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Charitable Approach to Spirituality

Charitably Spirituality FREE….….a word that always catches the eye. It draws us in, we want to find out more, and being a cynical bunch, we want to check the small print to find that all illusive catch. Free has become a staple, a highly lucrative commodity in today’s society and if something is truly free, or you are given the choice to pay only what you can afford, it becomes a very inciting, welcomed opportunity.

Holistic and non-religious spiritual therapies and practices have escalated in price over the last few years, simply because it is now a recognised industry, with very marketable products. Something that used to cost no more than lunch and a cup of coffee has increased so much that the average person views complementary or spiritual therapy as a high cost luxury they can do without.

However, things are changing. Perhaps the doom casters have directly engineered that change, by creating an urgent need to get spiritual practices out to the masses. It only takes one person in the spiritual community to change their business plan and wallop! A tiny ripple of change soon turns in to a major charitable tidal wave. Now, the “those that have” are being joined by “the have not’s”. People at the opposite ends of the pay scale are developing spiritually, on equal ground and equal footing.

Non-profit organisations, such as the London College of Spirituality and the London Spiritual Movement, have led the donation field in the UK, by switching from set fees to donation based talks and workshops. Vaz Sriharan from the LCS told me, “The response has been phenomenal and most events are packed out. With our donations, our facilitators can access hundreds of individuals as opposed to a few. Their message reaches a far wider audience, allowing many to be transformed and everyone benefits.” Simply by offering skills, knowledge and expertise on a donation basis, light-workers are actually hitting a demographic that may not have paid full whack.

At the other end of the spectrum, I recently followed a Facebook post written by a very well-known spiritual name, announcing the release of a new DVD. What followed was a bombardment of comments such as “does this mean that only those people of a particular wealth level are going to be able to benefit? What happens for everyone else who can’t afford or doesn’t know about it?” and, “….if it was as important as you say then why don’t you do it for free? Spiritual ‘gurus’ make money in other ways……There needs to be more balance within spirituality and asking of money for such things.”

I kind of get their point. Why? Well, the tone was just all wrong. If it had not come from them directly then their social media team need a severe talking to! You really cannot tell people to spread the word and make sure everyone knows about, as it is so important everyone watches it, at a price of X amount for the web link and X amount for the hard copy DVD. Really? Are you serious? Surely if you feel so passionate about something, and really believe everyone in the world needs the information immediately, then would you not gift that information?

Perhaps I am being a little unfair; perhaps I am missing the whole picture. Yes, in this particular case, there are costs involved in producing a film. But, the internet is a global community and if you do have an urgent message to get out there, then YouTube does not cost a penny – and has a far wider reach than any boxed DVD.

Of course a spiritual or holistic “business” needs to provide the facilitator with funds, in order to live and meet day-to-day life commitments. They really cannot ignore mortgage or rent payments, they cannot live on fresh air pie and a duck under the table they need to provide at least the basic essentials for themselves and their family. Yet, there are many opportunities for the sector to give something back, by lowering monetary expectations, which benefits everyone involved – financially and spiritually.

However, with the good comes the bad, where there is light there is always dark. The polar ends are ever-present, even in those who profess to be spiritual. You know the score; the free talk that leads to an hour-long promotion of the “latest new offering” or “BOGOF” deal. But what I have been privy to, and witnessed with my own eyes, is the level of donations that are made. Some feel it in their hearts to gift the full suggested donation, while others – with sheepish, zero eye contact – take the donation envelope (which of course is there to extend the privacy of said donation giver), handing it back as quick as a flash and purposefully making a quick exit. I have even seen a two for one offer, or rather two people donating £5 (approx $8) in one envelope for a 3 hour workshop!

We have no doubt all seen such behaviour, in the regular and spiritualist churches, as the donation plate or pouch is ushered between the isles. People jiggling their pockets, in a bid to assure onlookers that they have cash and are gladly donating their entire pocket full with glee, only to create the magicians sleight of hand by clinking the change already placed.

Wow! Either I am psychic, spectacularly observant or I am under no illusion that people are people and my inner cynic raises its ugly head far to often.

Any way, I have digressed slightly….

There are many opportunities for everyone to experience great spiritual teaching and introductions into holistic therapies and services, at a fraction of the cost. Why not check out your local groups, meet-ups and social networking sites as you may be surprised at what’s out there. Just remember that the organisers, teachers and mentors need to keep the doors open, travel to and from the venues and donate their time just for you.

Evolutionary Breakthrough Brings Healing into the 21st Century

A new healing discovery is set to revolutionise human spiritual evolution.

Quantum & Holographic Echo Healing Therapy An evolutionary healing technique, known as Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is now available across the globe. 

The holistic therapy, developed by Paula Wratten, draws on the philosophies of quantum theory, to release emotional and spiritual baggage and reconnect mind and body – making it a true evolution in holistic therapy.   

Paula Wratten, founder and facilitator of Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ , comments, “The earth has evolved at such a rapid rate, yet the human spiritual state is still lagging behind. My role is to bridge this gap; by clearing outmoded, negative beliefs and obstructive patterns, stored within our internal and external self.”

Paula Wratten created Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ after many years of scientific research, focusing on the theory that human thoughts have either a positive or negative effect on the human body. She designed the healing method in order to clear the mind, body, aura and outer, holographic field (an energy field that can create unwanted physical and emotional barriers), of psychological restrictions and unfounded limitations.

“Every cell in our body records events in our lives. Therefore, these memories, or patterns, are locked inside us. These events are stored from this lifetime, our past lives and our past and present ancestry. By releasing the imprint at DNA, auric and holographic level, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ can open up new possibilities, new-found confidence and the ability to create a more positive and productive life.” says Paula.

The unique, trademarked, healing therapy is carried out via a one-hour Skype call or physical one-to-one session, lending flexibility and accessibility across the globe. Paula will be teaching the practice in the UK and Europe and, with strong demand in the USA, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is also set to be practiced in America. Furthermore, as a complementary therapy, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , works alongside mainstream healthcare as an additional support, for complete holistic wellbeing.

Paula adds, “I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT) who has blended the use of metaphysical energy into my readings and practice. My job, as a facilitator of Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , is to help empower my clients and teach others – including professional holistic therapists – to learn the process and utilise it for themselves.

With a huge growth in demand for the Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™  sessions and teaching courses, Paula Wratten, who has appeared in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, It’s Fate and Fate & Fortune, will be taking part in many high-profile events in Holland, Spain and the UK, between now and the end of 2012.

Paula concludes, “It is a very exciting time. People now understand the need to create wholeness and balance in their lives. They want to know how they can truly connect with themselves, other people and the world around them. Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ really can help them do all this and more, lending them the power to move their lives forward in a positive, proactive way.”

For more information about Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , or to book an appointment or training course, please click here or visit:

About Paula Wratten

Paula WrattenPaula is a spiritual teacher, mentor, clairvoyant medium, qualified beauty & holistic therapist and EFT Practitioner. She teaches and practices her unique healing technique, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ . Paula has featured in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, Fate and Fortune, Chat It’s Fate, BBC Radio and REM Radio. Paula is also a monthly columnist for Silent Voices, she has co-written a healing CD and is in the final production of her book, Gone But Not forgotten.

For more information, please go to Paula Wratten’s website at: or contact Paula via email:

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UK Healthcare Council Now Accepts Reiki

ReikiThe Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council have finally announced the CNHC register will be opening to UK Reiki practitioners.

As of Monday 14th May 2012, UK Reiki practitioners will be allowed to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This change has come after much debate, over the validity of the healing therapy.

The information was shared by the CNHC, via email this week, to Reiki practitioners interested in joining the organisation. The CNHC endorsement clearly indicates the regard and growing popularity for Reiki therapy.

There is no obligation for any UK Reiki practitioner to register with the CNHC, although the affiliation to the CNHC offers a support network, to maintain and improve industry standards. It also acts in the public interest, to enable accountability of the complementary therapists on the register.

The CNHC, previously funded by the UK Government, still receives non financial backing by the Department of Health, who recommend the use of CNHC registered therapists when selecting a complementary health practitioner.  However, the CNHC has stipulated that Reiki practitioners must be pre-vetted by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, or Reiki professional association, in order to join the voluntary regulator.

As this information is not currently live on the CNHC website, UK Reiki practitioners are invited to join via the following routes:

Route 1 - If you are a current member of one of the organisations listed below then please apply through them directly. You will need to complete a ‘Request to Register form’ and then return the completed form to them (not CNHC) so they can verify your application: The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), The Reiki Connection, The UK Reiki Federation or The Reiki Guild

FHT - Federation of Holistic TherapistsRoute 2 - If you are not a member of any of the organisations listed above you can apply directly through The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) as a non-member. You will need to complete a ‘Request to Register form for non members’ which can be downloaded here and then return the completed form to them (not CNHC) so they can verify your application.

The CNHC state administration fees will be charged by the FHT, where evidence of the qualifications meets the entry requirements. Further charges may apply if post-qualification experience and development is necessary, to verify the Reiki qualification.

From more information please click on the following link FHT

Should you Charge for your Services?

Money and SpiritualityMoney. It’s a funny thing isn’t it?

Unless you are living on an abundant paradise island, with all the food, water,  and shelter you could possible need for several lifetimes, you need money. Especially now with the cost of our most basic needs rising almost daily.

So, as a holistic health or spiritual adviser how do you strike a balance between credibility, integrity and your own financial commitments? And what exactly do I mean by that?

OK, well lets say you are a working Clairvoyant Medium. As a Medium you are in fact working for Spirit and you are giving messages to people, who have lost family members. They have come to you for help, peace of mind and proof that their loved ones are still “around”.

But if you have the “gift” of communication with Spirit should you gain financial? Should you be more intent on the personal gratification of helping someone rather than material reward? Could you been seen as profiting from their grief ? Where does integrity fit in? Does blowing ones trumpet, if you receive some mind-blowing proof, really conveying a humble, spiritual persona?

Mmmmm, it’s a difficult one.

I had a discussion with a Reiki healer in France a few months ago.  His view was: as a spiritual healer he was helping people feel better and even the thought of charging for healing was out of the question. I asked him if he had studied to become a healer and was he charged for his tuition? Being a qualified Reiki healer myself, I already knew the answer was undoubtedly yes. All certified Reiki/Spiritual Healers and a vast majority of Mediums have undergone months, even years of training. Reiki students pay for their training at each level and, if the trainer is worth their salt, the student should be required to provide case studies and produce history and philosophical essays – before they are deemed a Reiki Healer.

To become a Medium you must be dedicated and practice meditation (preferably) every day and it is advised that you attend a development group at least once a week.

Therefore, along with any other student, a holistic or spiritual student works hard, puts in a lot of time and effort and pays for their tuition. So why should they forgo their needs once “qualified”? There are bills to pay, a roof to keep and food to buy.

But as a “light-worker” if the thought of receiving payment still leaves you feeling cold then look at it this way: A client pays for the time you have set aside just for them and the payment is simply an exchange of energy and time, in exactly the same way they pay the doctor, dentist, counselor, beauty therapist…………You enjoy the work you have chosen so you have earned the right to enjoy both the personal and financial rewards too.

So don’t feel bad. You have a skill, you are worth it. The trick is to find the right balance between your personal views and your personal needs.

Mystical Crystals

Originally posted on Holistic Words:

CrystalsOur home is full of crystals. Crystal balls, crystal jewellery, crystal slices, crystal palmstones, crystal carvings, crystal books; you name it we have it!

I have spent hours looking at the different types of crystals; researching the popular to the obscure, and the properties, health benefits and spiritual history behind crystals. I have carried specific crystals with me and picked certain crystals to wear, depending on what I was doing that given day.

But do they actually do what they say on the tin or is it purely psychological? If I pick a ruby to wear is it my just my intention to feel uplifted and energetic, as I know that is what it should do, or does the crystal really induce the feelings all by itself?

A few months ago I visited our local crystal shop. I picked up a zebra (jasper) crystal and felt an immediate dislike to it; I quite literally threw it back down on…

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Take Your Own Advice

Pearls of WisdomIt’s quite amusing really; how I can impart spiritual or practical “words of wisdom” to others yet question it myself.  

I have also found this to be the case for many people who are holistic and complementary therapists, spiritual and regular counsellors and clairvoyant mediums. They are so busy trying to sort other people’s lives but in truth they should be taking their own advice. 

Just to give you an example, I recently sent this message to a friend: “Sometimes it is better to accept than to hold on to emotions that do not serve you. Possession, anger, control are not a loving emotions and creates animosity. No one is perfect and you will always have the good and bad in any situation/person. Work on yourself and learn to love and be honest with yourself and others will do the same. Unconditional love means that you love someone unconditionally, regardless of their faults but it also means that you expect or need nothing from them. That is the key to freedom and happiness.”

It’s pretty fair advice. But I find myself re-reading it and it does nothing for me personally. It seems fluffy and if I was totally honest I am not sure if I would take on board my words at all! 

Does that make me a hypocrite? I just don’t know. Self critical? Probably.

But when I do talk to someone who is having problems, what comes out is spontaneous, un-rehearsed, and personal only to them and their situation. It’s about being compassionate and sensitive to how the other person is feeling, putting yourself in their shoes, and trying to view their problems from a totally impartial, and different, perspective.   

However - and apologies for the cliché - but you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. What I am trying to say is, although giving unconditional advice is a great thing to do, the best person to council and advise an individual is the individual themselves. They may take on board what others say, mull it around for a while, but at the end of the day it is ultimately their decision on whether or not they act on it. 

It is probably a little harsh of me to say but, hypothetically speaking, a highly trained counsellor would be able to surmise a clients problem in one, maybe two sessions? So, if someone visits a counsellor every week for six months, surely the counsellor would be repeating themselves time and time again? If the client really listened to the counsellor, and made the suggested changes, they would be well on their way to improve both their life and their bank account.

Please don’t think I am being detrimental to counsellors and I will be the first to admit that giving advice really does feel good at the time.  What I am saying is that people ask, don’t act, and then wonder why they are going through the same turmoil over and over again. It is aways nice to know when the little pearls of wisdom grow into iridescent sparkly gems and people really do change their emotional life cycle.

But, to this end, I, and countless others,  will no doubt continue to ignore advice and merrily skip through this thing called life in blissful, glorious ignorance.

Mystical Crystals

CrystalsOur home is full of crystals. Crystal balls, crystal jewellery, crystal slices, crystal palmstones, crystal carvings, crystal books; you name it we have it!

I have spent hours looking at the different types of crystals; researching the popular to the obscure, and the properties, health benefits and spiritual history behind crystals. I have carried specific crystals with me and picked certain crystals to wear, depending on what I was doing that given day.

But do they actually do what they say on the tin or is it purely psychological? If I pick a ruby to wear is it my just my intention to feel uplifted and energetic, as I know that is what it should do, or does the crystal really induce the feelings all by itself?

A few months ago I visited our local crystal shop. I picked up a zebra (jasper) crystal and felt an immediate dislike to it; I quite literally threw it back down on the shelf. I spoke to a lady, who knows a lot about the crystalline structures, and she asked if I was anemic, which I am, and told me that it helps ease the symptoms! So, if the crystal is supposed to help why was I repulsed by it? I used to own a really pretty banded Carnelian crystal, which felt like a jumping bean when I held it. I say used to, as it has seemingly danced right out of my life!

I have also experienced crystal healing, in conjunction with Reiki. During the entire session I had my eyes closed. After the therapist placed the crystals on my Chakra points, the last one in the middle of my forehead, I could “see” a bright blue light in my mind’s eye. After the healing I asked her if she had used a blue crystal on my forehead. Indeed she had. A blue lapis lazuli – a stone very much revered by the ancient Egyptians, which reportedly enhances the psychic link and promotes truth. But was that just my intuition kicking, was the crystal helping or was it a lucky guess? I must say I did feel pretty chilled afterwards.

I have another quandary. Many crystal information websites carry a disclaimer stating the health benefits and indications, we know today, have come from historical records, passed down through the generations. They in no way claim the crystals cure or aid any ills. And yet I have known crystal healers, who are repeatedly booked by their clients, to spend thousands of pounds on their collections. They use their crystals for all manner of situations; from creating positive energies in the home to realigning an individuals emotional and physical wellbeing. The popularity has grown to such an extent that many state colleges, across the UK, are now offering crystal therapy courses, alongside other complementary therapy techniques.

It would be nice to know that they help. But so far, along with ghosts (which I do believe in) and the Loch Ness Monster (which is plausible), it has not been proven.

So, I put it to you. Is there something to this crystal thing or is it just the intention that “makes them work”?

Therapists Called to Help London Homeless this Christmas

Federation of Holistic Therapists“Natural Healing and Massage Therapist volunteers needed…

Specialist volunteers are urgently needed to donate their services to help homeless people in London over the festive season as part of Crisis at Christmas, running from Friday 23 December – Friday 30 December 2011.

Up to nine temporary centres will be set up in London by Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, as part of Crisis at Christmas. The centres will provide vital companionship and hot meals for homeless and vulnerably housed people as well as essential services like health checks, housing advice, training and further education opportunities.

Crisis aim to provide a range of holistic massage and complementary therapy to guests across all centres at Crisis at Christmas including Natural Healing, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Energy Field Therapy, Massage, Shiatsu and Indian head massage.

Treatments are much valued by the guests. Relaxed, peaceful, energised, safe, comfortable are just a few of the words used by guests after receiving treatments at Crisis centres.  Last year Crisis were fortunate enough to treat over 170 guests.

The team of caring volunteers has grown over the years but Crisis need more to be able to offer the service across all centres. If you are an FHT member and have appropriate insurance, Crisis would appreciate your help, so please join the Natural Healing and Massage service team this Christmas.

Natural Healing shifts run from 11am to 6pm from Saturday 24 December through to Thursday 29 December and for Massage, shifts run from 10:30am to 6pm starting Friday 23 December. Crisis ask that every volunteer signs up for a minimum of two shifts.

More details are on the Crisis website . If you would like further information you can call 0300 636 1000.”

Taken from Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Website

Original Article:

Past Life Regression – A Bitter Sweet Dream

Past Life RegressionPast life regression is a therapy, generally under hypnosis or, in some cases, details of a past life are channelled through a clairvoyant or psychic medium. Past life regression taps into the issues, such as fears, afflictions, and even the type of death experienced in a previous life and some believe the trials faced in a previous life have a marked bearing on your current life.

Studies during the 1970′s and again in the 1990′s show, whilst under hypnosis, participants were reportedly able to “remember” their previous names, details on how and were they lived etc. However, the study also revealed the suggestions given by the hypnotist or study member could have had a greater impact on the hypnotised participant – paving the way for auto-suggestion - and thus invalidating any claim that the hypnotised person was actually recalling real events, from a previous life. What also transpired from the study was the past life regression depended heavily on the beliefs and ideas the test subject had on reincarnation. Therefore, if they believed in reincarnation they were more likely, or even expected, to recall “memories”, or it suggested they were subconsciously tapping into long forgotten memories.

The Hindu religion, for example, is strongly based on reincarnation (which I plan to look into further very soon). A recent BBC programme showed Hindus clearly believed if they did not perform good deeds in this life they would not have an easier time in the next. One man in particular had Polio as a child, as a result he has to wear calipers for the rest of his life. The man, his friends and his family members firmly believe he must have done something wrong in his last life, as he was being punished for it now. Maybe they are right, but I am not sure a virus could really have anything to do with a past life. The argument certainly follows on into the here and now - lets say; a person has cancer because they were really bad or a child is suffering from abuse or serious ill-health because they killed someone. It is very hard for me to comprehend.

I was told many years ago I was a nanny in a large country estate in Dorset, UK, which was apparently connected to Henry Ford. I was told that I committed suicide by throwing myself off a cliff. I was congratulated on making it passed my 21st birthday, as I had never gone beyond that age in my previous lives; having endured violent and cruel deaths in every life before this one. I don’t think about it a great deal as I do not believe this information has or ever will change me in any way. So I ask, for me, what is the point to past life regression?  Granted, the details given to me, in this instance, were very basic to say the least. I did not gain a greater understanding of the situations, my personality and who “I” was.

As a believer in life after life, and the existence of a spirit world, I believe when we go back to the spirit world, we review our life in detail to assess what we have done and the lessons we have learned. Many believe that once all your family members have returned to the spirit world you are free to choose a new scenario, a new life etc. and off you go back to the earth plane to be incarnated. So, with that in mind and given we have no real recollection of the spirit world or our previous lives – which I presume is deliberate for a reason - why pursue the need to be regressed?

If someone met a horrible death, such as, being hung for murder then yes it may provide some form of reasoning to why the person hated wearing anything around their neck or hated swings. However, would it not also disturb them? Would their life become one long waking nightmare? Would they feel remorse? Would they enter a state of depression and self hate? Or would they shrug it off, rebel and insist on wearing tight roll neck tops for the rest of their lives just to prove a point?

If a controlled study was carried out, on repeat offenders who continually pop in and out of jail, and the detail of the study was not discussed prior to hypnosis AND the hypnotist used extensively controlled wording during the hypnosis then that may be of interest. If there was a clear, substantiated pattern of events, comparable to the lifestyle they currently led, it may act as a speck of evidence that past life regression is a bona fide therapy and reincarnation is a fact of life. But what’s to say the offender has not read countless books on crime, and the perpetrators of crime, whilst they while away their hours inside in prison library?

Given 1 in 3 Christians believe in reincarnation (although this is not endorsed in any Christian scripture), the Chinese adopted Buddhism, and subsequently reincarnation, in the 3rd century, Hinduism is primarily based on reincarnation, it is no clear proof that reincarnation it actually occurs. In the end it all comes down to a matter of choice and belief. And I feel, that in our lifetime, we may never reveal unequivocal proof that we can tap into our past lives through regression.

But the questions remain - Is past life regression necessary? What are the benefits of past life regression? How do you know if you are recalling real past life events and not some deep dark fantasy in your psyche?

Only you can decide if it is right for you.

Lets Talk Reiki

Question: What is Reiki?

Well, we could discuss what it is, look at the scientific data, talk about the mental, emotional and physical effects and the theories behind Reiki Therapy all day long. However, what if you are a Reiki Therapist providing only Reiki Therapy?

I have to confess, I am a Reiki Practitioner, who has been frustrated with the governing bodies, associations and federations. They know Reiki is a growing and popular practice and many recognise, and list Reiki, as a bona fide complementary/holistic therapy. but what they do not recognise is Reiki as a standalone profession. This basically means if you have not attained an award in another “complementary” discipline via the likes of City & Guilds, VTEC, NVQ, ITEC etc. you cannot join.

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) have been deliberating, cogitating and digesting the idea to add Reiki (or rather healing in general) to their list of recognised therapies – but only if the Reiki Practitioner has received 2 years training. And the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) will accept Reiki as a discipline as long as you have trained in college as a beautician or massage therapist.

However, many Reiki students are instructed and attuned over 1, 2 or 3 days. Once attuned they must undergo a 21 day self-healing then produce a case study portfolio, clearly demonstrating they have treated a variety of different people, over a series of treatments, and submit to their Reiki Master for assessment. Now, this process should, in theory, be the same for every Reiki student. I have also found many courses, conducted by UK colleges, that also follow this method of training and assessment.

So, what is the next step?

Personal liability insurance (PLI) is not a problem and there are many companies who will insure you as a Reiki Practitioner. You can also join The UK Reiki Federation, who will put you on their practitioner register and, depending on the level of membership, you can add the UKRF logo to your stationery. Block PLI is also available through Balens when you join UKRF.

Me?  Oh, I’m going the long route.  I will be back at college next month – on my long path to FHT membership…………………………. :)

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