Death Oracle Card

I use the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid, to provide a thought for the week. The information below is not the text-book version of the cards’ meaning, but my own summary and interpretation of the cards significance.


Death - Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card

 The Sacred Journey Markers


A card which conjures fear.

Fear of what is around the corner, fear of tomorrow, fear of endings.

But fear is a perception; and a miss-guided one.


The ebb and flow of the tide churns the sea bed, the plant life below, the microscopic food life; which in turn feeds and nurtures other life forms. A beautiful colourful flower may die; but before it left our gaze, did it not provide new seeds? Did it not recede back into the earth and replenish the soil? And so the circle of life continues, without resistance.

Good and bad life experiences can fossilize and embed in our hearts. In order to free yourself from the unwanted experiences you must first accept them and want to release them from your life. To let go, to loosen your grip, to relinquish your control over your emotions, will give you the boundless power to change your life for your highest good.

Yes, change means death. But with death comes new life, new beginnings and new chapters, that are only born from change.

A fresh new script is waiting in the wings. Just make sure you are ready with your white flag, to give your new direction a big warm welcome.

Holistic Words

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  1. Brill post, in my case I am working to raise my vibrational frequency/Consciousness; yes this does mean certain habits, people, friends will die away/move out of my life because we will not be on the same wave length or vibration any more. I no longer fear the Death card because I understand the higher meaning of it. Namaste my friend.

    • Thanks Angie :)
      It is very true that people and situations come and go out of our lives, thus reflecting the experiences we require (or desire) at that time. Sometimes it can be hard, but all in all changes are there to add to our development and lessons we need to gain in order to obtain a holistic view on life.
      It’s all good fun! :) xxx

  2. I think we have to also believe that we have a certain amount of control over what we leave behind or let ‘die’. It doesn’t have to be the end of EVERYTHING. It might mean that we have to look closely and objectively at our lives and determine what is no longer positive for us or helping us to grow and replace it with new ones. It could be toxic relationships or friends who have just grown apart or become negative in some way. I also agree that things are rarely how you imagine they are going to be. I have dreaded certain situations which have turned out in reality to be amazing.
    Nature always replacing new life in the seasons. It’s the same with our lives. We sometimes need to get rid of negatives so they can be replaced by positives. Lovely post!

  3. I think that is absolutely true. Death implies the existance of something to vanish and the start of something new. Scary and exciting all at the same time. It could also be a transformation. What you start with in the beginning is not the same as what you get in the end. (if that makes sense.)

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