Full Moon & Meditation

Andrea Elliott:

In light of the Blue Moon……….Post by Reiki Empowerment.

Originally posted on Reiki Healing & Meditation Empowerment:

The Full Moon is here again and is tremendously powerful because it’s the day of prosperity and enlightenment.

We have two full moons on the 1st & 31st August and it’s time to focus your intentions on your highest desires and expect them to manifest.

Its time to really meditate upon your goals by visualising the outcome of all your desires.

The best meditating techniques I recommend are the simple ones, like sitting upright, feet on the floor, taking some deep breaths and quieting the mind by imaging a white light entering the crown of your head right through your whole body down to your toes.  Then imagine an indigo or white light emanating out from the centre of your forehead, known as (third eye) you may start to feel some tingling as your energy frequency rises. Then start to imagine all the things you wish to manifest, it might be a new job, new car, a business opportunity, etc….

The key things to remember is…

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  1. Oh my goodness, i have wondered for years why i go to sleep around 4.30 – 5am & get up around 8-9am effortlessly. It all makes sense now. Thank you. Rebecca

  2. I ADORE this post! And I also adore all things “Luna”!! Full MOON energy keeps me awake for about 3 nights, with only slight naps somewhere around 5 a.m. It’s fine; I get a LOT of writing done! I went to sleep around 4:30 this morning and got up and back to work by 8. Having 2 Full MOONs this month means I’ll get a LOT done! Thinking this is where the “prosperity” link comes in!! I’ve “planted” by the NEW MOON for decades, and yet the pull from the full-faced-Luna really lights my way to the goals.
    Thanks for this post, and by the way the PIC is DIVINE!! I LOVE IT!

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