The Faerie Tree

Guest Artwork by Helen Stanger

Catch a glimpse of little sprites,

Who dance and play and sing.

The guardians of this magic land,

The natures lore they bring.

These secret spirits only show their world

 To those with heart and soul.

So pay attention and beware,

Approach feather footed and with care.

Be patient and allow faerie time,

Before you dare to cross their line,

As faeries wrath is fraught with might,

For hearts tainted with a pinch of spite,

Against the natural world the faerie love,

And unconditionally serve for those above.

But when faerie welcomes you prepare

For enchantment and emotion.

To learn their charge, to protect our world,

With utmost courage and devotion.

The Faerie Tree, written by Andrea Elliott

To accompany Artwork created by 1st year College Student, Helen Stanger

If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and © Helen Stanger

Thank you

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  1. Fabulous! And the artwork is beautiful!

  2. What a lovely poem I really enjoyed reading it.

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