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Spiritual Guide to Wealth


What does it mean to be wealthy?

Does it mean flash car, huge house, holidays in the tropics, not a care in the world?

Of course, being wealthy can give you all those things and more, but if you are not financially flush and living above your means then being wealthy can feel like a pipe dream, something you long for and something you see as unobtainable.

Spirituality and money are generally two subjects deemed poles apart. However, your emotional relationship with money and wealth is an indicator of how you feel about money and how you feel about yourself. If you feel non-spiritual towards money then it is time to connect and re-harmonise your emotions, in line with your spiritual values.

Money and wealth, be it an abundance or lack, can create a positive or negative reaction, radiating from your very core. A warm fuzzy glow inside, a sickly pit of dread rising from your stomach, or perhaps anger and frustration spreading through your entire body. The emotions you feel will give you a clear indication of how your relationship with money and wealth affects your spirit.

For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the negative relationships with money and how you can inject a positive, more spiritual money mindset.

Creating a healthy relationship with money is the first step on the road to a happy financial partnership. Not opening your monthly bank statement or checking your balance on-line, through fear of what you may find, will only escalate any anxiety and worry – which has a detrimental effect on your emotional and, in turn, physical health. The key to gaining a good relationship with money is total transparency, knowing exactly where your money goes and knowing your commitments and limits.

By micro managing your finances you are empowering your emotional self and, once you are regularly applying this money management system, you will feel far more relaxed and in control.

Now it is time to take it to the next level.

You know exactly what bill needs paying and by when, you have set aside your weekly “pocket-money” and your little luxuries allowance is ready and waiting.

But wait!

There is a little left over!

Do you:  a) Spend it quick !?   or   b) Save it?

This is where your resolve is tested. This is where you need to exercise constraint and self-determination.

You see, in order to create an abundance of anything you must first value and respect what you currently, already, have. I am guilty of frivolous spending and I will, given the opportunity, add to my wardrobe. Nevertheless, I also save a little every single month. For no other reason but to show my appreciation for the money I have and I watch it grow every single month.

If you take the new principles of quantum physics; money is energy, the act of receiving money is an exchange of energy and the way we feel about money is a radiation of energy therefore, in order to manifest more money we need to omit positive energy (or feelings) we have towards money.

Are you still with me?

Now, given the above analogy, really think about how you feel about money.

How would you feel if your pay packet was empty on pay-day or a client ignores your request to pay for your services?

You would feel pretty annoyed and no doubt you would put a large degree of energy into getting paid. Why? Because you deserve and expect it! You work hard and want payment on time, every time. However, the energy motivation is anger and fear, as opposed to the real value you put on yourself and the money you receive.

The “trick” is to remove all jealousy, angst, worry and fear, you place on money and wealth, with a new-found respect and value for those who have money and show restraint and thrift with the money you have. If you win a small amount on the lottery – put it away, if you get a pay rise - put the extra cash into a savings account, if you receive a cheque for your services and had not factored it in to your monthly budget - bank it and forget about it.

The universe can move mountains to get you what you want but you must show that you are worthy to receive, by acting with an attitude of pure gratitude and reverence.


Interactive ‘Law of Attraction’ Course? Yes Please!

Accessing Your Infinite Keys to SuccessHow many of you have followed the Law of Attraction and/or The Secret? If you are reading or following my blog then you have probably delved into the plethora of Law of Attraction books and YouTube videos, on abundance and manifesting.

How is that working for you?

Are you getting everything you desire?

I understand the Law of Attraction process, as taught by Ester Hicks and Abraham Hicks. I understand the principles described by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret. Admittedly, when you read through the pages it does make you feel pretty good. But as the hours tick by, and all the trials of life, the ups and downs, you’re stuck in traffic, back to work, cleaning the house… Before you know it you have left that happy space (that place of feeling that you can do absolutely anything, be who you want, do what you want to do), and you have filed those words and feelings to the deep dark recesses of your mind and go back to ‘life as usual’.

It is tough, it is hard, it is difficult. But there is another way, one that gives you the support and guidance – on a 1-2-1 group basis – and one that I have signed up for!

I have booked myself on a brand new course called Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success, with Chiara Irvine. The course is pretty unique, in that you have full access to your tutor, you have access to a secure, members only Facebook group, and you are fully supported by a live interactive call with your tutor every week! Now correct me if I am wrong, I don’t ever recall seeing a course like that ever! Yes, there are many life coaches and mentors out there, that work with and teach the Law of Attraction to their clients, but as you are working with them on an exclusive, 1-2-1 basis it can cost an absolute fortune! This course is different. It is affordable, it is doable, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Just to give you a few finer points to the Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success course. It is a 30 day course, taught in a small group. It is fully assisted, you can ask questions and recap on lessons and classes, so you are not left puzzled by anything. The course content is sent to you every week and you have a live, interactive call with Chiara and your fellow course attendees – which is great, as other members may come up with questions you may not have thought to ask!  You also have access to exclusive, course only meditations, to help you on your road to success, AND Chiara offers every course member healing, to help ‘supercharge’ your abundance generating energy.

Granted, I know the tutor, Chiara Irvine, and I have done for many years. Wholeheartedly dedicated to helping people achieve their career and life goals – by working smarter rather than harder – Chiara helps you to tap into your intuitive side. This connects you to who you really are and what you really want out of life. She teaches you how to use the power of channeling specific manifesting guides, to take you to a much higher level, and has taught an astonishing number of people – in sell out workshops, talks and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring – so, she is pretty awesome!

Anyway, if the Law of Attraction has left you a little lost and self-help guides are just not working for you, check out Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success, and Chiara’s YouTube video HERE.

But be quick! there are only a couple of spots left for the next course – as you would expect from an expert teacher of Infinite Success!

Never Give Up!

Apologies to those not keen on “Rap”.

However, this tune shows if you really want something, you work hard for what you want (no matter what side of the tracks you are from) you can achieve anything –  an ethos also adopted by 9.58 seconds, 100 meter dashing character, Usain “Lightening” Bolt

Anyway, this is Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah

Happy Days

It’s the end of the month, which means only one thing.

It’s bill paying day!

So why not pay the bills and spend the rest of the month happy and relaxed.

If you don’t quite have enough, ask for help so you can pay what you have now.

Don’t forget.

The more you worry about money, the more stress you will feel.

The more you worry about money, the less you will receive.

The more you worry about money, the less you will feel good about life.

Free yourself from the worry of money.

Smile, be happy and take action today.

Love the money you have and love the feeling you get when you spend your money – no matter what you spend it on.

This shows you appreciate money, and you are grateful for the goods and services you pay for.

Don’t forget.

The more appreciation and gratitude you feel, the more you will receive!

Holistic Words - Quick Quote

Holistic Words

Shhhh, I’ve Got a Secret……….

If it were not for The Secret, I would not have found the teachings of Abraham-Hicks or exciting scientific research that has afforded me a better understanding, of the universe we live in and the Law of Attraction.

So for that, I am grateful.

However, after watching this post on YouTube, it got me thinking about the integrity of The Secret. The question that popped into my head was; is The Secret the ultimate repeat sale product?

Having worked within a marketing capacity, as a PR copywriter, I see The Secret as a successfully marketed, self-help process. In addition, the very act of labeling it a “secret” is marketing genius in itself.

I have listened to many Abraham-Hicks, who really hone in on the whole point to life and how, by changing the way we think, we can really make the best of our time here, to really live the life we want. But I feel The Secret is not actually divulging the real and full story. It seems to be holding back on sharing the entire process, and in essence, drip feeding the information in an orchestrated fashion.

Nevertheless, who am I to judge?  They are all singing off the same hymn sheet, and I for one support the biggest and the best and the sole trader.

Ester & Jerry Hick have themselves become very successful.  However, I believe Ester and Abraham portray a classier, kinder, a more loving and real story. Strange choice of word, classier, I think the word I am really looking for here is sincere.

I can share my thoughts on the different Law of Attraction styles, but ultimately it is your choice, on which attraction process you works best for you, as they all essentially lead to what your heart desires.

To share your thoughts please vote for your favourite Law of Attraction method here:

Holistic Words

You’ll See It When You Believe It

Andrea Elliott:

Holistic Words

Originally posted on Goss Coaching:

What if the thing holding you back from experiencing optimal wellness and well-being is your belief that you don’t have it?

“Wait a minute,” you might say. “I don’t have those things. How can I believe anything other than the fact that I don’t have optimal wellness or well-being?”

And there is the problem.

Most people approach life with the expectation that they will “believe it when they see it.” They want hard facts, statistics, and reality to back them up. “Show me the money,” they say.

But this defies every spiritual guidance and practice. What is faith other than believing that all things are possible? That when you ask, it is given, and that it is up to you to “believe it and you will see it?”

Often people pray by continually asking for the same thing over and over again. By asking more than once, you are essentially…

View original 228 more words

Well That’s Gratitude For You!

We now live in a “buy it now” world and Christmas and birthdays are no longer special, exclusive present days.

The bank account overdraft, credit card, loan, re-mortgage and store card gives us the opportunity to buy now, pay later, instead of saving, waiting and anticipating.

Lets say you buy a brand new, super intergalactic, high-speed laptop - that even does the washing-up – on credit. The laptop is the best thing……….since your last laptop, and it does some amazing space age, futuristic stuff and is, quite frankly, the mutts nuts! Within one month the credit statement arrives and you now have to part with your hard-earned cash. And wallop! You are no longer in that happy place, the appreciation fades, and the reality of having to pay for said supersonic marvel brings you slap back down to earth. Feels kind of disappointing doesn’t it?

Two years ago I ran the Reading Half Marathon. I would not have been able to run in the event without training, training and more training. I was soo proud I had run, without stopping or walking, the whole course. I knew I could do it and I did not want to let myself down. I appreciated my training, I appreciated my progress, I appreciated getting fit, I appreciated being in the event, I appreciated finishing. Yes I was in pain after the event, my legs felt as if they were never going to work again, however I was happy. But it is a past event. That situation, that moment, that elation will slowly fade out of my “feel good bubble.”

Both scenarios can make you feel good, at that specific moment in time, but over time that feeling dissipates, it wanes and eventually it becomes a distant memory. Like eating a good hearty breakfast, first thing in the morning. By lunch time your tummy is rumbling and is crying out for some attention, some love……..a nice roast with all the trimmings, a creamy mushroom risotto complete with freshly grated parmesan or a New York deli style pastrami on rye. Topped off with a Sicilian lemon cheesecake, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice-cream or perhaps a wedge of Death by Chocolate? But wait! It’s dinner time already!………….off we go again!

Just like our stomachs, our “feel good factor” also requires our attention, and needs feeding at regular intervals.

In terms of the Law of Attraction, feeling appreciation and being grateful and thankful every single day allows you to raise your vibration. Reaching for the emotion of appreciation and gratitude every day makes you feel soo much better about yourself and the world around you.

Think about the coffee you drink? How far it has come? The people who have picked, carried, roasted, packed, shipped, stacked, sold, bagged? The milk you put into your coffee? The grass, the fields, the cow, the farmer, the milking machines, the tanker, the packer, the distributor, the supermarket? And so on.

Do you think about those things? Are you grateful for all those things? Is it a given that coffee and milk will be available to you? It is soo easy to take things for granted as, in the case of a cup of coffee, it is always on the shelves or in the coffee-house and we do not really give it a second thought.

Deciding to be more grateful, including the little things in life, is something that requires regular practice and the more you focus on appreciation, the quicker you can align yourself and connect to the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Connect to the Law of AttractionScientists state that for something to become habitual you need to do it at least 15 times, before it becomes natural.

So on that note, I have a challenge for you. For the next 15 days, at the end of each day, write down a minimum of 10 things you are grateful for.

Note why you are grateful for each and every one and really feel why you are grateful.

It may be physical, emotional or material things such as:

  • Your home
  • Your family
  • The food you have eaten
  • The people you have met
  • Your job
  • The transport you have used
  • The weather
  • A discount on your shopping bill
  • A phone call
  • The coins in your pocket
  • A TV programme
  • Your health
  • Your senses

The list is endless and you can add anything and everything that has made you smile, allowed you to function and has sustained you throughout the day.

When you wake up in the morning make sure the very first thing you do is to re-read your list and really feel the words, which will get you ready to face your day.

To receive you must firstly give – unconditionally. And by being truly grateful for what you have can the Law of Attraction match your positive signal, by bringing you more positive things and experiences into your life.

This concept, and the Law of Attraction, is simply explained in this quote from Oprah Winfrey; the ultimate high-profile champion of the Law of Attraction.

“I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased. That’s because what you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life.”

- Oprah Winfrey

If you do decide you are ready to accept - and welcome – gratitude into your life, and you follow the 15 day challenge, you will find yourself more relaxed, more at peace and more happier. You will want to continue with your contentment and you will start to think of far more than ten things you are grateful for every day. I would also be honoured, if you do choose to do the challenge, if you would like to share your experiences as it would be really interesting and insightful to learn different thoughts and feelings on the process.

You are giving yourself the positive tools to receive the positive life that you deserve. x

Kick Start Your Day with Abraham-Hicks

Here is a great two-part video on Ester Hicks, channelling Abraham, talking to a guy who wants to win the lottery jackpot. Although it does relate to winning the lottery, the message rings true for anything you wish to attract into your life – using the Law of Attraction.

I have never seen a channelled message flow as freely. It is energetic, fun, motivational, inspiring, uplifting and really gets you in the zone.


Abraham-Hicks Winning the Lottery, Part 1

Abraham-Hicks Winning the Lottery, Part 2

What Do You Really Want?

positive-negativeStrange question?

Not really. Only by asking this question can you find the real you and what you want to change or improve.

So, if you wrote down your good points and your bad points and asked a friend/partner to do the same for you, would the answers be an exact hit? Do you think both your answers would be completely honest and truthful? I would surmise that they probably would not match. The other factor is that most of us are self-critical and would write down our dislikes as opposed to our likes, no? And the friend in the equation would probably be more graceful with their answers. But, by doing this simple exercise you can find out some really interesting information, and build on it, if you wish.


OK, lets say you group your positives and the negatives on two separate pieces of paper. Firstly go through the positives and see if there are any you are unsure of, study these and list how you feel the positives could be justified. Give yourself examples of when your positive trait shone. If you are struggling you might need to call on your friend to help. That list of positive achievements is your testimony, proof that you have some great qualities to be proud of.

Now visit your negative list.

Again, is it a true reflection of you? Are you really looking at your personality or are you looking at your appearance? Are there any major discrepancies on your list compared to your friends?

Now take every negative point and change it! Changing them, one by one, from; “I don’t like” negatives into “I want” positives.

So if you listed, “I don’t like being shy” change it to “I WANT to be confident”. If you wrote down “I am stressed” change it to “I WANT to feel more relaxed”

Most people’s negative list will be far more lengthy than the positives, as us humans really do know what we dislike. But by looking at your dislikes you will be one step closer to realising what you do like and exactly what you want.

To take it to the next level, you can do this exercise with any aspect of your life, by simply starting with an “I don’t like” or “I don’t want” list and changing each dislike into an “I want”, until you have a great big want list – don’t forget to put your positive list and your want list in a place where you can read it every day.

The Law of Attraction theory, which is not a compulsory “must believe law” for the purpose of this exercise, is if you know your wants, and you think on what you want, opportunities will automatically present themselves to you.

But then the act of focusing on the more positive aspects, by changing the way you view your negative issues, fires up your inspiration, giving you your own ideas and sparks of brilliance, which will in turn give you the strength, enthusiasm and confidence to go for what you want………………And like most things in life, if you are positive, you stay focused and you believe in your goals then anything is possible.

Financial Freedom Quest

Manifestation, Law of Attraction, The Secret“Today’s lesson on manifesting Financial Freedom is about action – taking action with your mind, your body and your visions!

Unfortunately, just saying that you want something doesn’t make it happen. You can send out a newsletter or put your site online and expect sales, just like I used to – only to find that nothing happens.

You might be saying – isn’t that action? Isn’t putting your ideas online, promoting them and doing these simple things what creating a business or manifesting money all about?

The answer is yes, but also – it’s not enough………………………….”

Read the full article by Monique Williams at Financial Freedom Quest Lesson #2.



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