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Raise Your Vibration, Feel Good and Get What You Want

Law of Attraction, Raise your vibration, The Secret, The MagicWhat does “Raise your Vibration” mean? Well, it is all about making yourself feel good.

If you feel good, and hold onto that feeling, the chances are you will continue to feel good.

OK, lets put it another way.

You watch the news and its chock full of grief, war, famine, death. You think about a really unhappy time in your life and it makes you sad. You listen to melancholy, depressing music and you end up sitting in a zombified stupor, with zero incentive to motivate yourself.

Turn it on its head.

Comedy is on the TV and you are crying with laughter. You are joking about the time you went to work in your slippers and your new boss requested an audience. You have some cracking happy tunes filling your ears, with a big fat “Yay!” feeling, and you want to dance right there and then!

You can see a pattern happening here, no?

Now, really, really think about the two scenarios and read them again. Did you read one slowly and the other one seem to make your eyes gallop across the page? How did each one make you feel? Well, either I didn’t get the point across properly or I am in my own happy delusional dimension.

To quantify, when you see, hear or experience something negative it does not feel good. By switching off to the negative, and filling your thoughts with something you do like, will in essence lift your spirits, your vibration, your energy and your mood. Life is of course all about choices. You can of course choose to allow negative things into your life – but what good does it do really? Would you not rather choose the positive and be happy?

Whatever positives you want in your of life; whether it be more money, to be physically fit, more confidence, to study and learn more, to be successful in your home and work life, you can attract it much quicker if you feel that is what you will do and emit positive vibes.

When you think about what you want, you know you want it because you believe it will make you happy.  Take a look at these two statements:

“I wish I had more money”

“I want money”

The first is kind of wistful, day-dreamy and lacks drive, enthusiasm and raw emotion. Wishing for something may in fact put it further out of your reach, out of your life and it becomes as fanciful as the Philosophers Stone.

On the other hand statement two is more direct. It is clear and describes exactly what you want without the need of additional, unnecessary wording. You can really pour power and feeling into the statement and by doing so you are sending out your positive energy, your positive vibration.

As what you want will make you happy the emotion driving your wanting is happiness. So if you have not reached your goal, your want, the next step is to bring your vibration in line with the feeling you have, when you visualize getting what you want right now. If you feel happy now your vibration is tuned in to receive, as happiness creates happiness.

By being happy right now you lift your vibration and your positive emotions. By consistently feeling good and feeling positive you will bring in your desires much, much faster than if your emotions are on rollercoaster mode. Feel good and get what you want – simple.

Agreed, there are trails and tribulations in life, but by diluting the negative emotions, worry anxiety, fear, stress etc. you will: a) Cope better b) Feel better and c) Deal with them better.

So start feeling good and get what you want right now by doing one or more of the following, every single day.

  1. Listen to positive, fun, upbeat music. 
  2. Watch your favourite comedy shows. 
  3. Watch your favourite feel good movies. 
  4. Get outside. Go to the park and sit on a park bench or take a trip to your favourite beauty spot.
  5. Do something silly. E.g. Tell a joke, find a funny clip. dance in the street - to make you and your friends laugh.
  6. Write down all the things you are thankful for right now.
  7. Find things that you just love or renew your appreciations for the things you have now.  Really feel how you feel when you love your car, your house, perhaps you have seen a must have pair of shoes.
  8. Exercise. It helps you feel better, gives you energy and helps you sleep better. It does not have to be strenuous – a nice gentle stroll will suffice.  
  9. Eat and drink well. Food and water gives you energy and feeds your grey matter.
  10. Be spontaneously nice to someone. It will make you feel happy seeing them happy.
  11. Have a “spring” clean. Clear out your cupboards, drawers, the fridge, sort your clothes and have a good old-fashioned house clean.
  12. Create and go through your want list. Feel and visualise yourself having your want list and make plans to accommodate your new life.  
  13. Pamper yourself. Soak in the bath for two hours. Have a salon treatment.
  14. Set aside 1 hour a day. Stop rushing around and take a time out – just for you, no interruptions.
  15. Listen, watch or read something motivating. YouTube has a plethora of motivational free talks and you can find lots of really good motivational articles on the world-wide-web  
  16. Smells lift your mood. Scented candles, essential oils and incense in your favourite smells will make you feel good, relaxed, warm and happy.
  17. Air your space. Open the windows and oxygenate your environment and your lungs.
  18. Have a 10-15 minute power nap. It’s amazing how recharged you can feel in just 10 minutes.
  19. Buy something you like. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Online shopping is great as anticipate and look forward to receiving your order.
  20. Write down all the things you do that makes you feel happy. Creating a list will motivate you to do other things and only add to raising your vibration.

By thinking about doing the things you love and by actually doing the things you love you will feel good. By feeling good and raising your spirits and your vibration, you will attract more good things into your life and you will get more of what you want.

So here’s to feeling good, to raising your vibration, and ultimately realising your wants.


Holistic Words Quote

Focus on what is happening today rather than what may happen in the future.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words

Get Holistic With Your Creativity

Holistic CreativityWhether we openly admit it or not – to ourselves or others – we care about others opinions. It is a human trait in-bedded into our very psyche, since an early age; from school to the big wide “grown-up” (debatable) world of business politics.

However, I want to tap in to your creative selves and forget about everyone else for a while.

I want to introduce you to Holistic Creativity.

The real key to creating anything is to just let yourself go, removing self constraints and release control over your mind.

And in order to obtain holistic creativity you need to experiment, find out what you love to create. Whether it be dancing, painting, drawing, needlework, flower arranging, prose, poetry; even keeping a diary to record your thoughts and feelings is a medium of creativity.

Whatever you choose to create, try not to over think the process or hold the belief that you need to create perfection – especially if it is your first creative experience. Just open your heart and immerse yourself in your creation. Feel every output, every stroke, tap, line, shape, movement, flow……….use it as your therapy, your meditation, your relaxation and just let everything just happen.

Enjoy creating, believe in your creation, love your creation, feel your creation, be a part of your creation and be proud of what you have achieved.

Perhaps, to begin with, you may feel a little nervous about sharing your holistic creation, so it is important to give yourself praise and encouragement, as if you are the teacher looking at a pupils work with pride and awe. And once you have gained confidence you can  reveal your achievements to your world.

However, the real objective here is not to make others happy but to make you happy, enrich your holistic well-being and to release any limits you may have set upon yourself. Your creation should provide you with insight, escapism from the world around you and help you to reconnect and harmonise you with the magical depths of the subconscious you.

Holistic creativity is a very personal thing, it gives you the opportunity to reflect and grow your own personal preferences and is an extension of your inner most personality. To coin a rather brutal phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but it really does not matter if people warm or run from your creation. For example, I like the artist Jackson Pollock, whilst others may see it as childlike squiggle destroying an expensive canvas. Yet I like it. I cannot tell you exactly why I like it, I just do.

In addition, holistic creativity does not require any sense or logic. However, it can provide a deep reflection, or image, of how you view yourself and the world around you. The path of life is ever turning, changing and redirecting and with holistic creativity you can really chart your emotional map through life.

But for now, set rhyme and reason aside, and just use your creative activity to retreat into a world that is happy, warm and welcoming,  allowing yourself to take patient baby steps, as you watch your craft evolve and change with your emotions, experiences and skill.

I will leave you with this inspiring quote by the American author, Paul Auster:

The real aim of art is not to create beautiful objects: it’s a method of reflection, a means of understanding the universe and finding one’s place in it

~ Paul Auster

Holistic Words Quote

Hitting the proverbial brick wall is lifes way of asking you to think outside the box.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

Holistic Words Quote

In order to create more of what you want, you must first value and appreciate what you already have.

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

So you want to be a Rock Star?

Rock Star

Do you really know what it is to be famous?


The money, the fame, the “love”, your picture all over the papers and magazines, your songs/movies aired on the national and international stations, the epic-ally fast car, beautiful home and luxury holiday homes across the globe…………………


Getting up at silly o’clock in the morning, on the road 24/7, grabbing a scrap of food when you can, dealing with the media, agents and spin doctors, the general public and the press scrutinising and intruding, not seeing your family for months on end………………..

One is a vision of utopia, the other is – you could say – a life taken over.

The grass can be greener on the other side but the reality can be rather disappointing, if you are not completely in touch with the “cold light of day” reality, and your research and preparation is lacking.

Example: If you have not played any sport or taken part in any physical exercise since your school days, it is pretty unlikely that you will complete the 4 minute mile on the first attempt. You would prepare yourself, you would get the right running shoes, you would buy appropriate clothing, you would re-acquaint yourself with training techniques, you would plan your first route – perhaps even walk your route a few times and then you would start slowly; jog for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes, jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute. And so on and so forth, until you are confident and your stamina has increased, and perhaps you might like to progress and take on a running challenge.

The same preparation is required in your life long goals, your hearts desire, your burning ambitions. You need to start with the prep work (remember; fail to prepare, prepare to fail?).

What is it that you really want?

It is very important to work on this aspect and ask as many leading questions as possible, to create the entire picture – both on paper and in your mind. It is also important at this stage to be as honest and objective as possible. Include every small detail, upturn every stone and expose all the aspects of your desire to eliminate any nasty surprises. Are you in the city? Are you in the country? Is the gym large or small? How healthy do you look? What are you wearing? Are you working for a big corporate or self-employed? Is your house and old country manor, a cottage in the hills or a high-tech apartment overlooking the city?

Why do you want it?

This is your “Mr Motivator”, your emotional and physical driver. Why are you striving to become X or why do you want to be Y? Perhaps a better life for you family, recognition and confidence for yourself, financial security, to improve your health, to become a more holistic spiritual person. Why does this specific desire appeal to you and how could it enrich or improve your life?

What does it feel like?

If you desire a Rolls Royce Phantom but have never driven, sat it or even been near one how are you going to realise, and feel what your ultimate goal is really like? Granted, the cars are rare and as there are not many showrooms around, plus would any of us have the minerals to walk into a showroom and ask for a test drive, knowing that the bank account does not quite match the price tag? However, this does not mean you cannot read up every aspect, collect reams of photographs and visualise having the one thing that you want. By visualising your goal you are bringing the whole experience into your reality and you can really milk the feelings – thus providing yourself with the motivation, that pushes you on to make it happen.

Can you see yourself realise your goals?

Yes, “live in the present” is the best advice out there. But there is nothing wrong with a spot of role play and forward thinking. Again, very similar to creating the feelings of having your goal or desire but you are taking it to the next level. This time you are working on the confidence aspect of you and many world-renowned hypnotherapists use this technique, to build a heightened sense of empowerment. You need to observe yourself and really see yourself in your desired surroundings, scenarios and sensations; in that car, house, job or being physically fit. See yourself happy, smiling, confident, enjoying life, enthusiastic, content etc. as you take yourself through your daily dream activities. What do you do when you wake? Where do you go? Who do you meet? What do you do during the day? What materials surround you? What is your evening like? How do you feel when you get into bed?

Are there any opportunities you can create in order for you to experience your desires now?

One of the best ways for you create your desires is to look for opportunities that may be available to you right now. Networking is a great way to meet new people and gain an insight into all types of lifestyles. Ask your extended friends for info and advice, more relevant connections, recommendations etc. and get busy getting involved with the key people, groups, and companies. If there is a particular role you are interested in, could you shadow someone for a few hours? If you want to run your own business could you spend the day with a business owner, to find out their day-to-day highs and lows? Could you volunteer in your chosen field for a few hours, in order to gain that all important experience on your CV? Are there any affordable training opportunities? Perhaps the local government are running free or low-cost fitness or educational programmes in your area? Are there any free competitions that you could enter to win your dream car or a holiday of a lifetime?

Try thinking outside the box and grasp every opportunity by the horns. It is not about being calculated it is about getting you from A to B in the quickest way possible, in order to create your own happiness.

Remember, there is no point in having a goal or aspiration in life if you wistfully wish you had it, rather than believe you can have it. The only thing that is stopping you from holding you back, from who you really want to be, is you…………..

A Return to Innocence

Guest Poem & Artwork


Genevieve Mc Gee

Return to Innocence

A Return to Innocence

She stands so small, so trusting, so loving, her heart wide open to the world around her

She gazes and looks upon her world enjoying the magic as it unfolds, excited by the blessing this life brings

This magic is in the blossom as it opens

Its colour beautifies the world in a way she adores

She desires to be this beauty to the world some day

She takes a hand she trusts, unaware of what will become of this connection.

She looks in love at this person and smiles.

Soon the trust and the smile fade.

Her world of magic torn apart.

Her trusting gaze becomes one of suspicion.

Her open heart becomes closed in pain.

Her life spirals into a current of uncertainty.

She no longer knows who she is or what her purpose is.

The beauty of the world seems tainted

The joy of the seasons evade her

The love connection between herself and another poisons her further

She doesn’t understand

Confusion envelopes

She in a cloud of darkness as she desperately searches for this feeling of love and magic, in a world that seems so alien yet has become so normal

A rocky path she continues to follow long after that first cut into her heart

She allows many wounds and cuts to enter her

She feels powerless in world dominated by a mind that knows only fear

She spirals to a point of no return and suddenly her search changes

She begins to take a stand

The universe brings her a gift

This gift is the hope that changes her world forever

She begins to slowly return and strength she did not know surfaces within her

It propels her to look at herself in a new way

This new-found sight births a new wave of power

She is a warrior of light

She has a desire to shine bright

To heal herself one wound at a time

She finds solace within the eyes of her children

Her soul begins to awaken once more

She uses them as a force behind her to change her world to become more for them

This leads to many wonderful experiences

She begins to feel and trust in love again

She allows her self to begin to love oneself a little more each day

Her beauty in the world begins to show

Her laughter Strength and Joy begins to become part of her daily world

Her soul is ready for a true love connection

A soul love a bringing together of two halves

Her family is now complete

Her dreams are beginning to come true

The magic of her world is beginning to feel alive again

She hears the world whispering there is more

You reap what you sow my child

Life is a journey

Where do you wish to go? What do wish to sow?

Her soul’s whispers become louder

As she moves through the chapters in her life her heart becomes stronger

Her desire to change her inner and outer world takes hold

Each new day births new moments to treasure

Yet she is still half asleep her connection is not fully ignited

Suddenly the fire of her soul awakens her with a bolt

She sees and hears and experiences the love of all that is

The connection undeniable and changes her in a way so profound

She has felt it the presence of Creation

She knows it’s real

She hears the Angels sing

The Angels speak with love to her

Guiding her forward

They tell her she has work to do

She has a life to live

She has much to give

She is indeed a beauty in the world

She is inspired

The magic begins to unfold again

The flowers look more radiant than ever

The skies are blue; the bird’s song carries her through her days

This soul connection is her truth

The sun shines in the rain

She dances within excited by what the world will bring her way

She begins the journey back to herself

She paints love back into her life

Bringing all soul parts that left in the darkness and fear

As she returns to innocence

Innocence so pure

Written By Genevieve McGee

To accompany the Artwork entitled “A Return to Innocence”

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Genevieve McGee Artworks

Thank you

Holistic Words Quote

The deliberate optimist will see the positive in all aspects of their life.

- Holistic Words

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

Scratch That Itch


We needed to scratch an itch, well it had been a while. Not really sure why we stopped it just happened naturally; like bread going stale or no longer listening to a favourite tune, that had been played to death.

But then we had both decided not to continue down that path. We were no longer learning anything different and, it is fair to say, we do not fair well in the same old routine.

Nevertheless, we still set off to a new place. We had never been there before, so it was inevitable that we got a bit lost (actually, we drove passed it twice), then we had trouble gaining access through the security doors.

Was this an omen?

Well, we made it in the end. Entering the room, we sat in a row that did not shout “eager” with a blatant sign reading “Pick me!” and settled in. Observing and watching the people around us it did seem friendly, warm, buzzy and organised. Then a lady, who we had met a few years ago, took to the stage. She introduced herself, welcomed everyone and announced the evenings proceedings.

First up was a young teenager who began to read a poem she had written especially for the evening, then one of the guests were invited to give an address, a thought for the week. And it was time. The main reason why people had congregated.

The two guests, a husband and wife team stood up and demonstrated their skill.

I knew way before the gentleman stood up, that he would come straight to us. And he did. He began to reel off descriptions, names, events, memories and months of significance. Unfortunately, probably through no fault of his own, we could not place the names or descriptions. But some of the points he picked up did relate to our lives. The couple then took it in turns, linking with the Spirit World and relaying the information to the chosen few in the room.

The final notice was read and the service was over. Like most Spiritualist Churches you can stay afterwards, have a coffee and chat with the staff. So I went and grabbed two coffees and my husband and I sat down and kind of mused. We were puzzled. We still did not understand why, after well over a year, we had revisited a Spiritualist Church in the first place. Were we supposed to hear something? Were we supposed to meet someone? Were we supposed to feel something?

Anyway, we finished our coffee and made for the door, thanking the staff and the mediums en route, still feeling a little off keel. On the drive home we both agreed, again, that the Spiritualist Church was not for us. But I think we needed that confirmation, to be able to put it to bed once and for all.

It is not that I do not agree with the Spiritualist Churches or the Mediums that serve, what makes me uncomfortable is the whole “church” feel. You see I’m not too good at taking orders, listening to authority (my old boss could vouch for me on that point!) and anything that has even the slightest microscopic whiff of dogma and I run a mile. OK, I get they are trying to become a recognised faith, both nationally and internationally, so I really should cut them some slack. The staff members do not get paid and the serving Clairvoyant Mediums work darn hard, only receive basic travel expenses and may even be treated to a sandwich or two before they go.

So I think the reason my husband and I went to the service was to reaffirm and understand our own beliefs.

You see, we were both trained as mediums, through the Spiritualist Church format of teaching. My husband still uses his Mediumship and has a strong connection with those in Spirit. In addition, I respect each and every Medium across the globe. But I know that it is not for me, I just don’t have that overwhelming, burning desire to practice Mediumship and I know that it is not my life purpose.

But I feel disappointed that our visit to the Spiritualist Church did not offer some kind of solace. I’m not even sure what I mean by that statement. Perhaps I was looking for something that was never there in the first place.

Just to clarify, I am talking specifically about the Spiritualist Church philosophy, of proving the existence of the Spirit World/life after death. So the point I am trying to make is; most people who go to the Spiritualist Church are veterans, old hats, that have been going, and listening to the same old thing, for years – even decades.

Actually, it has just dawned on me, I have answered my own question.

I believe there is a veritable Smörgåsbord (don’t you just LOVE that word?). An infinite assortment of ways to enrich our lives, other than being told you have an issue with a fence or you’re eating too little and that your “other half” can eat for Britain. Don’t they realise that the person in front of them already knows that? Yes, hearing from Dad, Nan, Granddad etc. is comforting and nice to know they are around, and there does need to be a section of clarification, but is it not time the Spiritualist National Union thought outside the box?

Why don’t they teach Spiritualist Mediums how to really work their Spirit Guides? Give the people a real, tangible, holistic insight into life, what it is all about, what really lies beyond, what they can do with their lives and inspire and drive home the purpose of being here?

I just don’t know. (throwing hands in air)

What do you think?

Animal Magic

Don’t think about it.

Pick the first one that pops in to your head.

No cheating now!……………….

Think of an animal.

Write it down.

I watched a documentary last week on the Maya civilisation. I have loved anything to do with the ancient Central and Southern Americas since I was a child. The mystery, their way of life, their knowledge; which, like the Egyptians, seemed far beyond their years.

ShamanicThe programme centred on the search for the remains of the first Maya King. I found myself internally shouting at the TV, telling the archaeologists to dig under the monument. And lo an behold they found his remains deep under the very foundations of the pyramid.

Why did I feel so strongly? Well, when I used to sit in a clairvoyant development circle, I used to go on wild epic adventures, during the guided meditation. After the meditation our teacher would go round the room and ask everyone where they went and what they experienced. She eventually turn to me. She would take a long deep breath in, let out a long sigh and say, “And where did you go this evening Andrea?”

Well, I literally went everywhere! Across continents, visiting different cultures, feeling different sensations and learn a thing or two. And there are a few journeys that really stick in my mind. In one such journey I was with a Persian lady, who I believed was one of my helpers at the time. She took me on a whistle-stop ride across North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, on a beautiful Arabian stallion. She showed me an array of holistic health practices. The most significant visit was to a herbalist in Turkey. I was taught how to mix herbs, lotions and potions, combining them to enhance the healing properties.

OK, I have slightly veered off topic so I will get back to the Maya.

During one such meditation I found myself laid out, on a “stretcher”. I felt as if I had been sacrificed but I was not sure, perhaps I had just been ill? If I had met a sacrificial end I was not treated as the bog standard “lamb to the slaughter”, I had been tended to. I wore a clean long tunic and my long dark hair was neatly brushed. It did not resemble the whole head cutting off, chuck down the steps thing depicted in - the simply superb – Apocalypto. I was being buried. With honour and respect. I witnessed “my self” looking up the steps, to an open slab stone doorway, as my body was gently carried down to the bottom of a room, which was dug out of the earth.

When I came back from the meditation I felt weird, which was pretty normal to be honest, as it could take some time for me to fully come to. But this time it was different. It was as if I had seen an actual event in my past. It was a cross between a de ja vu and a “that soo didn’t just happen, did it?” moment.

Anyhoo, along with the Maya and pretty much the entire Americas, there has been one particular animal that I have been drawn to all my life. I even wanted one as a pet when I was little, and ever since I watched a specific episode of Top Gear I wanted an XJS – the special edition with gold-plated engine…………..

Apologies to those outside the EU for the car “clue”. But for the benefit of my Euro neighbours: No. It is not a panda!

It’s a Jaguar.

So, what is the significance? Well, in shamanic terms, animals give us strength. We all have specific animals connected to us, or animals we need to focus on in order to draw on their energies. They are known as Power Animals.

For the purpose of this exercise I am going to surmise the purpose of the Jaguar and very briefly conclude with my thoughts on how, or if, he relates to my life in any way.

The main strengths drawn from the Jaguar Power Animal is keeping a clear head and moving forward during times of chaos, dealing with and steering away from chaos. It gives courage when going into the unknown – whether it be new places, ideas, beliefs and thinking. The Jaguar works on psychic vision and focuses a great deal of energy on the soul and empowering the soul. In addition, the black Jaguar is the custodian of the continuation of time and the world of the unknown.

The gifts from the Jaguar Power Animal is courage and will. He asks us to go deep within to find the real spirit inside, to both question and let go of fears, thus healing longstanding emotional attachments. He will disclose the secrets behind human existence and how all goals can be realised, through sheer grit and determination. Clair/psychic abilities can also develop when using the Jaguar. And it is very important to trust thoughts, visions and instinct.

People who hold the Jaguar power have a regard for language, but their words have a tendency to be misunderstood by more sensitive souls, who may take things out of context. Therefore Jaguar people like their own company, feeling at ease when alone with their thoughts and they generally stick to people with similar personalities. Jaguar people tend to follow their own dreams, knowing the importance of creating their own reality by themselves.

My thoughts? A huge proportion of the symbolism of the Jaguar Power Animal rings true to me and I feel very comfortable with the holistic grass-roots aspiration and spiritual philosophy of the Jaguar.

So, now it’s over to you.

What was your animal? How do you feel about the animal? Is it a longstanding affinity? Was it a complete suprise?…………Do you already know your Power Animal and how does it make you feel?


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