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Free Yourself

Just remember…

You are an individual.

You have a completely different energy to those around you.

The people you meet and attract into your life are drawn specifically to you.

Your energy, and what you have to offer, is completely and utterly unique to you.

Do what you do, as you are you, and it’s what you want to do.

…Free yourself by being yourself.

Free Yourself

The Goddess of Avalon

Goddess of Avalon Chalice Well

The hidden green-blue lake
Sits silent in amongst
The hills of Avalon
Not a ripple to be seen

Like a pea green mist
Out of the water she rises, tossing her curls
Not a drip falls from her long chestnut hair
Her green piercing eyes sparkle like Emeralds’

Up she rears
A dress of shimmering Green
Covered in an array of green beads
And jewels and golden thread
Almost serpent like

Hovering towards the water’s edge
Golden wings appear
She stops and turns
Silent for a moment
Glancing back at the water

The great wings flap
Up above she looks down at the wonder of the Tor
Green mystique magic adorns Glastonbury
Will they ever see the wonder of it all!

She sits now by the Chalice Well
Silence envelops her
Wise words coming to her
Inhaling the serenity of it all she moves on
Secrets of the Holy Grail on her mind

As she moves on smelling the scent of the flowers
And watching all the colours as they dance in the breeze
She is in awe of such beauty
Reaching up to the Holy thorn tree
She asks permission to take a sprig
Attaching it to her button-hole

She takes flight again
Settling in the grounds of the Abbey
She wanders through the ancient Oaks
Like a Majestic Queen
Talking in Celtic tongue
To King Arthur about days gone by

She watches now from a bench
As she sees the monks go about their duties
Meaningful symbols, she told to pass on
She whispers secrets to Mother Earth
This is the only way, they
Will begin to rebirth

Final flight now
She sees the beauty of the sun rise
Orange and yellow warmth
Surrounds her
She wonders how many of them know
How lucky they are
Landing now on the Tor
The view takes her breath away
Rolling on for miles
She chats to St. Michael
About days of old,
Why oh! Oh why! Can’t they see the gold!

Back now at the water’s edge
The Goddess of Avalon
Has done her work
Along with Mother Earth
Ascending Masters, and wise men of Old
I can do no more she sighs
All that’s left is a ripple in time……

Guest Poem


Catherine Kennedy

Connect with Catherine on Facebook here

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You’ll Catch Me on a Sunbeam….

You’ll catch me on a sunbeam, as the light begins to fade.

Riding on a star stream, of every prayer I’ve ever prayed.

You’ll find me in me in eternity, for we’re all already there.

Spread out across the galaxy, with no crosses left to bear.

I’ll see you in a super nova, as your energy expands.

To catch a spirit falling over, landing in your healing hands.

We’ll see them in the Universe, every dream we’ve ever dreamt.

Every wish a wish so glorious, we know this life’s been heaven-sent.

So today’s the day for gratitude, for hope to fill your soul.

Embrace this sacred attitude, and let your sunlight make you make whole……

Guest poem by Dominic Ruffy

Dominic is a Light-worker, working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other Rehab groups, assisting addicts and recovering addicts.

The Lost Soul of Glastonbury

The Isle of Avalon where are you now?

Lost is your heart, your spirit, your fight

Replaced by a sorrow and diminished foresight

Stagnant and peeling, your face disfigured

The peace and serenity once sought and endured

Now soulless, doubting, old and forlorn

Desperation, dejection, tired and worn

It’s time to move forward, to breathe fresh life

To regain your spirit, power and might

Surrender and yield to a new beating heart

New ideas,  thinking and a new “wardrobe” to start

Working in harmony to get back on track

Find your soul now and bring it right back

The Isle of Avalon we are in need of you now!

Freedom in the Sun

Freedom in the Sun

Feel the warmth and inner peace

Relaxed and not caring, a pure release

Enchanted smiles and laughter abound

Engaging a pace, not racing round

Down to the river or by the sea

Over the mountains, walking freely

Moving through water, splashing the oars

Ice cream in bright and cool candy colours

New places to venture and things to see

Twilights glow peaks just over the trees

Happy holidays are made in the sun

Enjoy it and relish, make sure you have fun

Season will change as quick as a flash

Umbrellas at the ready it is sure to lash

Now feel the warmth and freedom of the sun

The Faerie Tree

Guest Artwork by Helen Stanger

Catch a glimpse of little sprites,

Who dance and play and sing.

The guardians of this magic land,

The natures lore they bring.

These secret spirits only show their world

 To those with heart and soul.

So pay attention and beware,

Approach feather footed and with care.

Be patient and allow faerie time,

Before you dare to cross their line,

As faeries wrath is fraught with might,

For hearts tainted with a pinch of spite,

Against the natural world the faerie love,

And unconditionally serve for those above.

But when faerie welcomes you prepare

For enchantment and emotion.

To learn their charge, to protect our world,

With utmost courage and devotion.

The Faerie Tree, written by Andrea Elliott

To accompany Artwork created by 1st year College Student, Helen Stanger

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Helen Stanger

Thank you

The Power of Words

One man’s words are not another man’s opinion; and yet the same words form thoughts and feelings.

Our words hold the power to crush and damage or heal and nurture.

Philosophical words can inspire and ignite our emotions with whimsical wonder and provocation.

Words can be the key to a world of knowledge: explaining, detailing, unmasking and justifying.

Imagination flared by descriptive fantasy and fiction creating colours and visions swirling in our minds.

Written words can invoke comical frolic and fun or even sadness, malaise and rage.

How flat our universe would be without wordsmiths, narrators and abstract prose creators.

The power of words is fragile and fraught with immense pain and peril.

With responsibility, sensibility and honour words blanket you in the comfort and warmth of humanity.

A Return to Innocence

Guest Poem & Artwork


Genevieve Mc Gee

Return to Innocence

A Return to Innocence

She stands so small, so trusting, so loving, her heart wide open to the world around her

She gazes and looks upon her world enjoying the magic as it unfolds, excited by the blessing this life brings

This magic is in the blossom as it opens

Its colour beautifies the world in a way she adores

She desires to be this beauty to the world some day

She takes a hand she trusts, unaware of what will become of this connection.

She looks in love at this person and smiles.

Soon the trust and the smile fade.

Her world of magic torn apart.

Her trusting gaze becomes one of suspicion.

Her open heart becomes closed in pain.

Her life spirals into a current of uncertainty.

She no longer knows who she is or what her purpose is.

The beauty of the world seems tainted

The joy of the seasons evade her

The love connection between herself and another poisons her further

She doesn’t understand

Confusion envelopes

She in a cloud of darkness as she desperately searches for this feeling of love and magic, in a world that seems so alien yet has become so normal

A rocky path she continues to follow long after that first cut into her heart

She allows many wounds and cuts to enter her

She feels powerless in world dominated by a mind that knows only fear

She spirals to a point of no return and suddenly her search changes

She begins to take a stand

The universe brings her a gift

This gift is the hope that changes her world forever

She begins to slowly return and strength she did not know surfaces within her

It propels her to look at herself in a new way

This new-found sight births a new wave of power

She is a warrior of light

She has a desire to shine bright

To heal herself one wound at a time

She finds solace within the eyes of her children

Her soul begins to awaken once more

She uses them as a force behind her to change her world to become more for them

This leads to many wonderful experiences

She begins to feel and trust in love again

She allows her self to begin to love oneself a little more each day

Her beauty in the world begins to show

Her laughter Strength and Joy begins to become part of her daily world

Her soul is ready for a true love connection

A soul love a bringing together of two halves

Her family is now complete

Her dreams are beginning to come true

The magic of her world is beginning to feel alive again

She hears the world whispering there is more

You reap what you sow my child

Life is a journey

Where do you wish to go? What do wish to sow?

Her soul’s whispers become louder

As she moves through the chapters in her life her heart becomes stronger

Her desire to change her inner and outer world takes hold

Each new day births new moments to treasure

Yet she is still half asleep her connection is not fully ignited

Suddenly the fire of her soul awakens her with a bolt

She sees and hears and experiences the love of all that is

The connection undeniable and changes her in a way so profound

She has felt it the presence of Creation

She knows it’s real

She hears the Angels sing

The Angels speak with love to her

Guiding her forward

They tell her she has work to do

She has a life to live

She has much to give

She is indeed a beauty in the world

She is inspired

The magic begins to unfold again

The flowers look more radiant than ever

The skies are blue; the bird’s song carries her through her days

This soul connection is her truth

The sun shines in the rain

She dances within excited by what the world will bring her way

She begins the journey back to herself

She paints love back into her life

Bringing all soul parts that left in the darkness and fear

As she returns to innocence

Innocence so pure

Written By Genevieve McGee

To accompany the Artwork entitled “A Return to Innocence”

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Genevieve McGee Artworks

Thank you

Our Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Our Wedding ~ May 26th 1994

We only knew each other for and few weeks, yet the time and date was set

To sign up for our life ahead, not caring a jot we’d only just met

Primed and preened I turned up late, to witness you pacing the floor

The proceedings were thankfully brief and we all made haste to the door

Signed,  sealed, certificate in hand we ventured off to be blessed

 Eighteen years today we wed, who would have guessed?

Life sometimes has been ups and downs

Our thirst for adventure has brought a few frowns

Yet we have our three boys, to add to the mix

Breaking their games, toys and consoles for us to fix

So what’s the next step, the next journey to take?

We’ve done good thus far, perhaps a new chapter to make?

The plan is there is no plan, well take each step as it comes

We know the general course, no need for chart or sums

Two individuals, yet we are always as one

In it together, for the long run

♥      Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary Jeff      ♥

Ode to The Self

Leap of Faith

Thoughts swirl, Undirected confusion.

Personal musings with points to choose.

Airing mind a procrastination, Unrevealed cards held tight.

Fear and questions spring ever forward.

Feel it, believe it, do it, live it?

Creation without boundaries, Hearts vision unmet.

Plummeting internal valor seeks leverage.

Freedom from invalid repressive control.

Wings clipped grasping at tide and time.

Reaching for thoughts expelled from chains.

Power and instinct deminishing supressive yield.

Drawing inspiration from the spirit within.


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