The Queen Oracle Card

I use The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards: A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid, to provide a thought for the week. The information below is not the text-book version of the cards’ meaning, but my own summary and interpretation of the cards significance.

The Queen

The Queen Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card

The Messengers of Avalon

Long ago, a Queens status was a precarious one. She would choose her consorts wisely – with the utmost care and attention - calling upon her inner guidance and the advice of her most trusted and closest allies. Although not a completely distrusting soul, the Queen knows she must strike a balance, in order to empower her position of authority. However, the Queen is not calculated and power-hungry; she is righteousness but humane, resourceful yet giving.

To accept The Queens strength you need to understand her world, in order to take on her guise and value yourself within your own circle of friends, family and acquaintances. People will come into your life while other people will go out of your life - sometimes quick as a flash and sometimes they will slowly drift away. Nevertheless, there is no need to feel a sense of loss. Just be excited by the new personalities and human experiences that are in the now or are to represent themselves in the future.

It is a good time to get together with friends, as you can learn a great deal about yourself through others. Your true nature and values reveal themselves and if there are people who do not fit within your realm then let them go. They are on their own path and if you do not feel happy for them to travel with you then that is OK.

Be true to yourself, note that you ARE a worthy, magical spirit that deserves to be happy. Marvel at the wonders of this life, the continuous cycle, and the ever evolving natural world we live in. Remember to take time out just for yourself; to relax, recharge and unwind. By “treating” yourself, whenever you can, you will reaffirm the regal value you have or should place on yourself.

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