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An Angel Born to Heal

Spring Healing AngelEvery now and then, we encounter spiritual energies – whether ‘home or away’ – that intrigue us. We want to know more and we want to soak up every ounce of their knowledge, their experiences and their energy. Hours can pass, yet they feel like fleeting moments, as we become immersed in their insightful words – which allow a small glimpse into their world, their personality and the people they choose to share their life with.

However, I had a (small) advantage on this particular meeting of minds. I had already delved into the world of this well-connected being; I had already been drawn into their early existence, in their earth-bound form. Nevertheless, it did not make a jot of difference, kind of like watching a movie and then reading the book; the images are there, yet the book fills in the gaps, the misinterpretations, the misrepresentations and a whole host of unanswered questions. And boy, did I have questions, far more than a normal interview would warrant. Although, I did became aware, very quickly, that the rulebook needed to be thrown out of the window. This was going to be a fly by the seat of my pants, totally ad-hoc, ad-lib situation.

You see, Helen Parry Jones is a natural medium; it is why she has been brought into this lifetime. She can hear, feel and see the spirit beings that help her to heal others on a mental, emotional and physical level. Her link with her Guardian Guide, Sam, is phenomenal and quite possibly the envy of many Spiritualists around the world. Moreover, just to make things a little more controversial, she holds the same opinion of many, including myself, that the Spiritualist Churches have an outdated hierarchy and passing on messages from the spirit world is not the be all and end all – the healing aspect is far more important.

It is only fair to say that many people – outside Ireland and Wales – would not have heard of Helen Parry Jones until the fruition of her book, Hands of an Angel. A book that her non-believing taxi driver (who borrowed said autobiography from his wife) described as uplifting; stating “he felt much better” after reading it. Incidentally, the Random House published ‘Hands of an Angel’ is currently enjoying a five out of five-star rating on Amazon, is tipped to hit the best-seller list AND is being sold by Tesco! An impressive feat for a spiritual book!

I ponder on the words of Helen and her taxi driver and wonder if my sensitive side is far too sensitive. As I read her true-life story, I feel a heartbreaking sadness and raw emotion. I absorb her every word as she describes how her teachers, friends and family shunned her ability to talk to spirit, labelling her talent to converse with the unseen energies as sheer folly and childish imagination.

Right up until her late twenties Helen hit a proverbial brick wall, when talking to about her direct link with the spirit world – who had furnished her with in-depth tutoring and information for many years. Her mother, who perceived Helen as fanciful with a vast imagination, took her to be psychologically assessed by the family doctor, in a bid to stop Helen talking about the plethora of spirits visiting her on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is apparent, through talking to Helen and reading her book, that she has no cross to bear or deep-seated animosity that could have been attributed to her past. In fact, I feel that her early battles with the outside, human world, have only added to her positive strength and character.

Talking of character, on “meeting” her Guardian Guide early in the book I instantly envisage a soul, not unlike Djimon Honsou. This particular actor starred in two poignant films, Blood Diamond and Amistad, and once you read ‘Hands of an Angel’, you will understand my reasoning – and my surprise!

Having connected with my energy, through the telephone, Helen could see my own journey, going forward. She said that I would…

Well, given that my pen has just run out I take it as a sign that I should save her prediction for a later date. But I could not help asking her if Sam would step forward, to provide a message for the reader, and he agreed! He said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Adding, “Embracing changes and embracing the possibilities…(and)… opening up to change and positivity will lead you to the next level.” In a nutshell, he was presenting the philosophy that we need to be more open to the world – both seen and unseen – around us and take on board that anything is possible.

Sam’s teachings run throughout the book, ‘Hands of an Angel’, and he even contributed to two of the chapters. And, I have to say, it is one of the most enlightening stories to grace my bookshelf. The book will make you smile from the heart, it will make you cry with joy and pain and it will have you question all that you know to be true about the spirit world. The information imparted by the spirit helpers that Helen met during her early years, is wholly shared in ‘Hands of an Angel’. The honest unedited words, Helen and her spiritual teachers provide, present an invaluable insight into our entire spiritual universe. The book tangibly describes the different roles of angels, the darker underworlds and the process of death – plus a surprise revelation relating to guardian guides.

All in all, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is a must read. The spiritually aware will relate and connect to the story in a way that will touch their hearts, the ‘on the fence’ reader will crave for more and the sceptic will of course remain steadfast. Yet, as Helen Parry Jones says, “We are now peeping through the curtains and those curtains are getting wider and wider.”

Given her ever-growing, worldwide following, Helen has packed the stage with an attentive audience, all waiting hear more from the ‘Hands of an Angel’ writer and her spirit helpers.

All that’s left to say is that her story really is just beginning…

Helen Parry Jones

About Helen Parry Jones

Helen has been a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer for the past thirty years. Thousands of people from princesses to plumbers have come to her for advice and guidance.

She has filled theatres and auditoriums and appeared on radio and TV. Her first book, ‘Hands of an Angel’ is available now, via Tesco Direct and Amazon – to name but a few.

Helen Parry Jones:

Original article, written by Andrea Elliott of Holistic Words, posted in Silent Voices :


Are you sensitive?…..

……..If so you may have always seen this as a negative aspect to your personality. But when you learn to harness this gift, and use it for the good of yourself and others, it really is a truly wonderful trait to have.

If the world had more sensitive’s or empaths’ (a term I prefer to use) I believe it would be a more harmonious and peaceful place. However, as the duality of the world we live in always means their being a polar opposite, we must learn to honour those who seem harder, or un-sensitive. When one can acknowledge and flow with both sides, inner peace can be found. However, it is often the less sensitive people who teach us empaths how to strengthen, use and embrace our gift.


Being an Empath

Just to clarify Empathy, as defined by the English Dictionary, is ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’. You may hear several terms used synonymously to describe this including; sensitive, empath, clairsentience and a more recent term clair-knowing. For the sake of this article I will use the term Empath. I must however, make it clear that this is not the same as being sympathetic, which means feeling for a person but you do not necessarily understand the way they feel.

Being an empath literally means being aware of and sensing your surroundings – whether positive or negative. They can literally pick up the feelings and emotions of others, something they fail to understand especially in their younger years. I can remember a pivotal moment in my life when I just ‘got it’ and may I add, that this moment was only three years ago at the ripe old age of 31. In that very moment, I suddenly could differentiate the feelings of another against my own. It was such a subtle difference that my logical, conscious mind questioned it, but my instinct and intuition just knew. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling and I remember thinking to myself; now I know what that feels like I can be aware of it happening again. Once you become aware, you can begin to protect yourself from absorbing the feelings and emotions (which I will term energy) of others.

Not everyone can automatically, willingly or unwillingly, tune-in to empathise or sense the feeling of another. Empaths do not have the ability to just switch it off, to just stop being empathetic. It’s in their nature, part of their make-up and who they are fundamentally. Therefore, it is not what they have learnt or a behaviour they have adopted.

Energy is Everything

The world is an ocean of frantic energy, a collection of human emotions and thoughts, electromagnetic vibrations from TV, phones, wi-fi to name but a few. These energies are all around us, and just like radio waves, we may not see them but know they are there. Empaths feel and tune-in to these energies on an unconscious level, which is why simple tasks can become draining on the empaths personal energy resources.

If we look at the human being and their five basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are all designed to pick up subtle frequencies of energy which are interpreted by the brain. For the empath, one, a few or all of these senses are heightened, they are more sensitive – which means they can easily tap into their intuition (I like to call this our 6th sense).

Because energy is everything and everywhere, even having a conversation with another can cause inner conflict for an empath because they really feel the words spoken. They pick up on body language and all the subtle non-direct behaviours and cues that emanate from another. So often people have hidden agendas, have emotional blockages, fears and insecurities that they mask with words, they may not even be aware of this themselves, but an empath can discern the truth; the true energy of another.

Remember 80% of the messages we send and receive are non-verbal and 55% of the messages received and processed by the brain are based on body language. Therefore, empaths can be overwhelmed with the amount of information and energy flowing towards them, that they have to process. Empaths can commonly be seen as over emotional, weak, fragile, fussy or even sometimes as emotionally detached and ‘in their own world’. This is often a coping mechanism they have adopted to withstand living in such a frantic world of chaotic energy.

Practices to Manage and Strengthen your Gift

For me I have unknowingly adopted several practices over the years, which have helped me to establish balance and stability. I find quiet times invaluable, with limited electrical equipment in my home, being in Mother Nature and connecting with her, to help ground my energy. The purchase of several, although not expensive, crystals to help protect, cleanse and strengthen my energy field. Regular exercise also helps to release any build-up of unwanted tension and energy. However the most profound has been regularly meditation and I believe this is the most powerful way to stay true to yourself.

Emotional Detachment and Dissociation

The hardest lesson for me, which I am still trying to master, is practising emotional detachment. In psychology there are two meanings to this, firstly the ‘inability to connect’ with others emotionally and secondly (the one which empaths must practice) is ‘dissociation’; the decision to avoid engaging in emotional connections. At first I thought this would be an impossible task and that by doing this I would lose my compassionate and understanding qualities, but in fact it meant that I could be of more service to others. By creating more definite energetic boundaries, I could allow others to feel their emotion without taking them on as my own. By remaining impartial I could allow for a stronger space for others to release in order for me to engage for much longer periods.

I still sometimes find the media and news overwhelming (so I chose not to watch it) and I still cry easily over a sad film, because this is who I am, but I am now able to do what I believe I came here to do. Help and heal others, especially on an emotionally level. I am now a Reiki Master, Metatronia Therapist and Exercise Specialist and I know my own trials, tribulations and experience have been invaluable lessons, which without I would not have been able to take the path that I have.

This is only my view-point, my experience, and you will have your own, possible very different views and experiences too. However, I do hope that for those empaths who read this, it gives them hope, encouragement and the knowing that you are not alone and for everyone else, I hope it has given you at least some insight as to the more sensitive nature of some souls.

Guest article by Emma Bradshaw of Healing 2 Health January 2013


Channelled Message

This beautiful timeless channelled message – sent to me by a good friend – will resonate for many years to come. I feel it holds a valuable key to unlocking our true, higher self.


Make inner peace with yourself; do not allow the resonance of others around you to control the state of your own beautiful vibration. No other on this planet has been guided to be in your shoes, see through your eyes, or feel with your heart. Greater alignment is being asked by all to see that the more you become your own vibration, your own creation of spirit on this planet, then the higher your understanding of your being here at this time will unfold.

All that you seek from the outside world for conformation is but an illusion of what you think you should be.  The truth, the greater being for your existence is that your own gateway to your souls light is through your own heart, not through others around you, but your own. You are not here to please others, but by awakening your own heart, your own light, that others shall want to follow you to a greater existence on this planet as a unity of pure balance, harmony and light. No anger, no fears, no need to take, to steal, but to live as one, knowing that your vibration that you were placed her to be, is of love and that cord, that note of energy is a wave that can break all barriers above all else.

Greed serves no man, for any greater good. There is no need to be greater than any other on the planet, to prove to another that you are better, to stand on top on another person to be able to reach higher, to take from another for your own gain from fear of not being able to reach the top. The man who serves from his heart, guided by his own inner connection to the universe and his desire to be the best from within, is the person who shall gain the abundance and light on their path.

Want for nothing, there is nothing that you need to be able to make you a better person, only an open heart, a gift of love and happiness to spread to others at this time. Reach out your hand to others around you who need a helping hand, do not fear that they shall hold you back, as it is only the shadows in your mind that create this energy of loss, of failure, or not being able to move for the restraints of those around you.

With an open heart and a truly connected cord to light, you will see that the illusions of grandeur, of having to keep up with those around you, of having to evolve at a rate that you feel is expected of you at this time shall slip away into the waters of the ocean of love within your heart.

You are no less of a person for stepping away, for speaking up and saying ‘no more’.  I shall not walk this path of need, greed and fear as my path is one of love, of light and a desire to serve for the highest good, to be the best at who I am, and by being a leader in this society that dictates that above all else, to be the best you must forego the good of all others, and use their energy to gain your own power.

We are all souls of the stars, energy of the universe; we each hold a spark from the collective creator of this infinite space that we call our home. Tread carefully with respect and love for all that is around you, above you, below you and above all else within you, as you are the creator, the manifest of the energy and light.

Channelled message by Chiara Irvine

The Synchronicity of Evolution

Synchronicity is a funny thing. To coin a phrase from a friend, it is the universe getting the message across.

Anyway, this week my husband and I took the (45mins each way) walk into town. On the way back we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a coffee, to prepare ourselves for the hike up the hill.

If you are anything like me you will find it easier to think whilst walking. It’s kind of weird what pops into your head, when taking a stroll, and on this particular day the word evolution made a salubrious appearance. I agree, that’s not exactly exciting, life changing or amazing but within a nano second a black Mercedes van, emblazoned with the company name “Evolution” in shiny silver graphics, drove passed.

Was it paranormal synchronicity, parallel insight or just plain old coincidence at work? And why doesn’t Google Chrome recognise the word synchronicity?

I wish to apologies in advance for any whiplash caused, in the reading of this post, but going back to the word “evolution”, how did my thinking evolve (groan) and expand from this one single, solitary word?

Well, I was pondering how many intuitives, psychics and clairvoyant mediums are now channelling from sources, other than loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. It is amazing how so many have embraced a new way of thinking and the emphasis on proving the existence of the afterlife and the continuous existence of the human soul is no longer the be all and end all.

I cannot give a definitive, specific description on what the channelled source looks like or comes from as it comes in many guises. For example some intuitives believe they are channelling Angels, others say it is infinite intelligence. I have also heard of spiritual entities from other stars, planets, universes and galaxies. But I feel it does not matter what label we apply or how they appear or where they come from as it is all coming from the same infinite intelligence, one single knowledgeable source and it chooses to “appear” in a form comfortable with the person it is communicating with.

I believe the time of “ME” is upon us and people are getting out of their comfort zones and looking for more fulfilling, challenging lives. Yet, it is hard, after so many years of conditioning from family, friends, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, government officials…….the list is endless. So perhaps this communicative spiritual advancement is happening now for that reason?

People need something more, something helpful, something that will allow them to move on and realise their full potential – and from first hand experience (and not to be disrespectful in any way) – I don’t believe my Dad, Grandfathers, Grandmothers provide that extra, higher level of help, so why would family members or friends who have passed help anyone else?

I do believe there will always be the traditional, evidential medium-ship, as those who do not currently believe in spirit or have not been introduced to the new spirit channelling will always require this style of communication. Nevertheless, the awareness is growing and more people are choosing the alternative options that are coming to the fore.

Evolution is coined as the “survival of the fittest”. However, if you take the principles of natural selection and apply it to the spirit arena, this gradual introduction of a new spiritual awareness is escalating and will, perhaps, become the norm in the years to come.

One thing I am absolutely sure about is that we are not the dominant intelligence in this universe – just ask my cats!

Evolutionary Breakthrough Brings Healing into the 21st Century

A new healing discovery is set to revolutionise human spiritual evolution.

Quantum & Holographic Echo Healing Therapy An evolutionary healing technique, known as Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is now available across the globe. 

The holistic therapy, developed by Paula Wratten, draws on the philosophies of quantum theory, to release emotional and spiritual baggage and reconnect mind and body – making it a true evolution in holistic therapy.   

Paula Wratten, founder and facilitator of Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ , comments, “The earth has evolved at such a rapid rate, yet the human spiritual state is still lagging behind. My role is to bridge this gap; by clearing outmoded, negative beliefs and obstructive patterns, stored within our internal and external self.”

Paula Wratten created Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ after many years of scientific research, focusing on the theory that human thoughts have either a positive or negative effect on the human body. She designed the healing method in order to clear the mind, body, aura and outer, holographic field (an energy field that can create unwanted physical and emotional barriers), of psychological restrictions and unfounded limitations.

“Every cell in our body records events in our lives. Therefore, these memories, or patterns, are locked inside us. These events are stored from this lifetime, our past lives and our past and present ancestry. By releasing the imprint at DNA, auric and holographic level, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ can open up new possibilities, new-found confidence and the ability to create a more positive and productive life.” says Paula.

The unique, trademarked, healing therapy is carried out via a one-hour Skype call or physical one-to-one session, lending flexibility and accessibility across the globe. Paula will be teaching the practice in the UK and Europe and, with strong demand in the USA, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is also set to be practiced in America. Furthermore, as a complementary therapy, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , works alongside mainstream healthcare as an additional support, for complete holistic wellbeing.

Paula adds, “I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT) who has blended the use of metaphysical energy into my readings and practice. My job, as a facilitator of Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , is to help empower my clients and teach others – including professional holistic therapists – to learn the process and utilise it for themselves.

With a huge growth in demand for the Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™  sessions and teaching courses, Paula Wratten, who has appeared in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, It’s Fate and Fate & Fortune, will be taking part in many high-profile events in Holland, Spain and the UK, between now and the end of 2012.

Paula concludes, “It is a very exciting time. People now understand the need to create wholeness and balance in their lives. They want to know how they can truly connect with themselves, other people and the world around them. Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ really can help them do all this and more, lending them the power to move their lives forward in a positive, proactive way.”

For more information about Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , or to book an appointment or training course, please click here or visit:

About Paula Wratten

Paula WrattenPaula is a spiritual teacher, mentor, clairvoyant medium, qualified beauty & holistic therapist and EFT Practitioner. She teaches and practices her unique healing technique, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ . Paula has featured in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, Fate and Fortune, Chat It’s Fate, BBC Radio and REM Radio. Paula is also a monthly columnist for Silent Voices, she has co-written a healing CD and is in the final production of her book, Gone But Not forgotten.

For more information, please go to Paula Wratten’s website at: or contact Paula via email:

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Animal Magic

Don’t think about it.

Pick the first one that pops in to your head.

No cheating now!……………….

Think of an animal.

Write it down.

I watched a documentary last week on the Maya civilisation. I have loved anything to do with the ancient Central and Southern Americas since I was a child. The mystery, their way of life, their knowledge; which, like the Egyptians, seemed far beyond their years.

ShamanicThe programme centred on the search for the remains of the first Maya King. I found myself internally shouting at the TV, telling the archaeologists to dig under the monument. And lo an behold they found his remains deep under the very foundations of the pyramid.

Why did I feel so strongly? Well, when I used to sit in a clairvoyant development circle, I used to go on wild epic adventures, during the guided meditation. After the meditation our teacher would go round the room and ask everyone where they went and what they experienced. She eventually turn to me. She would take a long deep breath in, let out a long sigh and say, “And where did you go this evening Andrea?”

Well, I literally went everywhere! Across continents, visiting different cultures, feeling different sensations and learn a thing or two. And there are a few journeys that really stick in my mind. In one such journey I was with a Persian lady, who I believed was one of my helpers at the time. She took me on a whistle-stop ride across North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, on a beautiful Arabian stallion. She showed me an array of holistic health practices. The most significant visit was to a herbalist in Turkey. I was taught how to mix herbs, lotions and potions, combining them to enhance the healing properties.

OK, I have slightly veered off topic so I will get back to the Maya.

During one such meditation I found myself laid out, on a “stretcher”. I felt as if I had been sacrificed but I was not sure, perhaps I had just been ill? If I had met a sacrificial end I was not treated as the bog standard “lamb to the slaughter”, I had been tended to. I wore a clean long tunic and my long dark hair was neatly brushed. It did not resemble the whole head cutting off, chuck down the steps thing depicted in - the simply superb – Apocalypto. I was being buried. With honour and respect. I witnessed “my self” looking up the steps, to an open slab stone doorway, as my body was gently carried down to the bottom of a room, which was dug out of the earth.

When I came back from the meditation I felt weird, which was pretty normal to be honest, as it could take some time for me to fully come to. But this time it was different. It was as if I had seen an actual event in my past. It was a cross between a de ja vu and a “that soo didn’t just happen, did it?” moment.

Anyhoo, along with the Maya and pretty much the entire Americas, there has been one particular animal that I have been drawn to all my life. I even wanted one as a pet when I was little, and ever since I watched a specific episode of Top Gear I wanted an XJS – the special edition with gold-plated engine…………..

Apologies to those outside the EU for the car “clue”. But for the benefit of my Euro neighbours: No. It is not a panda!

It’s a Jaguar.

So, what is the significance? Well, in shamanic terms, animals give us strength. We all have specific animals connected to us, or animals we need to focus on in order to draw on their energies. They are known as Power Animals.

For the purpose of this exercise I am going to surmise the purpose of the Jaguar and very briefly conclude with my thoughts on how, or if, he relates to my life in any way.

The main strengths drawn from the Jaguar Power Animal is keeping a clear head and moving forward during times of chaos, dealing with and steering away from chaos. It gives courage when going into the unknown – whether it be new places, ideas, beliefs and thinking. The Jaguar works on psychic vision and focuses a great deal of energy on the soul and empowering the soul. In addition, the black Jaguar is the custodian of the continuation of time and the world of the unknown.

The gifts from the Jaguar Power Animal is courage and will. He asks us to go deep within to find the real spirit inside, to both question and let go of fears, thus healing longstanding emotional attachments. He will disclose the secrets behind human existence and how all goals can be realised, through sheer grit and determination. Clair/psychic abilities can also develop when using the Jaguar. And it is very important to trust thoughts, visions and instinct.

People who hold the Jaguar power have a regard for language, but their words have a tendency to be misunderstood by more sensitive souls, who may take things out of context. Therefore Jaguar people like their own company, feeling at ease when alone with their thoughts and they generally stick to people with similar personalities. Jaguar people tend to follow their own dreams, knowing the importance of creating their own reality by themselves.

My thoughts? A huge proportion of the symbolism of the Jaguar Power Animal rings true to me and I feel very comfortable with the holistic grass-roots aspiration and spiritual philosophy of the Jaguar.

So, now it’s over to you.

What was your animal? How do you feel about the animal? Is it a longstanding affinity? Was it a complete suprise?…………Do you already know your Power Animal and how does it make you feel?

A Spiritually Personal Compromise

Would you call yourself a spiritual person? Do you love everyone and everything above and on this planet? Is your life perfect in every single way imaginable? 

Yes to the first, no to the second and third?

The traits of being human are what make us special. It shapes us, moulds us and gives us our own unique personalities, foibles, quirkiness (a word that is accepted in MS Word but not in Word press), which beautifully brings me on  to my rationale. 

Individual, spiritual, inquisitive, uncertain, candour, integrity. There are so many words to describe our personalities, but there is no “one shoe fits all” and I feel that is how it should be. 

Personality AirbrushingTotal perfection is an extremely difficult quality to achieve.

No one on this planet is completely flawless; although, by air-brushing ones real character you can certainly disguise a multitude of sins, from our fellow souls. All the while, our true self is dying to be a little mischievous or someone, somewhere finds us objectionable, even if we are the nicest sweetest thing imaginable. 

For me, being spiritual is less about religion, your belief in the spirit world or spiritual theory, it is more about knowing who you are. It’s about accepting and knowing your self and about managing and accepting your expectations of, and respect for, others. 

So who am I?

Well I hope I am just little old me. 

I believe in the paranormal, I believe in communication with people who have passed on, I believe we all have a specific purpose, I believe in the law of attraction.


I like punk rock (my ringtone is The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring). Some people possess an irritating gene, which I respond with similar irksomeness – some might call “small person syndrome”. I like the sun but the combination of wind and rain is aggravating. I love to shop but feel an air of disappointment when my bank balance is at the wrong end of the happy scale. I am both inwardly and outwardly noisy, so you could say both my brain and voice box are on continuous chatter mode. I am consistently right – which means I am accurately delusional. I rarely drink, as I am horizontal for two days afterwards, but I do smoke. Yes, I know already!

My husband likes 80’s music, our youngest likes anything catchy, our middle earth child like R&B and (ahem) ‘RAP and our eldest favours my kind of tunes. The immortal words of Madness……..“there’s always something happening and it’s usually quite loud”…….sums up our incessant music channel hopping household. My husband is also very much into meditation, believes wholeheartedly in universal law, and is a very good Clairvoyant Medium. But get him behind the wheel and he becomes angst personified! 

But it’s OK, we are who we are. 

We all think differently, we all like different things, people, experiences etc. But there is a connection between us. You have visited my blog because you have either been here before, you are curious, like-minded, or my post tags are completely irrelevant and totally off the mark! But then again you have read nearly the entire post haven’t you…………..…….?

Anyway that’s a tiny snippet of me*, outside of my “typical” spiritual reflections. 

But that’s it, that’s the thing. You don’t have to compromise or change (not unless you really want to) your brilliant, diverse personality to retain your spirituality. 

You are the wonderful and uniquely spirited you.

*Airbrush not included

An Interview with Psychic Ross Bartlett

Ross Bartlett - Teen Psychic - TattooThis, my friends, is Teen Psychic Ross Bartlett.

I had the pleasure to chat with Ross this week, and believe me I was blown away. The nineteen year old from Southern England is the most calm, relaxed, spiritually centred, western-world teenager I have ever spoken with. Well, grilled.

To ease gently into my 2 page A4, margin removed, half line spaced, size 8 font “quiz sheet” I asked Ross about his tattoos. Well there is no getting away from them really. Each one, Ross explains, has a specific spiritual meaning. His right arm, decorated in painted stars, in varying sizes and colours, denote the connection to the spirit world. His left trailed and swirled with leaves and vine, symbolises the connection to the earth. On his back are a beautiful pair of angel wings, expertly applied by the ink toting craftsman. The angels are of course messengers, which Ross says is his specific duty; to deliver messages from the Spirit World.

Interesting; earth, angel, spirit………….I ponder the symbolic reference, on a conscious level, and I seem to get it, not sure, what IT is but it’s like a knowing without knowing and no words can describe the resonance? Weird!

Anyway, the Teen Psychic, and qualified hypnotherapist, explained the tattoos are a significant reminder, to him, to drive forward in his personal knowledge and development. His tattoos also reveal Ross accepts philosophies from many different cultures and beliefs, with Hindu, Egyptian, Pagan and Christian symbols all present in his bodily art collection.

I asked the nineteen-year-old Psychic what he believes it is to be Spiritual. He paused for a brief moment, remarking he had never been asked the question before. Nevertheless, his response was clear, and in a nutshell warm and honourable. The teetotal, non-smoking, zero chemical using vegetarian wholeheartedly believes in only good thoughts, – as negative thoughts only lead to temptation – respecting and looking after both himself and others. Ross explained that being spiritual was about “understanding and compassion towards others…understanding yourself…and interior growth”

In other words, he believes that you need to look within, work on, and respect yourself. This young psychic, surprisingly, holds the same ethos as rock legend, Meatloaf: That you must work on yourself, making a concerted effort to look at “the man in the mirror”.

Moving on now to growing up - and developing as a Medium. At the tender and, some might say, highly significant age of fourteenth, Ross began meditation classes at his local Spiritualist Church. Soon the church offered him a place in a closed (private) development circle. The circle taught him to open up to the Spirit World, strengthen his links and communication skills, and hone his clear seeing. They continued with the meditation, practising visualisation techniques and more importantly trained him to close himself down, so spirit could not pop in as and when they felt like it.

But what about life at school? Ross explained his school was “very rough” but his life was not made difficult. Many of the kids found out about Ross’ psychic abilities through their parents, who had seen the Teen Psychic demonstrating his skill at the Spiritualist Church. The ones who knew he was clairvoyant were accepting and understanding, which I believe to be a rarity, given the non-spiritual setting. I also believe the support he received from his Mum, (who introduced Ross to the Spiritualist Church) his close friends and of course the church undoubtedly helped him greatly during, what can be, highly difficult and confusing years.

Through his website, I learned Ross was interested in Quantum Mechanics, so I asked him to explain his understanding of the subject – and how it relates to his work.  The enthusiasm emanating from this young man was electric, exciting and made me want to time travel back to my science lessons, to actually pay a smidge more attention!

Ross described how Quantum Theory could provide explanations, on the different dimensions we live in and how we link with the Spirit World, through consciousness. “Science cannot connect science with consciousness” said Ross, “Thought and consciousness are the building blocks to our reality…,(and) without consciousness nothing else could exist.”

He explained the feeling of De Ja Vu as an actual memory. He believes that even before we come into this life, our consciousness had already made all the decisions on what we experience in this life. Ross continues, “There are an infinite amount of parallel universes, all with different choices and decisions.” The picture I envisage from Ross’ theory is this; Imagine there are infinite number of straight vertical, never-ending lines. All the lines are dotted with markers – a bit like the London Underground Station “circles”. If you are currently on a particular path, but then choose a different path, you hop over to a maker on another line. However, it seems there is a catch to this theory, as we are not in fact flitting through life on some random joy ride, as our consciousness has already pre-destined the outcomes.

Ross Bartlett - Teen PsychicRoss, thankfully, injects a Star Wars analogy: Anakin Skywalker has a vision that his girlfriend dies, so he does everything he possibly can to change the outcome, by changing his decisions. However it did not make one jot of difference as the death was already preordained and would have happened regardless, because the decisions he believed he changed led to her eventually death anyway.

This young scientific, yet extrasensory, mind offers more theories and little gems of wonderment to ponder.””God” is energy, is all-powerful, is everything and knows everything……………… (God) is not governed, or restricted, by time. Energy cannot be created or destroyed because it is everything.”

“The act of looking for something will create something for us to find” is Ross’ brief theory on the Law of Attraction, whereby your thoughts create your reality. However, he warns, what is proven now may not indeed be truth in years to come. He explains that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was way beyond its time, at that time. However now that same theory, which has been spoon-fed into the mouths of (willing, I might add) science students for years has been proven to be wrong. He asks the question (which I joyfully label as a prediction) “What’s to say there will not be a radio connecting every home to the Spirit World in years to come?”

My vision? Ross Bartlett and Professor Brian Cox locked in a room for 24 hours (feed and watered occasionally of course) with white boards, marker pens, sticky notes and a laptop; just to see what mind-boggling theories and scientific equations they come up with!

Turning back to his work, Ross has appeared on BBC 3, demonstrating his Mediumship skills on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here star, Joe Swash. The Teen Psychic said he definitely enjoyed the experience adding; “It was something different, something new.” He states he is very open to the media, and indeed welcomes it, in order to reach those “who would not generally step foot inside a Spiritualist Church.” Nevertheless, he is selective in what he does, and comments, “It needs to feel right.”

For a recent psychic weekend event in Coventry, UK, Ross was described as “one of the country’s top four mediums.” In the event, he appeared alongside Colin Fry, Derek Acorah and Ralph Keeton. I asked Ross if he ever felt patronised by, what I described as, the “Old School” mediums. He replied, “No. They respect me as I have gone out there and done my thing.” Although he added “Mediums don’t generally get on with other mediums, (as there) is a lot of competition, ego and jealousy” He adds there is a lot of “massaging the ego, with autographs, people wanting to take your picture, people coming up to you wanting to speak to you.”

Over the next year, Ross will continue with his public demonstrations, in halls, theatres, pubs and clubs. The Teen Psychic will also be taking his work to Norway and Sweden, where he reports Clairvoyance is becoming very popular. He has travelled to the USA for private one to one readings. In addition, Ross has just completed the first stage of his autobiography, publication for which will be January 2013.

With his popularity increasing daily and demands for his clairvoyance coming in thick and fast, Ross still believes charging “over the top is out of the question” for what he does. As a full-time medium, he does of course need to charge in order to survive, but states financial rewards (or rather gain) “should be avoided.”

I asked Ross if he had any advice for the budding “young” medium out there. He replied: “Be who you are - Reflect your own personality - Take one-step at a time - Practice, practice, practice – Remember why you started”. Ross made it clear that his last point related to the intention; if you develop to help people then you really should continue with that ethic.

In conclusion, for me, referring to Ross Bartlett as anything but a young man would be disrespectful, although the label “Teen Psychic” has really catapulted him into the fray. He is polite, kind, conscious of his own responsibility to the work he carries out, highly inquisitive, knowledgeable, forward thinking and, in my eyes, oozes humility.


Yes, indeed!

Psychic Jeff

Psychic Jeff

My name is Jeff and I am a Clairvoyant Medium.

My first experience of Spirit was when I was 3 years old, when I used to see a lady in my bedroom combing her hair. It used to frighten me so much! My Mum thought I was completely mad and took me to see a psychiatrist………….

To read more click on the following link Welcome to Psychic Jeff.

via Welcome to Psychic Jeff.

Should you Charge for your Services?

Money and SpiritualityMoney. It’s a funny thing isn’t it?

Unless you are living on an abundant paradise island, with all the food, water,  and shelter you could possible need for several lifetimes, you need money. Especially now with the cost of our most basic needs rising almost daily.

So, as a holistic health or spiritual adviser how do you strike a balance between credibility, integrity and your own financial commitments? And what exactly do I mean by that?

OK, well lets say you are a working Clairvoyant Medium. As a Medium you are in fact working for Spirit and you are giving messages to people, who have lost family members. They have come to you for help, peace of mind and proof that their loved ones are still “around”.

But if you have the “gift” of communication with Spirit should you gain financial? Should you be more intent on the personal gratification of helping someone rather than material reward? Could you been seen as profiting from their grief ? Where does integrity fit in? Does blowing ones trumpet, if you receive some mind-blowing proof, really conveying a humble, spiritual persona?

Mmmmm, it’s a difficult one.

I had a discussion with a Reiki healer in France a few months ago.  His view was: as a spiritual healer he was helping people feel better and even the thought of charging for healing was out of the question. I asked him if he had studied to become a healer and was he charged for his tuition? Being a qualified Reiki healer myself, I already knew the answer was undoubtedly yes. All certified Reiki/Spiritual Healers and a vast majority of Mediums have undergone months, even years of training. Reiki students pay for their training at each level and, if the trainer is worth their salt, the student should be required to provide case studies and produce history and philosophical essays – before they are deemed a Reiki Healer.

To become a Medium you must be dedicated and practice meditation (preferably) every day and it is advised that you attend a development group at least once a week.

Therefore, along with any other student, a holistic or spiritual student works hard, puts in a lot of time and effort and pays for their tuition. So why should they forgo their needs once “qualified”? There are bills to pay, a roof to keep and food to buy.

But as a “light-worker” if the thought of receiving payment still leaves you feeling cold then look at it this way: A client pays for the time you have set aside just for them and the payment is simply an exchange of energy and time, in exactly the same way they pay the doctor, dentist, counselor, beauty therapist…………You enjoy the work you have chosen so you have earned the right to enjoy both the personal and financial rewards too.

So don’t feel bad. You have a skill, you are worth it. The trick is to find the right balance between your personal views and your personal needs.


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