Bug Off!

BugsApologies, in the first instance, for the following outburst but………..

I need to get a grip!

I am losing it on an intergalactic warp speed level!


All shapes, all sizes, all varying degrees of, ahem, ugliness.


In the past few weeks I have had a stag beetle, who only came out to play when I was on my own, wander aimlessly around my living room, trying to burrow into the carpet.

Kamikaze May Fly bugs hitting (thud) the windows and security light in the evening.

And, AND!

In the last 24 hours I have come face to face with a huge arachnid carrying a baseball bat in one hand and a nunchuck in the other. He has decided to take roost under the backdoor step, so I am on tender hooks every time I cross the threshold. Another eight legged black bleugh thing tried to attack my vacuum cleaner, and another unwelcome visitor was happily loitering on my bedroom wall!

Every flicker, rustle, peripherally spied movement has me freaking out over this bug explosion!

Yes, we are all Gods creatures but I just want to make it clear to all the beasties, right here, right now:


Am I alone here?

Am I being totally unreasonable?

Do I need to get help?

(I think the latter is far more appropriate)

Ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooommmmmmmmmm………………….!

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  1. LOL I’ll never forget the day I went into work at the call center in Oklahoma… it was fall, I believe… and the grasshoppers were everywhere… I mean, the doorway looked like something from an Indiana Jones movie, it was covered in bugs. The ground crunched. The little buggers got into the air conditioning ducts as well, so all you heard was *chirp*… *chirp*… *chirp*

  2. You everyday bug spray is great as a surface spray for 1-3 months depending on how often you clean… Spray the bug spray in each 12 rightangles of the room, unload the whole thing under the steps if need be…

    Otherwise, turn the vacuum on next time the bug attacks and if you have one of those clear holding cells, you can laugh as he spins round collecting dirt,,,,

    • Do you guys get your house sprayed? I’m trying to think happy thoughts but it just ain’t happening! :D
      I don’t mind it I know they are there it’s just when the sneaky buggers jumped out and I end up with my head lodged in the ceiling! LOL

      • I spray myself and every two years get a professional in to ensure quality and to make sure those nasties that can handle household stuff disappear with the industrial stuff.

        I tend to jump when i wake up with a huntsman crawling on me. Though I relocate them to the shed to kill the poisonous ones…

      • Ah yes, the Huntsman. They have to be the weirdest looking things every! Someone had run over one and within seconds I watched the ants take it apart – ew! I was dead surprised on the size of the Redback too; they have big butts and I cannot lie :D
        YouTube Huntsman and you can guarantee nearly every vid is made by us Brit’s exclaiming “OMG! Look at the size of THIS!” LOL

  3. I like the ohmmmmm part best! ♥♥ Janet (Found an albino garter snake sunning itself on my front porch one day———eeeeeeek!!!!!) I didn’t go “ohmmmmmm”, I went “eeeeeeeeek”, and ran, even though those things are harmless……

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