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Spiritual Guide to Wealth


What does it mean to be wealthy?

Does it mean flash car, huge house, holidays in the tropics, not a care in the world?

Of course, being wealthy can give you all those things and more, but if you are not financially flush and living above your means then being wealthy can feel like a pipe dream, something you long for and something you see as unobtainable.

Spirituality and money are generally two subjects deemed poles apart. However, your emotional relationship with money and wealth is an indicator of how you feel about money and how you feel about yourself. If you feel non-spiritual towards money then it is time to connect and re-harmonise your emotions, in line with your spiritual values.

Money and wealth, be it an abundance or lack, can create a positive or negative reaction, radiating from your very core. A warm fuzzy glow inside, a sickly pit of dread rising from your stomach, or perhaps anger and frustration spreading through your entire body. The emotions you feel will give you a clear indication of how your relationship with money and wealth affects your spirit.

For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the negative relationships with money and how you can inject a positive, more spiritual money mindset.

Creating a healthy relationship with money is the first step on the road to a happy financial partnership. Not opening your monthly bank statement or checking your balance on-line, through fear of what you may find, will only escalate any anxiety and worry – which has a detrimental effect on your emotional and, in turn, physical health. The key to gaining a good relationship with money is total transparency, knowing exactly where your money goes and knowing your commitments and limits.

By micro managing your finances you are empowering your emotional self and, once you are regularly applying this money management system, you will feel far more relaxed and in control.

Now it is time to take it to the next level.

You know exactly what bill needs paying and by when, you have set aside your weekly “pocket-money” and your little luxuries allowance is ready and waiting.

But wait!

There is a little left over!

Do you:  a) Spend it quick !?   or   b) Save it?

This is where your resolve is tested. This is where you need to exercise constraint and self-determination.

You see, in order to create an abundance of anything you must first value and respect what you currently, already, have. I am guilty of frivolous spending and I will, given the opportunity, add to my wardrobe. Nevertheless, I also save a little every single month. For no other reason but to show my appreciation for the money I have and I watch it grow every single month.

If you take the new principles of quantum physics; money is energy, the act of receiving money is an exchange of energy and the way we feel about money is a radiation of energy therefore, in order to manifest more money we need to omit positive energy (or feelings) we have towards money.

Are you still with me?

Now, given the above analogy, really think about how you feel about money.

How would you feel if your pay packet was empty on pay-day or a client ignores your request to pay for your services?

You would feel pretty annoyed and no doubt you would put a large degree of energy into getting paid. Why? Because you deserve and expect it! You work hard and want payment on time, every time. However, the energy motivation is anger and fear, as opposed to the real value you put on yourself and the money you receive.

The “trick” is to remove all jealousy, angst, worry and fear, you place on money and wealth, with a new-found respect and value for those who have money and show restraint and thrift with the money you have. If you win a small amount on the lottery – put it away, if you get a pay rise - put the extra cash into a savings account, if you receive a cheque for your services and had not factored it in to your monthly budget - bank it and forget about it.

The universe can move mountains to get you what you want but you must show that you are worthy to receive, by acting with an attitude of pure gratitude and reverence.


Fear is Not Real

Multi Dimensional Universe

“Fear is not real.

The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.

It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist.

That is near insanity.

Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.”

~ Will Smith, After Earth

Free Yourself

Just remember…

You are an individual.

You have a completely different energy to those around you.

The people you meet and attract into your life are drawn specifically to you.

Your energy, and what you have to offer, is completely and utterly unique to you.

Do what you do, as you are you, and it’s what you want to do.

…Free yourself by being yourself.

Free Yourself

Kindred Spirit Magazine – September 2013

This month, my first review was published in Kindred Spirit Magazine!

The magazine is available now at branches of WHSmiths stores in the UK, or on-line – for an iPad or print version – at:

Kindred Spirit Magazine - Andrea ElliottAndrea Elliott Kindred Spirit Magazine


“Finding out how and why our fears, actions and reactions impact our lives is one of the first steps in leading a more confident, happy and fulfilling life. lt can help us discover our destructive or confining life patterns, and why we ‘elmost’ reach our goals only fo bolt for the nearest exit, as our inner critic professes certain failure.

Analysing our ancestral, historical and deep-seated emotions alone is no easy task. Putting pen to paper and writing down all our quirks and foibles, strengths and weaknesses, and innermost fears, hopes and dreams can be a daunting process.

Needless to say, we all have issues that we hide and suppress, burying them in the deep dark recesses of our cerebral cortex in the vain hope that they will just disappear. Therefore, on our ‘Conservative’ quest of self-discovery, we bypass key components and ignore the most important pieces of the puzzle.”

Andrea Elliott ~ Holistic Words

Raise Your Vibration, Feel Good and Get What You Want

Law of Attraction, Raise your vibration, The Secret, The MagicWhat does “Raise your Vibration” mean? Well, it is all about making yourself feel good.

If you feel good, and hold onto that feeling, the chances are you will continue to feel good.

OK, lets put it another way.

You watch the news and its chock full of grief, war, famine, death. You think about a really unhappy time in your life and it makes you sad. You listen to melancholy, depressing music and you end up sitting in a zombified stupor, with zero incentive to motivate yourself.

Turn it on its head.

Comedy is on the TV and you are crying with laughter. You are joking about the time you went to work in your slippers and your new boss requested an audience. You have some cracking happy tunes filling your ears, with a big fat “Yay!” feeling, and you want to dance right there and then!

You can see a pattern happening here, no?

Now, really, really think about the two scenarios and read them again. Did you read one slowly and the other one seem to make your eyes gallop across the page? How did each one make you feel? Well, either I didn’t get the point across properly or I am in my own happy delusional dimension.

To quantify, when you see, hear or experience something negative it does not feel good. By switching off to the negative, and filling your thoughts with something you do like, will in essence lift your spirits, your vibration, your energy and your mood. Life is of course all about choices. You can of course choose to allow negative things into your life – but what good does it do really? Would you not rather choose the positive and be happy?

Whatever positives you want in your of life; whether it be more money, to be physically fit, more confidence, to study and learn more, to be successful in your home and work life, you can attract it much quicker if you feel that is what you will do and emit positive vibes.

When you think about what you want, you know you want it because you believe it will make you happy.  Take a look at these two statements:

“I wish I had more money”

“I want money”

The first is kind of wistful, day-dreamy and lacks drive, enthusiasm and raw emotion. Wishing for something may in fact put it further out of your reach, out of your life and it becomes as fanciful as the Philosophers Stone.

On the other hand statement two is more direct. It is clear and describes exactly what you want without the need of additional, unnecessary wording. You can really pour power and feeling into the statement and by doing so you are sending out your positive energy, your positive vibration.

As what you want will make you happy the emotion driving your wanting is happiness. So if you have not reached your goal, your want, the next step is to bring your vibration in line with the feeling you have, when you visualize getting what you want right now. If you feel happy now your vibration is tuned in to receive, as happiness creates happiness.

By being happy right now you lift your vibration and your positive emotions. By consistently feeling good and feeling positive you will bring in your desires much, much faster than if your emotions are on rollercoaster mode. Feel good and get what you want – simple.

Agreed, there are trails and tribulations in life, but by diluting the negative emotions, worry anxiety, fear, stress etc. you will: a) Cope better b) Feel better and c) Deal with them better.

So start feeling good and get what you want right now by doing one or more of the following, every single day.

  1. Listen to positive, fun, upbeat music. 
  2. Watch your favourite comedy shows. 
  3. Watch your favourite feel good movies. 
  4. Get outside. Go to the park and sit on a park bench or take a trip to your favourite beauty spot.
  5. Do something silly. E.g. Tell a joke, find a funny clip. dance in the street - to make you and your friends laugh.
  6. Write down all the things you are thankful for right now.
  7. Find things that you just love or renew your appreciations for the things you have now.  Really feel how you feel when you love your car, your house, perhaps you have seen a must have pair of shoes.
  8. Exercise. It helps you feel better, gives you energy and helps you sleep better. It does not have to be strenuous – a nice gentle stroll will suffice.  
  9. Eat and drink well. Food and water gives you energy and feeds your grey matter.
  10. Be spontaneously nice to someone. It will make you feel happy seeing them happy.
  11. Have a “spring” clean. Clear out your cupboards, drawers, the fridge, sort your clothes and have a good old-fashioned house clean.
  12. Create and go through your want list. Feel and visualise yourself having your want list and make plans to accommodate your new life.  
  13. Pamper yourself. Soak in the bath for two hours. Have a salon treatment.
  14. Set aside 1 hour a day. Stop rushing around and take a time out – just for you, no interruptions.
  15. Listen, watch or read something motivating. YouTube has a plethora of motivational free talks and you can find lots of really good motivational articles on the world-wide-web  
  16. Smells lift your mood. Scented candles, essential oils and incense in your favourite smells will make you feel good, relaxed, warm and happy.
  17. Air your space. Open the windows and oxygenate your environment and your lungs.
  18. Have a 10-15 minute power nap. It’s amazing how recharged you can feel in just 10 minutes.
  19. Buy something you like. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Online shopping is great as anticipate and look forward to receiving your order.
  20. Write down all the things you do that makes you feel happy. Creating a list will motivate you to do other things and only add to raising your vibration.

By thinking about doing the things you love and by actually doing the things you love you will feel good. By feeling good and raising your spirits and your vibration, you will attract more good things into your life and you will get more of what you want.

So here’s to feeling good, to raising your vibration, and ultimately realising your wants.


The Goddess of Avalon

Goddess of Avalon Chalice Well

The hidden green-blue lake
Sits silent in amongst
The hills of Avalon
Not a ripple to be seen

Like a pea green mist
Out of the water she rises, tossing her curls
Not a drip falls from her long chestnut hair
Her green piercing eyes sparkle like Emeralds’

Up she rears
A dress of shimmering Green
Covered in an array of green beads
And jewels and golden thread
Almost serpent like

Hovering towards the water’s edge
Golden wings appear
She stops and turns
Silent for a moment
Glancing back at the water

The great wings flap
Up above she looks down at the wonder of the Tor
Green mystique magic adorns Glastonbury
Will they ever see the wonder of it all!

She sits now by the Chalice Well
Silence envelops her
Wise words coming to her
Inhaling the serenity of it all she moves on
Secrets of the Holy Grail on her mind

As she moves on smelling the scent of the flowers
And watching all the colours as they dance in the breeze
She is in awe of such beauty
Reaching up to the Holy thorn tree
She asks permission to take a sprig
Attaching it to her button-hole

She takes flight again
Settling in the grounds of the Abbey
She wanders through the ancient Oaks
Like a Majestic Queen
Talking in Celtic tongue
To King Arthur about days gone by

She watches now from a bench
As she sees the monks go about their duties
Meaningful symbols, she told to pass on
She whispers secrets to Mother Earth
This is the only way, they
Will begin to rebirth

Final flight now
She sees the beauty of the sun rise
Orange and yellow warmth
Surrounds her
She wonders how many of them know
How lucky they are
Landing now on the Tor
The view takes her breath away
Rolling on for miles
She chats to St. Michael
About days of old,
Why oh! Oh why! Can’t they see the gold!

Back now at the water’s edge
The Goddess of Avalon
Has done her work
Along with Mother Earth
Ascending Masters, and wise men of Old
I can do no more she sighs
All that’s left is a ripple in time……

Guest Poem


Catherine Kennedy

Connect with Catherine on Facebook here

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An Angel Born to Heal

Spring Healing AngelEvery now and then, we encounter spiritual energies – whether ‘home or away’ – that intrigue us. We want to know more and we want to soak up every ounce of their knowledge, their experiences and their energy. Hours can pass, yet they feel like fleeting moments, as we become immersed in their insightful words – which allow a small glimpse into their world, their personality and the people they choose to share their life with.

However, I had a (small) advantage on this particular meeting of minds. I had already delved into the world of this well-connected being; I had already been drawn into their early existence, in their earth-bound form. Nevertheless, it did not make a jot of difference, kind of like watching a movie and then reading the book; the images are there, yet the book fills in the gaps, the misinterpretations, the misrepresentations and a whole host of unanswered questions. And boy, did I have questions, far more than a normal interview would warrant. Although, I did became aware, very quickly, that the rulebook needed to be thrown out of the window. This was going to be a fly by the seat of my pants, totally ad-hoc, ad-lib situation.

You see, Helen Parry Jones is a natural medium; it is why she has been brought into this lifetime. She can hear, feel and see the spirit beings that help her to heal others on a mental, emotional and physical level. Her link with her Guardian Guide, Sam, is phenomenal and quite possibly the envy of many Spiritualists around the world. Moreover, just to make things a little more controversial, she holds the same opinion of many, including myself, that the Spiritualist Churches have an outdated hierarchy and passing on messages from the spirit world is not the be all and end all – the healing aspect is far more important.

It is only fair to say that many people – outside Ireland and Wales – would not have heard of Helen Parry Jones until the fruition of her book, Hands of an Angel. A book that her non-believing taxi driver (who borrowed said autobiography from his wife) described as uplifting; stating “he felt much better” after reading it. Incidentally, the Random House published ‘Hands of an Angel’ is currently enjoying a five out of five-star rating on Amazon, is tipped to hit the best-seller list AND is being sold by Tesco! An impressive feat for a spiritual book!

I ponder on the words of Helen and her taxi driver and wonder if my sensitive side is far too sensitive. As I read her true-life story, I feel a heartbreaking sadness and raw emotion. I absorb her every word as she describes how her teachers, friends and family shunned her ability to talk to spirit, labelling her talent to converse with the unseen energies as sheer folly and childish imagination.

Right up until her late twenties Helen hit a proverbial brick wall, when talking to about her direct link with the spirit world – who had furnished her with in-depth tutoring and information for many years. Her mother, who perceived Helen as fanciful with a vast imagination, took her to be psychologically assessed by the family doctor, in a bid to stop Helen talking about the plethora of spirits visiting her on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is apparent, through talking to Helen and reading her book, that she has no cross to bear or deep-seated animosity that could have been attributed to her past. In fact, I feel that her early battles with the outside, human world, have only added to her positive strength and character.

Talking of character, on “meeting” her Guardian Guide early in the book I instantly envisage a soul, not unlike Djimon Honsou. This particular actor starred in two poignant films, Blood Diamond and Amistad, and once you read ‘Hands of an Angel’, you will understand my reasoning – and my surprise!

Having connected with my energy, through the telephone, Helen could see my own journey, going forward. She said that I would…

Well, given that my pen has just run out I take it as a sign that I should save her prediction for a later date. But I could not help asking her if Sam would step forward, to provide a message for the reader, and he agreed! He said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Adding, “Embracing changes and embracing the possibilities…(and)… opening up to change and positivity will lead you to the next level.” In a nutshell, he was presenting the philosophy that we need to be more open to the world – both seen and unseen – around us and take on board that anything is possible.

Sam’s teachings run throughout the book, ‘Hands of an Angel’, and he even contributed to two of the chapters. And, I have to say, it is one of the most enlightening stories to grace my bookshelf. The book will make you smile from the heart, it will make you cry with joy and pain and it will have you question all that you know to be true about the spirit world. The information imparted by the spirit helpers that Helen met during her early years, is wholly shared in ‘Hands of an Angel’. The honest unedited words, Helen and her spiritual teachers provide, present an invaluable insight into our entire spiritual universe. The book tangibly describes the different roles of angels, the darker underworlds and the process of death – plus a surprise revelation relating to guardian guides.

All in all, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is a must read. The spiritually aware will relate and connect to the story in a way that will touch their hearts, the ‘on the fence’ reader will crave for more and the sceptic will of course remain steadfast. Yet, as Helen Parry Jones says, “We are now peeping through the curtains and those curtains are getting wider and wider.”

Given her ever-growing, worldwide following, Helen has packed the stage with an attentive audience, all waiting hear more from the ‘Hands of an Angel’ writer and her spirit helpers.

All that’s left to say is that her story really is just beginning…

Helen Parry Jones

About Helen Parry Jones

Helen has been a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer for the past thirty years. Thousands of people from princesses to plumbers have come to her for advice and guidance.

She has filled theatres and auditoriums and appeared on radio and TV. Her first book, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is available now, via Tesco Direct and Amazon – to name but a few.

Helen Parry Jones:

Original article, written by Andrea Elliott of Holistic Words, posted in Silent Voices :


Sneaky Intuition

IntutionIt has been a while since I have connected with my intuitive side. It has been something that I consciously shut down, hitting the standby button, for an indefinite period. It all came to a grinding halt, when I decided to stop attending a weekly medium-ship development circle.

You see, I have a problem with authority. I hate (strong word, but true) being told what to do and being fed information. I found the lack of control over what I was being relayed was just so tiring, exhausting and personally, soul-destroying. As an “old school” development circle, with strict guidelines and “rules”, I was being boxed in by the instructional medium, who was telling me what I could and could not ask or say.

Just to explain, old school spiritualism is about finding out who is coming though, how they died, a smattering of descriptive information, who they want to talk to and what their message is. There is no room for diversion or actual, tangible spiritual insight. It is a kind of get in, get out conveyor belted process, which had no place in my life.

So, up until very recently, I had parked development. I had no desire to revisit development, well certainly not back into medium-ship development anyway. But my mindset has altered somewhat. I now see the value of developing psychic, intuitive skills and being open to knowing, sensing and feeling what is going on outside the “normal” physical world.

You know that grating feeling in your gut when you just know something is not right or you have an idea, it’s a good idea, yet like day old milk, it’s just on the turn? Well that is your psychic self, giving you the heads up, the skinny and the deliciously enticing teaser, telling you to back down for a while and quit pouring energy into something, that is veering you off the beaten track.

It is funny how things happen (which are totally off the map, in terms of explainable, expected psychic occurrences) to reignite interests. For example, I was invited down to Glastonbury for a “girl’s road trip with a purpose”. We dropped our bags off, at our nightly place of residence, which, incidentally, was labelled a retreat. However, it was far from the Zen inspired place of peace and tranquillity that the name suggested. It was tired and in need of a complete overhaul. Nonetheless, it was relatively clean and the decking, which overlooked undeveloped fallow land, had a clear, uninterrupted view of the Tor.

Anyway, we made our way into town for a spot of lunch. Having placed our order we discussed our brief wander around the town and the coming workshop, that my fellow travellers would be holding the following day. Service at our chosen eatery was a touch on the slow side and my cappuccino had long been demolished when a chap and his wife? Partner? Friend? came into the café.

I looked across to his table and my eyes weirdly widened. I looked at my friend who too had a look of horror on her face. I grabbed my nicotine supply and exclaimed I had to leave immediately, out the back door, and regain my composure. With that, I turned, nearly fell out of the door and made a beeline to the back of the patio seating area.

I giggled, I had no idea why I giggled but I giggled, hoping that the other diners were paying no attention to my utter madness. So, my nicotine intake complete and my composure at a relatively happy equilibrium, I made my way back to our table. I could not explain why the chap unknowingly orchestrated my bolt for the door. My friend, who I would say is much more in touch with her senses, explained that his energy was coming towards me, and far too close for comfort.

So, did this exaggerated “twilight zone” scenario happen to give me a direct, to the point, no holds barred jolt to my system? And why am I killing it with the plethora of clichéd phrases?

OK, so I get it. I made the realisation over the last few months that it is really about living moment to moment and tapping into those momentary feelings, by listening to them and acting on them.

I know, I know, it’s not so cut and dried. How can you live moment to moment when you have a direct debit coming out and pay-day is 3 days shy of the money grabbing programme, imminently dipping in to your bank account and auto raising a big fat ugly charge on your account to boot? Incidents like this place our thoughts and feelings way out into the future and further away from the present. But instead of worrying about it would it not be better to take control of the now? Picking up the phone and telling bully boy bank manager to hold off and put a temporary stay of execution, will make you feel a whole lot better than the insistent churning in your stomach.

And you see, that’s the point. Your intuitive, or gut feeling, is telling you to do something about a situation, to face it and to confront it. Once you have done so, then you can move on, you can relax and just let go of all that tenseness.

Be assertive with your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right then take action to change it, if something has been playing on your mind explore your feelings more in-depth, if someone is annoying you then let them know (nine times out of ten they won’t even know it’s annoying!). When you have faced something, you have previously brushed aside or put off, you will feel so much more at ease.

I do believe that, although not a beautiful, spiritually life changing occurrence in the Glastonbury café, I was supposed to reconnect with my intuitive self, not as a tool to predict the future, but to re-affirm that I should be listening to what my body/mind (and soul) is telling me and to stop pigeon-holing intuition, with my experience of old school medium-ship  As they say, “The problem is not the problem; the attitude to the problem is the problem”. Or in my case, the attitude to intuition was the problem!

In a nutshell, your intuition is there to guide you, not to deceive you or lead you down some dark and dismal path. So just go with it!

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Never in my life have I wanted to quantum leap from one year to the next, until pre-Christmas 2012.

2012 has been a year of highs and lows for many, yet it has all served a major purpose; to consolidate all that you are and all that you want to be. It was a year of discovery, a year to find out who you really are and what road you would like to follow in 2013.

It has not been easy. Those who have chosen to take stock, and possibly “find themselves”, will welcome 2013 with elated, ecstatic open arms.

2013 will be about piecing all those 2012 internal puzzles and discoveries together. This New Year will be about recognising, and grabbing, those – consciously or subconsciously – longed for opportunities with both hands and saying:

“I CAN do this!”

“I CAN create and mould the life I want!”

“I CAN be myself!”

“I DESERVE to be happy!”

There are so many affirmations that apply to the energy of 2013 and each and every one of you will have different thoughts and ideas, to motivate, enthuse and ease the transition into 2013.

But know this: It is important to fully embrace and align to the spiritual energy of 2013. Do not try to force things to happen or battle against the tide. 2013 is all about going with the flow and using your intuitive, gut feelings. It is about fully understanding the emotions, desires and feelings of 2012 and bringing them with you into 2013, in order for you to work collaboratively with your inner self.

Self realisation of what is really important in your life and in your heart, will manifest very early on in 2013. Just feel it, feel the energy, understand the energy and then take your first positive, smiling steps to do what makes you truly happy.

Just be your wonderful self.

Thank you for your amazing support and comments in 2012.

I hope you all have a very, very Happy New Year

All the Best

Holistic Words


2012 Holistic Words Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals!

Click here to see the complete report.


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