Freedom in the Sun

Freedom in the Sun

Feel the warmth and inner peace

Relaxed and not caring, a pure release

Enchanted smiles and laughter abound

Engaging a pace, not racing round

Down to the river or by the sea

Over the mountains, walking freely

Moving through water, splashing the oars

Ice cream in bright and cool candy colours

New places to venture and things to see

Twilights glow peaks just over the trees

Happy holidays are made in the sun

Enjoy it and relish, make sure you have fun

Season will change as quick as a flash

Umbrellas at the ready it is sure to lash

Now feel the warmth and freedom of the sun

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  1. Yes, this speaks to me of carefreeness, lightness, and joy! Very nice!

  2. This is such a light, smile making poem Andrea! Embrace the sun and enjoy it. I find that because of the climate here in N Texas, I’m getting into better physical condition! I can go out and exercise a lot more, kind of like it was when I lived in Florida.

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