Fast Track to Cloud 9

It’s official!

By going with your gut, and listening to your inner self, you can feel happier and strengthen your instinctive, true self.

Just by tuning in to your intuition, and going with what feels right, you can further increase your body’s happy chemicals.

For example: You have a life-purpose decision to make. You have spent hours analysing your options and have come to a grinding, tiresome halt.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Any excitement you felt, going into the venture, has been diminished or even lost forever.

But what if you did not spend all your time (and energy) pouring through the minute little details and you just went for it?

Would it feel exciting, inspired, exhilarating and categorically the right decision?

Granted, not everything in life is soo simple and making potentially rash decisions could have detrimental, short or even long-term effect.

However, apply it to something personal or creative………Something that fires your motivation………Something that you have always dreamed of………

Research, conducted by the University College of London, shows that when we have high level of feel good chemicals in our bodies, we are able to make decisions much faster - by going with gut instincts - relating to how it would make us feel emotionally.

Furthermore, by combining other “happy chemical” triggers into the equation you could in fact create cataclysmic and inspired choices to change your life.

Listening to spine tingling music is just one trigger to induce an exquisitely happy hormone - known as dopamine.

By “spine tingling” I mean music that rocks you to the core, that creates emotion deep within you. Music that gives you goose bumps, butterflies in your stomach and energizes you. It is already proven that school children who listen to their favourite music, whilst doing their homework, complete it much faster than sitting in silence (and believe me I quoted those results tirelessly as a teenager!).

Certain foods, such as high quality cocoa, leafy greens, almonds, walnuts and bananas also increase the feel good chemical, serotonin. Although sugary, processed carbohydrates can give you a quick mood lifting fix the effects are not sustained for any beneficial period of time. Therefore it is better to choose slow release carbs, such as oats, nuts and whole grains. Good quality protein, found in avocado, oily fish and seeds are super foods for raising your spirits.

I know it’s boring but cutting right down on caffeine and alcohol, which actually decreases your serotonin levels, really does help. This, combined with any form of exercise, aids restful and invaluable beauty sleep – which also lowers your need for comfort snacking.

It should not feel too much of a chore to work a few little changes into your lifestyle. And who knows, all these happy feel good hormones running around your system may even kick-start a whole new life and a whole new you!

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  1. How did I miss this one?! Love it!

  2. And the act of creation stimulates the same “feel-good” chemicals! I suspect it’s vital to the survival of our species–that need to create, and the “feel-good” chemicals that accompany it! Great post!

  3. This is really good. I have been inspired lately by the latest books on intuition:

    Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
    SNAP: Seizing Your Aha! Moments
    The Aha! Moment: A Scientist’s Take on Creativity
    …… and a whole bunch of other books!

    It seems like there is a wave of consciousness about this.

    Your other ideas of diet, sleep, attitude, and music altogether act as force multipliers to FAST TRACK. You’ve crafted a really good and important post.


  4. I decided to reblog this Andrea cos its really inspiring.

  5. Reblogged this on Angela's space and commented:
    This post certainly fast-tracked me to cloud 9.

  6. Thank you Andrea, great post.

  7. A spur of a moment may be the only time you have to make that great decision, go for it…No regrets… I agree with you.

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