The Joyful Journey

Acorns to Oaks

Bittersweet is my journey

The energy flows within so deep

I feel the warmth I once knew, renewed

As I journey to the place I belong

The veil no longer concealed

I see like a child once more

My fear has been lifted, removed

As I journey to the place I belong

No resistance shall I award

Love fills my heart with gentle force

My weightless spirit lifted, restored

As I journey to the place I belong

The universe again wondrous

I understand with all my body and soul

Great eternal wisdom, revealed

As I journey to the place I belong

I now remain in this beautiful realm

For family and friends to draw near

I greet as they ascend, return

As we journey to the place we belong


The Joyful Journey, written by Andrea Elliott, was inspired by the above artwork,

created by Spiritual Artist, Jarrod Mason


If you like this post, and wish to share, may I humbly ask that you accredit all works to:

© Holistic Words and Jarrod Mason 

Thank you

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  1. This is beautifullll!

  2. Beautifully spoken, Andrea!

  3. I really felt this and the art is perfect. cheers

  4. beautiful!

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