thatcher who was killed in action on 2 June 2009. 

This is an extract from a UK newspaper, The Independent.

If you would like to read the full story please click here


Never Give Up!

Apologies to those not keen on “Rap”.

However, this tune shows if you really want something, you work hard for what you want (no matter what side of the tracks you are from) you can achieve anything –  an ethos also adopted by 9.58 seconds, 100 meter dashing character, Usain “Lightening” Bolt

Anyway, this is Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah


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