Personal branding: 3 things you should know

Andrea Elliott:

Inner Peace TransformationFootnote: Today I am sharing this post:

Personal Branding: 3 Things You Should Know, written by Inner Peace Transformation.

My thoughts:

Branding is not just a corporate term. It is about the way you portray yourself to the outside world, being true to yourself, doing what you really want to do and believing in YOU!

Everyone has their own personally branded style – the question is are you true to your style?

Originally posted on Pam Jackson's Blog:

Personal branding is a mark that you create for yourself. Something that’s makes you special and sets you apart from the others. It’s an epitome of who you are and it is also unique because tells us about your life, your principles and your passion. So what else should you know about personal branding?

Firstly, the most important thing about personal branding is you need to brand yourself in the career you want and not the job you have. Your personal branding is going to persist even after you are dead. You want it to last a long time. Your personal brands to be immortalized after you are long gone. So what is it are you passionate about? Is what you have chosen something that you would want to do for a long time? That is how you discover your personal brand.

Secondly, don’t expect overnight results. Personal branding is…

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