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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Never in my life have I wanted to quantum leap from one year to the next, until pre-Christmas 2012.

2012 has been a year of highs and lows for many, yet it has all served a major purpose; to consolidate all that you are and all that you want to be. It was a year of discovery, a year to find out who you really are and what road you would like to follow in 2013.

It has not been easy. Those who have chosen to take stock, and possibly “find themselves”, will welcome 2013 with elated, ecstatic open arms.

2013 will be about piecing all those 2012 internal puzzles and discoveries together. This New Year will be about recognising, and grabbing, those – consciously or subconsciously – longed for opportunities with both hands and saying:

“I CAN do this!”

“I CAN create and mould the life I want!”

“I CAN be myself!”

“I DESERVE to be happy!”

There are so many affirmations that apply to the energy of 2013 and each and every one of you will have different thoughts and ideas, to motivate, enthuse and ease the transition into 2013.

But know this: It is important to fully embrace and align to the spiritual energy of 2013. Do not try to force things to happen or battle against the tide. 2013 is all about going with the flow and using your intuitive, gut feelings. It is about fully understanding the emotions, desires and feelings of 2012 and bringing them with you into 2013, in order for you to work collaboratively with your inner self.

Self realisation of what is really important in your life and in your heart, will manifest very early on in 2013. Just feel it, feel the energy, understand the energy and then take your first positive, smiling steps to do what makes you truly happy.

Just be your wonderful self.

Thank you for your amazing support and comments in 2012.

I hope you all have a very, very Happy New Year

All the Best

Holistic Words


Holistic Words on Radio

Holistic Words talks to NCK Radio Network

Click on the link to listen to Holistic Words on NCK Radio Network

Topics include:

Old style Mediumship, taught by the Spiritualists Church

Powerful and infinite source energy


December 21, 2012

Explosion of quantum science in the holistic arena

Theory that we live in consecutive in parallel universes’

Quantum Jumping

Changing Minds in a Crazy World

Many moons ago, when I was still at college, a BBC sports commentator came out, and revealed to the world, that he was the “Son of the Godhead”.

The media stomped all over this well-known ex-soccer player and sports presenter, branding him a complete nutter who needed clothing in a white wrap-around coat and placed in a secure unit, away from the world. They assumed he was proclaiming to be the Son of God and, until today, I too had been sucked in to this media led assumption.

I visited one of his websites last year and discovered content largely relating to the illuminati and his theory that many political figures are in fact descendants of a reptilian race – including The Queen, Tony Blair and George Bush. So, I promptly removed him from my reading list (again) and popped him back into the Pandora’s box of “Do not open unless you are feeling in the need for wide-eyed astonishment and a large dose of WHOA! Hold the phone!”

However, whilst traipsing through a plethora (I love that word!) of YouTube videos, searching for understandable, unambiguous, comprehensible information on quantum language and quantum communication, our Mr Icke reappeared and suddenly a little spark of realisation washed over me. Yes, some of his ideas may seem a little “way out there” but, on the whole, I just think this chap hit the headlines way before his time.

The world, in the 1990′s, was just not ready to hear his views, his theories, his beliefs. However, with the emergence of new theorems, within the quantum branch of science, it is only now that people are listening to his teachings and they really make sense! Even the UK media have reported a rise in popularity, for this previously persecuted public person. He talks about things, that many of us have only just got to grips with over the last couple of years.

David calls the media “disrespectful, ignorant and stunningly ill-informed about the forces behind world events” and he is probably right on every level.

And for that reason, I would love to interview him, I think it would be utterly fascinating!

Holistic Affirmation Station

I release all anger and negative thoughts

I feel calm, relaxed and at peace with my world

I see the wonders of the universe and understand its beauty

I have an infinite amount of pure, powerful source energy to draw upon

I am a unique individual, creating magic and aiding the ascension of this planet

~ Holistic Words

Holistic Words

Ask Amy Q and A-Is the World Coming to an End?

Andrea Elliott:

I love this post by Amy Keast about 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar and what happens next. Thank you Amy.

Originally posted on Amy Keast, Intuitive:

There is so much talk to the significance of December 21, 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar.   Is the world coming to an end?

google image

No, the world isn’t coming to a screeching halt but rather it is the end of an age, the Piscean era.  For the last 2000 years, the earth has been living in a 3rd chakra consciousness, a me centered consciousness.  The new era that is before us is the Aquarian age, a 4th chakra, heart centered consciousness.  There is a shift taking place in the world here on the earth plane.  It is a quantum leap in our humanity.  It is a shift that goes beyond our 5 senses.

It’s an astrological event that only happens every 2000 years or so.  The shift is creating havoc around the globe. Floods, droughts, fires, climate changes and the list goes on. What kind of changes…

View original 35 more words

Evolutionary Breakthrough Brings Healing into the 21st Century

A new healing discovery is set to revolutionise human spiritual evolution.

Quantum & Holographic Echo Healing Therapy An evolutionary healing technique, known as Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is now available across the globe. 

The holistic therapy, developed by Paula Wratten, draws on the philosophies of quantum theory, to release emotional and spiritual baggage and reconnect mind and body – making it a true evolution in holistic therapy.   

Paula Wratten, founder and facilitator of Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ , comments, “The earth has evolved at such a rapid rate, yet the human spiritual state is still lagging behind. My role is to bridge this gap; by clearing outmoded, negative beliefs and obstructive patterns, stored within our internal and external self.”

Paula Wratten created Quantum and Holographic Echo HealingÔ after many years of scientific research, focusing on the theory that human thoughts have either a positive or negative effect on the human body. She designed the healing method in order to clear the mind, body, aura and outer, holographic field (an energy field that can create unwanted physical and emotional barriers), of psychological restrictions and unfounded limitations.

“Every cell in our body records events in our lives. Therefore, these memories, or patterns, are locked inside us. These events are stored from this lifetime, our past lives and our past and present ancestry. By releasing the imprint at DNA, auric and holographic level, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ can open up new possibilities, new-found confidence and the ability to create a more positive and productive life.” says Paula.

The unique, trademarked, healing therapy is carried out via a one-hour Skype call or physical one-to-one session, lending flexibility and accessibility across the globe. Paula will be teaching the practice in the UK and Europe and, with strong demand in the USA, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ is also set to be practiced in America. Furthermore, as a complementary therapy, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , works alongside mainstream healthcare as an additional support, for complete holistic wellbeing.

Paula adds, “I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT) who has blended the use of metaphysical energy into my readings and practice. My job, as a facilitator of Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , is to help empower my clients and teach others – including professional holistic therapists – to learn the process and utilise it for themselves.

With a huge growth in demand for the Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™  sessions and teaching courses, Paula Wratten, who has appeared in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, It’s Fate and Fate & Fortune, will be taking part in many high-profile events in Holland, Spain and the UK, between now and the end of 2012.

Paula concludes, “It is a very exciting time. People now understand the need to create wholeness and balance in their lives. They want to know how they can truly connect with themselves, other people and the world around them. Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ really can help them do all this and more, lending them the power to move their lives forward in a positive, proactive way.”

For more information about Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ , or to book an appointment or training course, please click here or visit:

About Paula Wratten

Paula WrattenPaula is a spiritual teacher, mentor, clairvoyant medium, qualified beauty & holistic therapist and EFT Practitioner. She teaches and practices her unique healing technique, Holistic Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™ . Paula has featured in The Sun newspaper, Prediction Magazine, Fate and Fortune, Chat It’s Fate, BBC Radio and REM Radio. Paula is also a monthly columnist for Silent Voices, she has co-written a healing CD and is in the final production of her book, Gone But Not forgotten.

For more information, please go to Paula Wratten’s website at: or contact Paula via email:

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Holistic Words Media is a professional PR service – exclusively for spiritual light-workers – providing news pieces, advertorial and editorial copy writing.

Contact Holistic Words Media via email:

2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?

2012 There are many theories to what will happen in 2012. Therefore, as a logical, rational being, I put forward a line of questioning in the vain hope that I may find, and ultimately share, some answers.

The word from many spiritual figures, such as Diana Cooper, is we are entering a new age of spiritual awareness, and ascension to a higher spiritual level.

Many believe there will be an energy force coming from above, to “turn on” our spiritual selves.

Read more……… 2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?.

Holistic Words

November 11 2011

What are you doing at 11 mins past 11 on 11/11/11?

I will go into the spiritual theories behind 11th November 2011 shortly, but first I wanted to discuss another important point to the day, which seems to be slightly missed, in the spiritual  circles…………………………………………

Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget

Lest we forget the reason why the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is a very important date in our calendar; to remember all the military personnel, from the USA to the UK, Poland to Australia, who gave their lives, for the freedom we enjoy today.

I spent many years, as a child, living in army quarters in the south of England and Germany. My mother was in the army, my father was in the army, my brother is off on a six month tour of Afghanistan this month and my grandfather has a memorial plaque, in the Royal British Legion Club in Cramlington, Northumberland, UK.

For me, it hits home when I walk through my local town centre and see the elderly members of the Royal British Legion, standing for hours in the cold and the rain, in order to raise money, and awareness, for our armed forces. I, without question, emptied my purse to purchase my poppy, the symbol worn in support of Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. But on returning home I wanted to know exactly where all the money raised, during poppy appeal, actually goes.

I was shocked!

And what shocked me was the amount of funds the Royal British Legion spend supporting ex-service men and women and their families, which equates to £1.4 million every week!

  • This money assists wifes and girlfriends, with or without young children, who have lost their husbands through warfare.
  • This money helps military personnel and their families in times of crisis and poverty – when this should be met by the government who employed them.
  • This money helps service personnel ease and rebuild their lives after some horrific injuries and provides nursing, after-care and home assistance.
  • This money helps soldiers ease back in to civilian way if they no longer can physically or mentally remain in service.
  • This money helps soldiers and their families get away from it all, providing much-needed respite holidays, to ease the stresses and strains of home life.

This has to be heart warming for the hardiest of conscientious objectors and anti-military campaigners. And of course any conflict, war and the inevitable casualties it causes is wrong. But  at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011, I do hope the UK nation will pause, to take two minutes out of their lives, to reflect on the sacrifice of our brave service men and women from conflicts, past and present.


11/11/11Now, I digress to a more spiritual mode, in order to explain why 11th November 2011 is so important to lightworkers at this time. Or should I say I will try to explain my understanding.

11:11:11 (am & pm) on 11/11/11 will never be seen again for another 100 years. It is highly unlikely we will ever live to see an occurrence, such as this, ever again. Lucky 11 is proving to be a prime date for couples to tie the knot and has always been a significant number to the mad cap casino patrons. But psychologists and sceptics alike believe us meer mortals are looking for a pattern and significance, where one does not exist.

However, many spiritualists believe November 11, 2011 is a time of great awakening. Does that mean everyone in the world will wake-up and have an epiphany, a major jolt from above. Will the drugs, alcoholism, corruption, greed, wars, fighting and hate suddenly stop and we will all have a group hug? I seriously do not know, but I can say, I doubt that will ever happen. I have touched on this in 2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown? but 11/11/11 is now.

So what is happening now? I know countless clairvoyants, mediums, lightworkers and complementary therapists who have reported a lack of faith, a lack of belief, a disinterest in their work, a shifting away from the things and people that they used to love. They all seem to be waiting for something to happen. A spark to reignite their interest, a realisation of what life is all about and what their real purpose is. This is happening, but not one can explain to me exactly why it is happening.

I must admit, I am questioning my need to work with spirit and have experienced all of the above. But, thankfully, I believe I have come through the other side; by focusing my energy on developing myself, learning about new subjects and writing. Through re-aligning my priorities on the here and now, I can safely say the only thing I am questioning now is the thoughts and theories of others, rather than my internal battle of recent months.

People are going through a depression, of sorts, and it is believed 11/11/11 will reawaken their love for life, regain their inner strength and power. Through this awakening, they should see there is more to life than the need to heal and connect with higher spirit beings. As it is time to realise we are spirit beings and should be revere ourselves as such. It is time to live for today and by doing so, reclaim our freedom.

This new-found reality is an ascension into a 3 dimensional world, where infinite possibilities are realised. We need to break down our old, suppressed way of thinking, (which has been drummed into us by our peers all our lives), and therefore the barriers that have surrounded us throughout our lives. As we continue to live through this time of austerity there is a greater need to change our lives for the better and now is the time to do it!

I think what I am trying to say is make a plan, a bit like a New Years resolution, to take life by the short and curlies on 11/11/11 and say:

“I am better than this – I can make a difference – I am a higher spiritual being - I now have the opportunity to change my life!”

I have read many philosophies on 11/11/11, but pull away at the rhymes, riddles, and Shakespearian vocab’ and it all comes down to this:

Live Life   Live Now   Live Happy   Make it Happen

Walking with Earth Angels

Earth AngelsI have read many articles on the theory that there are Angels here on earth. The idea is that Angels walk among us, and exist as regular human beings, to assist in the 2012 ascension.

However, my belief is this: Angels do not descend back to the earth plane. If you are an Angel and of a higher vibration why would you be sent back? Angels earn their right to be known as an Angel, they have worked hard to ascend into the higher realms of the spirit world, in order to assist the universe. Granted, there are many mediums, clairvoyants, lightworkers etc. who are so in-tune with the higher energies, they are perceived as Angelic. But I feel the notion that Angels walk among us a little self-serving.

Many sensitives are feeling strange in the run up to 2012. Many people, including myself, have or are going through a major questioning; trying to understand our life’s purpose, questioning our beliefs, analysing the reasons why we work in this field and we are searching for something, but just don’t know what we are all searching for. There also seems to be a desperation to get from A to B, but no-one can figure out what exactly B is. But this does not mean we are Earth Angels it just shows we are in touch with what is going on in the here and now. We understand the earth is going through a major shift and we are simply trying to find our place in the world.

So, if Angels do not walk among us then what are Earth Angels?

Earth Angels & Guardian Angels are the closest Angels to the human race, they support us, guide us through our trials and are there when we call. But Earth Angels are different. These Angelic beings have lived on earth and have evolved over millenia, to reach the higher Angelic realms and only stay with us during one of our lifetimes.

Also known as Celtic Angel, your Earth Angel knows what it is to be human and fully understand what it is to live in your world. They have learned the specific lessons, relevant to your current life and have experienced your material world first hand. They know we have needs to survive as they too have been through it. And for that reason they are assigned to us for the entire period of our earthly existence.

As they walk us through life they can help us deal with our problems and look at things from different perspectives, using their personal earthly experiences and knowledge. Your Earth Angel is your friend who consoles you and picks you up when you are down.

Think of it as having your own personal therapist and counsellor, but unlike a regular shrink, you actually like them and they are playing on your team, not theirs! As a friend, they do not want to alarm you in any way, so will take on a guise that sits comfortably with you. The Earth Angel may not take on a previous form but a form they feel is relevant to you.

The line does, however, begin to blur when we bring Spirit  Guide’s into the mix and, to be fair, it becomes confusing as the entities are so similar. All I can say is this; once you begin to open up to the spirit world you should be able to distinguish between your life long Guide, your Earth Angel and other guides. Each have their own vibration and their energy should feel completely different, but they are still there to help you along your way.

It is also important to remember that your Earth Angel is not perfection personified, as they are so close to us humans, and of course have been human themselves. They will not tell you what to do but simply suggest the best course of action for you. Therefore, think of them as advisors as oppose to dictators.

So, Earth Angels are among us but, in my opinion, they are not organic human reincarnations and, if we welcome their assistance we may find our lives, as we draw ever closer to 2012, a little easier and a little more stress free.

2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?



There are many theories to what will happen in 2012. Therefore, as a logical, rational being I put forward a line of questioning, in the vain hope that I may find, and ultimately share, some answers.The word from many spiritual figures, such as Diana Cooper, is we are entering a new age of spiritual awareness, and ascension to a higher spiritual level. Many believe there will be an energy force coming from above, to “turn on” our spiritual selves.But what does that mean exactly?

Does it mean we are all going to realise exactly why we are here and what our life’s purpose is? Will we all reach a heightened state of enlightenment to become a peaceful, loving and caring world?

My initial, most plausible answer would be “No”.

It would not make any sense for the world to release hate, greed, corruption and all the horrible things we have come to know and deal with in our lives.

Consider if you will, the idea that we are on this earth plane to learn lessons, be it how to treat others, learn academically; in order to teach others, or just simply to learn from our mistakes and, as many believe, take those lessons with us into the next life. Therefore the utopian ideology would simply not work, as there will be no lessons to learn, no experience of light and dark and no heartache or pain to take with us.

From what I have read, Nostradamus predicted a rise from the East, with governments and societies collapsing – which is pretty much where we are today. Diana Cooper foresees a future, comparable to the dark ages, where money is scarce and bartering is king. She states, and please do not take this synopsis as verbatim, that the simple way of life will make a come back. Banks and currencies will crumble, politicians will no longer rule in the manner they have become accustomed to, and we will become a world of farmers, foragers and traders, in order to survive.

Her prediction is certainly not unfounded; indeed it is a very plausible, educated global forecast. But, stepping back into my original quandary, and if this is the shape of things to come, how and why would we need help from above to expand our awareness? If we are to return to a more natural, less avarice, manmade environment would we not effortlessly revert to a purer lifestyle?

I have, in fairness, raised far more questions than answers, and until such time, maybe in the closing hours of the Mayan calendar, we may never know. But what I do believe is this; there are more spiritually aware people (be it, psychics, clairvoyant mediums, light workers & intuitives etc.) than ever on this planet, life is definitely getting harder, countries are struggling to balance the books and the world is in biological anguish.

It may be that we are not to receive a surge of spiritual energy, direct from a higher source. It may be a wake-up call and we naturally change our ways. I am hoping for a bit of both, partly because it would be nice to feel as if we do not have to cope with everything all on our own, and that there IS help, from what I call, “upstairs”.

Whatever happens, I do not believe we will come to an abrupt end in 2012.

I am looking forward to saying “I told you so” to all the scaremongers’ professing “The end is nigh” to make a quick buck from the scared, the weak and the vulnerable.


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