Shhhh, I’ve Got a Secret……….

If it were not for The Secret, I would not have found the teachings of Abraham-Hicks or exciting scientific research that has afforded me a better understanding, of the universe we live in and the Law of Attraction.

So for that, I am grateful.

However, after watching this post on YouTube, it got me thinking about the integrity of The Secret. The question that popped into my head was; is The Secret the ultimate repeat sale product?

Having worked within a marketing capacity, as a PR copywriter, I see The Secret as a successfully marketed, self-help process. In addition, the very act of labeling it a “secret” is marketing genius in itself.

I have listened to many Abraham-Hicks, who really hone in on the whole point to life and how, by changing the way we think, we can really make the best of our time here, to really live the life we want. But I feel The Secret is not actually divulging the real and full story. It seems to be holding back on sharing the entire process, and in essence, drip feeding the information in an orchestrated fashion.

Nevertheless, who am I to judge?  They are all singing off the same hymn sheet, and I for one support the biggest and the best and the sole trader.

Ester & Jerry Hick have themselves become very successful.  However, I believe Ester and Abraham portray a classier, kinder, a more loving and real story. Strange choice of word, classier, I think the word I am really looking for here is sincere.

I can share my thoughts on the different Law of Attraction styles, but ultimately it is your choice, on which attraction process you works best for you, as they all essentially lead to what your heart desires.

To share your thoughts please vote for your favourite Law of Attraction method here:

Holistic Words

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  1. I’m off to a an overnight conference but I’m looking forward to check this out when I get back. And some other interesting posts, :).

  2. Some authors or presenters speak our language and others don’t. I prefer The Secret because it’s suitable for me and I get it. Abraham Hicks had only two pieces of useful info for me, I didn’t enjoy the writing style but the YouTube clips are easier for me to listen to, and I found unaddressed contradictions that would lead followers to run a loop repeating patterns because of it. I failed to find a simple definition of the Vortex to quote, which is where they lost my interest. They aren’t for me but i respect that they are the best for others, but I am thankful there are more sources to draw from because I feel we need as much of that content out there as we can get.

    • Absolutely, there is no “one shoe fits all” and it has to make specific sense to you. The vortex is a funny word – it conjures up a sci-fi stream, comparable to some strange teleportation device. The best way I can describe the vortex is by using the phrase “get in the zone”.
      You know when you are in the “zone” when you have energy, enthusiasm, drive, passion and all those emotive feelings.
      Lets say you really fancy your most favourite food ever! You can taste it already, you are making internal mmmmmmmm, sounds as you think about it, you are even salivating and you just can’t wait for that first exquisite mouthful! That is getting in “the zone”, or as they say, “the vortex”.
      It is the intense feeling of desire and want, if that makes sense?
      Andrea x

  3. When I finally succumbed to the pressure to watch the Secret, I was simultaneously heart-sick and thrilled. Heart-sick as I had written about 600 pages on ‘energy’ and thrilled because the Secret brought the message to millions thru great marketing. Abraham has long been at the top of my list of channelers of truth. But some folks will never be ready for Abraham. In that way, the Secret is a gift. Many paths to the same destination, I suppose, is my point. As for my choice/path, I still listen to Abraham before falling asleep….
    Thanks for posting this compelling poll.
    Much love and light and gratitude to you.

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